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Quentin (Bismarck) Cemetery
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
As of December 9, 2004
177 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This cemetery is located in the southern section of Lebanon County. It is known as the Quentin Cemetery. Quentin was formerly named Bismarck, and prior to that, was named Independence.

The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. This is a partial listing, as it pertains to my family programs. The results of a walk-thru and some gleaned from records at the Leb. Co. Hist. Soc.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Albert, Beulah (nee Foltz)***1905-06-15***1986-01-12
Albert, Monroe (son of Beulah) (killed in WW2)***1923-06-29***1944-03-07
Barnhart, Franklin K. (husb.of Mary L. (nee Smith)***1881-06-15***1970-11-13***89 - 05 - 28
Barnhart, Mary L. (nee Smith)***1882-10-08***1921-04-11***38 - 06 - 03
Basehore, Patricia Ann (nee Irwin & wife of Ronald Lee)***1941-06-23***2003-05-18
Blottenberger, Jacob (husb.of Mary (nee Schultz)***1815-02-01***1895-04-29
Blottenberger, Mary (nee Schultz)***1817-11-13***1895-03-02***77 - 08 - 19
Bruckart, Nathan (husb., of Hettie R. (nee ??)***1857-05-21***1949-09-18
Bruckart, Hettie R. (nee ??)***1862-09-01***1933-02-27
Bruckart, Bessie***1881-05-18***1971-07-31
Bruckart, Eliza E.***1831-06-18***1911-07-03
Campbell, John A. Roswell***1869***1949***Vet: W. W. 1.
Carpenter, Hannah (nee ?? & wife of Elias)***1826-10-13***1896-04-30
Carpenter, Reuben (husb. of Catherine (nee ??)***1815-12-25***1898-01-04
Carpenter, Catherine (nee ??)***1819-11-12***1901-10-11
Carpenter, William (husb. of Malinda (nee Fox)***1858-11-11***1890-11-11
Carpenter, Malinda (nee Fox)***1860-05-23***unknown
Carpenter, Bertha (daughter of Wm. & Malinda)***1882-11-26***1885-02-13
Carpenter, Harry A.***1881-11-14***1946-11-21
Carpenter, Henry (husb. of Cath. E. (nee ??)***1839-06-18***1916-07-27***Vet: Civil War
Carpenter, Catherine E. (nee ??)***1844-06-16***1928-11-14
Carpenter, John F. (husb. of Mary H. (nee ??)***1845***1897
Carpenter, Mary H. (nee ??)***1849***1935
Carpenter, Eliza Ann (daughter of John F. & Mary H.)***1868-01-14***1970-04-01
Carpenter, Ellen (nee Nagle & wife of Edward)***1881-10-27***1900-10-02
Carpenter, Simon T. (husb. of Isabel (nee Donley)***1848-03-03***1909-09-25
Carpenter, Isabel (nee Donley)***1849-09-29***1929-06-01
Carpenter, Annie K. (daughter of Simon T. & Isabel)***1871-11-11***1882-01-14
Carpenter, Monroe H. (husb. of Sarah E. (nee ??)***1875-01-19***unknown
Carpenter, Sarah E. (nee ??)***1875-03-15***1959-05-08
Carpenter, Lloyd T. (son of Monroe H. & Sarah E.)***1895-03-27***1896-08-23
Carpenter, Harry W.***1885-11-24***1909-10-21
Carpenter, Franklin (husb. of Clara (nee ??)***1873***1963
Carpenter, Clara (nee ??)***1878***1923
Carpenter, Anna (daughter of Franklin & Clara)***1910***1940
Carpenter, Roger***1914***1966***Vet: WW 2
Carpenter, Simon T. (husb. of Bessie A. (nee Gross)***1891***1961
Carpenter, Bessie A. (nee Gross)***1895***1957
Dillman, Clarence A. (husb. of Emma (nee ??)***1877***1939
Dillman, Emma (nee ??)***1869***1955
Dissinger, Clara (Miss)***1885-08-04***1966-11-10
Dissinger, Joseph (husb. of Malinda (nee Ferryman)***1840-07-09***1916-12-14***Vet: Civil War
Dissinger, Malinda (nee Ferryman)***1853***1931
Dissinger, Frederick B. (son of Joseph & Malinda)***1871***1876
Dissinger, Charles F. (prob. son of Joseph & Malinda)***1876***1935
Dissinger, Edmund (husb. of Malinda A. (nee Witmer)***1856-09-25***1935-01-09
Dissinger, Malinda A. (nee Witmer)***1856-07-01***1926-05-29
Dissinger, Witmer H. (son of Edmund & Malinda A.)***1903-03-09***1915-07-10
Dissinger, Kate Ann (daughter of Edmund & Malinda A.)***1886-07-01***1886-11-11
Dissinger, David (husb. of Virgie (nee Lehman)***1881***1951
Dissinger, Virgie (nee Lehman - daughter of Frank & Sarah Lehman)***1882***1968
Dissinger, Lemont (husb. of Agnes C. (nee Peters)***1846-04-06***1917-07-28***Vet: Civil War
Dissinger, Agnes C. (nee Peters)***1847-01-05***1924-10-18
Dissinger, Joseph M. (husb. of Polly (nee Engle)***1826-04-13***1918-10-03
Dissinger, Polly (nee Engle)***1840-03-04***1925-01-15
Dissinger, Joseph E. (husb. of Ella A, (nee Witmer)***1865-01-07***1922-11-17
Dissinger, Ella A, (nee Witmer & daughter of Henry & Caroline Witmer)***1868-10-17***1914-01-20
Dissinger, Raymond H.***1893***1930
Dissinger, Frank E. (husb. of Dorothy E. (nee White)***1895***1966
Dissinger, Dorothy E. (nee White)***1897***1939
Dissinger, Penn S. (husb. of Erma R. (nee Carpenter)***1866***1961
Dissinger, Erma R. (nee Carpenter)***1870***1907
Dissinger, Chester R. (poss. son of Penn & Erma)***1889***1964
Dissinger, Cyrus (husb. of Emma (nee ??)***1837***1926
Dissinger, Emma (nee ??)***1835***1912
Dissinger, Annette (daughter of Cyrus & Emma)***1869***1959
Dissinger, Franklin***1868-02-08***1902-11-15
Dissinger, Edna M.***1894-01-26***1971-11-01
Dohner, Jacob (husb. of Eliza (nee Hoke)***1837-12-02***1905-07-31
Dohner, Eliza (nee Hoke)***1843-04-22***1926-08-04
Dohner, Jacob (son of Jacob & Eliza)***1868-03-01***1868-10-22
Dohner, Milton M. (poss. son of Jacob & Eliza)***1874-10-01***1904-01-10
Dohner, Henry R. (husb. of Fannie S.)***1860-10-05***1953-09-06
Dohner, Fannie S.)***1869-03-06***1898-06-12
Engle, James W.***1893***1964
Engle, Mazzie J.***1900***1972
Engle, Benjamin***1880***1958
Engle, Caroline***1889***1969
Engle, Henry***1887***1946
Fake, Alice (nee ???)***1892***1953
Fake, Harry (husb.of Alice)***1885***1940
Fees, John (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Myers)***1830-01-21***1906-04-15
Fees, Elizabeth (nee Myers)***1827-06-02***1908-04-07
Fees, Catherina (poss. daughter of John & Elizabeth)***1862-04-25***1933-08-28
Fees, Elizabeth (poss. daughter of John & Elizabeth)***1860-04-25***1945-01-10
Ferry, Sarah (nee ?? & wife of Daniel)***1824-11-04***1909-06-04
Fields, Reuben S. (husb. of Lizzie C. (nee Hummel)***1858***1926
Fields, Lizzie C. (nee Hummel)***1858-02-24***1915-04-24
Fields, William F. (husb. of Tillie J. (nee ??)***1879***1936
Fields, Tillie J. (nee ??)***1874***1947
File, Daniel C.***1906***1960***Vet. - WW 2 - U.S.N.
Fink, Henry (husb. of Sarah (nee ??)***1828-07-06***1901-12-29
Fink, Sarah (nee ??)***1834-05-28***1899-07-08
Fisher, Abner M.***1896***1975
Foltz, Clinton R. (son of William & Rosina)***1880-12-31***1881-09-05
Foltz, Elizabeth (nee Bowman & wife of Joseph)***1861-04-14***1950-04-14
Foltz, Frederick W. (son of William & Rosina)***1877-09-08***1891-11-30
Foltz, Harry (son of Joseph & Elizabeth)***1895***1897-03-05
Foltz, Joseph (husb. of Elizabeth)***1861-01-06***1938-09-24
Foltz, Rosina (nee Haas)***1854***1925
Foltz, Warren T. (son of William & Rosina)***1888-09-21***1931-01-18
Foltz, William (husb. of Rosina)***1853***1919
Forney, Guy V. (husb. of Laura M. (nee ??)***1889-06-20***1969-04-30
Forney, Laura M. (nee ??)***1895-07-12***1966-03-01
Haldeman, J. Sterling (husb. of Missouri M. (nee ??)***1903***1949
Haldeman, Missouri M. (nee ??)***1906*** ??
Hampshire, George H. (husb. of Catherine I. (nee ??)***1887***1961***Vet. - WW 1
Hampshire, Catherine I. (nee ??)***1897***1966
Harkins, W. Claude (husb. of Miriam I. (nee ??)***1889***1951
Harkins, Miriam I. (nee ??)***1895***1967
Hartman, Isabelle***1903***1933
Hartman, John A. 1887-05-29 1918-09-15
Hartman1, John H.(husb.of Susan (nee Snyder)***1853-09-15***1910-03-09
Hartman1, Susan (nee Snyder)***1855-08-31***1933-01-17
Hartman2, Emmalina (nee Westenberger)***1860-06-28***1923-06-09***62 - 11 - 16
Hartman2, Leonard (son-Sam & Sarah)***1850-06-28***1923-10-28***73 - 09 - 15
Hartman2, Samuel (husb. of Sarah)***1817-10-15***1900-04-08***82 - 05 - 24
Hartman2, Samuel, Jr. (son of Sam & Sarah)***1859-08-13***1866-06-21
Hartman2, Sarah***1824-10-15***1900-05-28***75 - 07 - 13
Hartman3, Daniel (husb.of Mary)***1853-11-22***1926-12-12
Hartman3, Mary (nee Douple)***1860-11-02***1934-12-13
Hartman3, Sarah Rebecca (dau.of Daniel & Mary)***1855-08-31***1891-04-30
Hatz, Joseph H. (husb. of Amanda C. (nee ??)***1860-05-30***1917-01-16
Hatz, Amanda C. (nee ??)***1860***1925
Hatz, Jennie***1898***1959
Haulman, Raymond H. (husb. of Virgie E.***1890***1967
Haulman, Virgie E.***1891***1966
Heiney, Barbara***1833-01-16***1897-06-16
Heisey, Samuel N. (husb., of Annie S. (nee Anspach)***1864-09-19***1948-08-14
Heisey, Annie S. (nee Anspach)***1867-12-30***1958-02-04
Heisey, Irvin A.***1899***1973
Heisey, Aaron Henry, M.D.***1914-09-24***1975-07-10
Kasperowitz, Mae M. (nee Walmer)***1921-05-29***1975-10-26
Kreiser, Clayton A. (husb. of Katie Quintin (nee Shutter)***1894-03-??***1936
Kreiser, Katie Quintin (nee Shutter)***1894-06-02***1974-04-??
McMinn, Charles H. (husb. of Emma (nee ??)***1851-11-04***1914-07-28
McMinn, Emma (nee ??)***1852-10-17***1920-12-15
McMinn, William A. (husb. of Emma J. (nee Miller)***1887***1915
McMinn, Emma J. (nee Miller)***1891***1921
McMinn, Charles H.***1901***1972***Vet. WW 2
McMinn, Fred (husb, of Mary (nee ??)***1873-07-29***1939-12-06
McMinn, Mary (nee ??)***1874-06-26***1918-04-02
McMinn, Charles H. (husb. of Mabel E. (nee Leibig)***1882-09-06***1960-06-23
McMinn, Mabel E. (nee Leibig)***1886-08-22***1959-03-14
McMinn, Lloyd J. (husb. of Ethel S. (nee Jones)***1904***1977
McMinn, Ethel S. (nee Jones)***1901***1949
Mease1, Jacob. W.(husb.of Sarah M.)***1845***1910-11-06***Civil War Vet.
Mease1, Sarah A. (wife of Jacob.W)***1847-08-16***1922-01-26***74 - 05 - 10
Mease2, Aaron (husb.of Virgie (nee Deamer)***???***???
Mease2, Virgie (nee Deamer & wife of Aaron)***1880-07-07***1923-12-04
Mease3, Levi T. (husb.of Mary Butt L.)***1884-05-15***1968-08-07***Vet. WW1
Mease3, Mary Butt L. (wife of Levi T.)***1882-01-01***1948-05-22
Mentzer, Jacob (husb. of Mary (nee ??)***1807-09-02***1865-01-14
Mentzer, Mary (nee ??)***1811-05-15***1890-08-04
Mentzer, Jacob***1846-02-22***1918-06-05
Mentzer, William T. (husb. of Susan K. (nee Plasterer)***1858-02-15***1911-07-02
Mentzer, Susan K. (nee Plasterer)***1860-02-22***1956-05-06
Mentzer, Irwin H. (son of William & Susan)***1881-06-29***1924-11-11
Mentzer, Harry C.***1905***1974
Mentzer, Henry (husb. of Kate (nee Binner)***1848-07-16***1921-07-26
Mentzer, Kate (nee Binner)***1855-03-23***1918-10-01
Mentzer, Samuel F. (husb. of Sallie (nee ??)***1872-10-01***1945-01-02
Mentzer, Sallie (nee ??)***1875-10-22***1952-01-02
Mentzer, William A. (husb. of Martha C. (nee ??)***1886-03-08***1059-09-23
Mentzer, Martha C. (nee ??)***1884-04-20***1953-12-05
Messner, C. Raymond (husb. of Cora S. (nee ??)***1882***1960
Messner, Cora S. (nee ??)***1880***1971
Shimp, Eliza (nee Mease)***1837-09-25***1906-06-68***68 - 06 - 02
Shimp, John (husb.of Eliza)***1834-04-28***1898-09-14***64 - 04 - 16
Smith, Emery S.***1867-12-26***1943-04-25
Smith, Gregg H., Rev. ***1944-01-09***1985-01-16
Smith1, Emma B. (nee Shaak)***1861-05-05***1923-07-20***62 - 02 - 15
Smith1, Henry L.(husb.of Emma)***1860-06-03***1940-12-29***80 - 05- 26
Smith2, Carrie M. (nee Dissinger)***1886-11-21***1925-07-25
Smith2, Frank B. (husb.of Carrie)***1886-11-10***1957-02-12
Smith2, Lavinia C(2nd.wife of Frank)***1887-09-24***1962-02-18
Smith3, Ida M.***1880***1951
Smith3, Walter J.***1878***1935
Smith4, Jacob H. (husb.of Lucy)***1849-10-28***1923-06-13***73 - 07 - 15
Smith4, Lucy B. (nee Stohler)***1851-06-08***1920-09-25***69 - 03 - 17
Smith5, Bessie***1887-06-26***1973-02-08

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