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Heidelberg Church of the Brethren Cemetery
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
As of June 29, 2009
271 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This cemetery is located near Reistville, Lebanon Co., PA, off of Route 501.

This is not a complete listing , but only as it pertains to my family programs and is listed therein, and presently is a total of 332 listings.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Start of the 61 new listings as of 17 Sept. 2009.

Keller, Annie***1894***1919
Keller, Christian B. (husb. of Ethel A. (nee King)***1903***1935
Keller, Galen K. (son of Christian & Ethel)***1928***1930
Keller, Christian K. (son of Christian & Ethel)***1935***1935
King, Reuben (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Frantz)***1845-05-25***1901-05-05
King, Elizabeth (nee Frantz)***1850-11-03***1912-10-10
Kline, Franklin***1883***1955
Kline, Cyrus (husb. of Sulie L.(nee Kendig)***1883***1968
Kline, Sulie L.(nee Kendig)***1884***1926
Kraft, Elizabeth***1846-06-14***1923-01-14
Krall, Abraham (son of Amos & Susan)***1867-06-08***1887-09-25
Kreider, Susanna (nee Brubacher & wife of henry)***1822-01-02***1867-08-10
Kreider, Aaron (son of Henry & Susanna)***1851-12-15***1863-02-02
Kreider, Christian S.***1883***1933
Kreider, Mary A.***1887***1943
Kreider, J. Mar.***1907***1975
Kreider, Lois F. (nee Forney)***1911***1961
Kurtz, David (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Hornisch)***1798-12-26***1868-09-14
Kurtz, Elizabeth (nee Hornisch)***1801-07-18***1858-10-28
Kurtz, Samuel (husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1827-02-25***1897-10-25
Kurtz, Rebecca (nee ??)***1829-02-18***1902-10-27
Kurtz, David***1833-07-03***1858-10-03
Kurtz, Edwin H. (husb. of Fannie S. (nee ??)***1851-10-30***1919-10-30
Kurtz, Fannie S. (nee ??)***1851-10-18***1907-12-25
Kurtz, Abraham (husb. of Sarah (nee Shenk)***1845-12-26***1937-07-03
Kurtz, Sarah (nee Shenk)***1846-05-03***1922-04-16
Kurtz, Sadie***1874***1930
Kurtz, Lizzie***1867***19949
Kurtz, Thomas S. (husb. of Emma J. (nee ??)***1855-12-11***1921-03-24
Kurtz, Emma J. (nee ??)***1856-10-20***1941-08-02
Kurtz, David B.***1885***1958
Kurtz, Sallie B.***1894***??
Kurtz, Samuel T.***1880***1958
Kurtz, Earla M.***1894***??
Kurtz, John R.***1894***1976
Kurtz, Hester N..***1892***1964
Kurtz, Paul K.***1881***1958
Kurtz, Katie K.***1888***1964
Kurtz, Harvey***1880***1958
Kurtz, Salena***1881***1938
Kurtz, John S.***1871***1962
Kurtz, Sue***1885***1970
Layser, Jeremiah D. (husb. of Kathryn K. (nee ??)***1839-04-06***1912-12-20***Vet: G. A. R.
Layser, Kathryn K. (nee ??)***1843-06-21***1931-05-05
Layser, Rufus K.. (husb. of Helen M. (nee ??)***1898***1940
Layser, Helen M. (nee ??)***1903***??
Leisey, Lidia***1808-10-07***1892-04-29
Leisey, Jesse (husb. of Kate (nee Reinhold)***1837-09-23***1926-06-10
Leisey, Kate (nee Reinhold)***1832-08-05***1914-11-08
Leisey, George R. (son of Jesse & Kate)***1862-01-12***1872-08-20
Leisey, Samuel***1846-12-30***1923-03-21
Leisey, Catherine***1832-01-01***1918-02-17
Leisey, Kate M.***1849-10-13***1926-03-15
Leisey, Samuel (husb. of Sadie (nee ??)***1877***1937
Leisey, Sadie (nee ??)***1876***1931
Light, Harry B. (husb. of Alice S. (nee Geib)***1883***1959
Light, Alice S. (nee Geib)***1883***1946
Lineaweaver, Aaron S.***1877***1958
Lineaweaver, Mary***1879***??
Lineaweaver, Henry (husb. of Clara B. (nee Wenger)***1862***1917
Lineaweaver, Clara B. (nee Wenger)***1867***1913
End of the 61 new listings as of 17 Sept. 2009.

Start of the 187 new listings as of 28 June 2009.

Basehore, Adam S.***1851-07-07***1926-04-02***74 - 08 - 25
Basehore, Lizzie W.***1853-07-17***1915-05-02***61 - 10 - 15
Becker, Samuel W. (husb. of Mary L. (nee ??)***1883***1956
Becker, Mary L. (nee ??)***1889***1996
Bollinger, Joel (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Withers)***1816-06-11***1901-09-17***85 - 03 - 06
Bollinger, Elizabeth (nee Withers)***1820-05-27***1882-05-25***85 - 03 - 06***61 - 11 - 28
Bomberger, John Henry (husb. of Annie M. (nee ??)***1860-01-09***1937-07-30
Bomberger, Annie M. (nee ??)***1859-09-15***1943-03-17
Bomberger, John K. (husb. of Margaret E.. (nee Weidman)***1914-11-09***2002-02-24
Bomberger, Margaret E.. (nee Weidman)***1918-06-14***2004-09-09
Bomberger, John L. (husb. of Eleanor J.. (nee Frederick)***1934-08-01***2004-07-27
Bomberger, Eleanor J.. (nee Frederick)***1932-01-24***1992-12-07
Bomberger, Henry G.***1895-11-05***1919-09-18***23 - 10 - 03
Bomberger, Eli M.***1904-12-19***1934-02-12***29 - 01 - 23
Bomberger, Alvin K. (husb. of Lizzie P. (nee Geib)***1869-10-08***1955-10-21
Bomberger, Lizzie P. (nee Geib)***1869-03-10***1941-11-17
Bright, Harry H.***1870-12-07***1907-08-31***36 - 08 - 24
Brubaker, Isaac (husb. of Sarah Ann (nee Royer)***1857-08-04***1939-04-27***81 - 08 - 23
Brubaker, Sarah Ann (nee Royer)***1863-09-17***1931-08-25***67 - 11 - 08
Burkhart, Arthur W. (husb. of Luella H. (nee ??)***1913***1945
Burkhart, Luella H. (nee ??)***1910***1996
Derr, Samuel (husb. of Anna (nee Dubble)***1861-07-12***1932-05-24
Derr, Anna (nee Dubble)***1863-03-25***1947-05-06
Derr, Solomon A. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Royer)***1855-08-26***1926-01-18***70 - 05 - 22
Derr, Elizabeth (nee Royer)***1848-05-20***1907-05-20***70 - 05 - 22
Derr, Samuel A.***1882-08-27***1951-07-20***68 - 10 - 23
Dohner, Isaac (husb. of Lizzie (nee Bollinger)***1843-06-15***1926-01-08
Dohner, Lizzie (nee Bollinger)***1854-07-26***1894-09-13
Douple, Jacob (husb. of Sallie H. (nee ??)***1894***1974
Douple, Sallie H. (nee ??)***1894***1964
Dubble, Harry P. (husb. of Mary A. (nee Gibble)***1870-12-20***1949-10-24
Dubble, Mary A. (nee Gibble)***1872-03-13***1930-05-09
Dubble, Nathan G. (husb. of Mary W. (nee ??)***1893-09-30***1977-12-02
Dubble, Mary W. (nee ??)***1892-11-03***1992-03-03
Dubble, Henry G. (husb. of Minnie E. (nee Royer)***1895-10-26***1964-12-27
Dubble, Minnie E. (nee Royer)***1893-02-11***1918-12-07
Dubble, Thama (nee Brightbill)***1898-03-18***1953-01-01***(Prob. 2nd. wife of Henry G.
Eberly, Marvin F. (husb. of Elsie M. (nee ??)***1908-04-10***2007-01-12
Eberly, Elsie M. (nee ??)***1905-11-23***1989-02-15
Fasnacht, Ivan (husb. of Lizzie M. (nee Meyer)***1904***1979
Fasnacht, Lizzie M. (nee Meyer)***1905***1963
Firestine, Robert S. (husb. of Caroline G. (nee ??)***1905***1957
Firestine, Caroline G. (nee ??)***1912***2001
Geib, Samuel H. (husb. of Lizzie A. (nee ??)***1870-02-07***1931-02-05
Geib, Lizzie A. (nee ??)***1871-12-01***1948-12-18
Geib, Christian (husb. of Mary (nee Brubaker)***1837-10-06***1914-04-27***76 - 06 - 21
Geib, Mary (nee Brubaker)***1847-03-10***1917-11-13***69 - 08 - 03
Geib, Ephraim P. (husb. of Catharine H. (nee ??)***1859-02-14***1924-07-24
Geib, Catharine H. (nee ??)***1857-06-22***1938-05-26
Gibbel, Levi B. (husb. of Emma A. (nee ??)***1909-03-25***1997-02-03
Gibbel, Emma A. (nee ??)***1904-06-12***1989-09-20
Haak, Raymond K. (husband of Mabel S. (nee Geib)***1890-10-19***1951-07-13
Haak, Mabel S. (nee Geib)***1897-07-31***1974-06-20
Haak, Guy***1921-05-14***1921-08-10
Haak, Herman G.***1931-09-22***2004-03-13
Haak, LeAnna G.***1919-02-10***2002-08-28
Hershberger, Moses E. (husb. of Salinda B. (nee Landis)***1840-03-31***1911-10-17***71 - 06 - 16
Hershberger, Salinda B. (nee Landis)***1842-11-13***1914-04-07***71 - 06 - 16
Hershberger, Eckert***1869-07-14***1945-07-03***75 - 11 - 19
Hershberger, Joseph***1881-09-12***1948-03-22***66 - 06 - 10
Kegerreis, Michael (husb. of Fianna (nee Royer)***1839-05-06***1911-11-10***72 - 06 - 04
Kegerreis, Fianna (nee Royer)***1840-02-29***1902-06-18***62 - 04 - 20
King, Eld. Jonathan F.***1883-11-20***1962-04-25
King, Mary Foutz.***1883-12-24***1972-02-01
King, Hannah B.***1886-07-23***1939-11-15
King, Reuben F. (husb. of Polly M. (nee Beckley)***1888-09-11***1975-10-23
King, Polly M. (nee Beckley)***1889-08-11***1987-01-05
King, Eld. Henry F. (husb. of Alice I. (nee Kurtz)***1877-01-10***1955-09-22
King, Alice I. (nee Kurtz)***1878-06-21***1952-06-22
Klein, Miles N. (husb. of Mamie S. (nee ??)***1888-01-17***1931-02-18
Klein, Mamie S. (nee ??)***1893-01-11***1975-10-19
Kline, John R. (husb. of Eliza (nee ??)***1834-09-11***1914-07-08***79 - 10 - 07
Kline, Eliza (nee ??)***1836-06-07***1911-09-23***75 - 03 - 16
Kline, Milton G. (husb. of Mary I. (nee ??)***1879-03-22***1961-10-15
Kline, Mary I. (nee ??)***1877-12-02***1930-11-21
Kline, Sylvia Z. (nee ?? - 2nd. wife of Milton Kline)***1881-03-16***1944-03-17
Kline, Harry I. (husb. of Ida B. (nee ??)***1900-08-11***1984-01-29
Kline, Ida B. (nee ??)***1901-01-14***1962-04-15
Krall, Joseph S. (husb. of Lizzie (nee Brubaker)***1855-02-24***1924-12-30
Krall, Lizzie (nee Brubaker)***1861-03-23***1937-02-01
Krall, Harvey W. (husb. of Nora N. (nee Binner)***1918-04-24***1997-04-11
Krall, Nora N. (nee Binner)***1918-01-14***2002-09-14
Krall, William O. (husb. of Sallie R. (nee ??)***1891-05-26***1962-03-19
Krall, Sallie R. (nee ??)***1891-02-18***1963-09-14
Krall, David (husb. of Ada (nee ??)***1883-03-20***1954-07-15
Krall, Ada (nee ??)***1884-10-23***1953-04-05
Krall, Victor G. (husb. of Miriam M. (nee ??)***1909-06-08***1989-08-21
Krall, Miriam M. (nee ??)***1914-02-28***1970-08-19
Krall, Amos S. (husb. of Lydian B. (nee ??)***1866-01-01***1940-08-17
Krall, Lydian B. (nee ??)***1869-12-29***1938-12-06
Krall, John S. (husb. of Amanda (nee ??)***1852-12-14***1930-04-05
Krall, Amanda (nee ??)***1853-02-02***1927-10-08
Krall, Amos I. (husb. of Sallie A. (nee ??)***1881-04-27***1939-06-25
Krall, Sallie A. (nee ??)***1883-01-21***1944-03-06
Krall, Amos Husb. of Susanna (nee Shenk)***1823-10-10***1905-03-05***81 - 04 - 25
Krall, Susanna (nee Shenk)***1829-02-28***1915-08-10***86 - 05 - 12
Krall, Harry O. (husb. of Florence L. (nee ??)***1899***1932
Krall, Florence L. (nee ??)***1904***1979
Krall, Abrahan (son of Amos & Susanna)***1867-06-08***1887-09-25***20 - 08 - 17
Krall, Jacob S.***1867-06-08***1942-04-11***74 - 10- 02
Krall, Elizabeth (nee Gibbel)***1861-03-04***1936-01-01***74 - 10 - 17
Krall, Melvin H. (husb. of Grace A. (nee ??)***1927-05-14***1983-09-13
Krall, Grace A. (nee ??)***1925-06-10***1996-11-28
Krall, Rufus G. (husb. of Ella L. (nee ??)***1894***1962
Krall, Ella L. (nee ??)***1890***1962
Krall, Clarence N, (husb. of Nettie G. (nee ??)***1920-01-13***1998-01-17
Krall, Samuel K. (husb. of Ella K. (nee Copenhaver)***1890***1969
Krall, Ella K. (nee Copenhaver)***1890***1957
Krall, David F.. (husb. of Katie M. (nee ??)***1892***1966
Krall, Katie M. (nee ??)***1890***1983
Leffler, Catharine (nee Geib & wife of Samuel Leffler)***1847-05-06***1891-03-08***44 - 06 - 02
Leonard, William J. (husb. of Elizabeth M. (nee ??)***1895***1963
Leonard, Elizabeth M. (nee ??)***1914***1958
Lineaweaver, Samuel (husb. of Catherine (nee ??)***1851-06-06***1879-10-13***28 - 04 - 07
Lineaweaver, Catherine (nee ??)***1846-06-09***1925-11-06***79 - 04 - 27
Long, Alvin M. (husb. of Emma F. 9nee ??)***1878-11-13***1962-04-20
Long, Emma F. 9nee ??)***1879-01-30***199-12-18
Meyer, Abraham***1830-10-04***1905-10-02***74 - 11 - 28
Meyer, Elizabeth***1834-01-08***1903-10-22***69 - 09 - 14
Meyer, Abraham***1872***1947
Meyer, Elizabeth***1879***1951
Meyer, Jonas P. (husb. of Mary M. (nee ??)***1854-12-01***1940-09-07***85 - 09 - 06
Meyer, Mary M. (nee ??)***1858-06-08***1922-12-28***64 - 06 - 20
Meyer, Lizzie K.***1886-08-20***1968-11-08
Reber, Sallie A.***1860-02-10***1930-08-01
Ressler, Lester B.***1908-02-20***1992-07-16
Risser, Miles E. (husb. of Bessie M. (nee ??)***1882***1942
Risser, Bessie M. (nee ??)***1883***1959
Royer, Henry M. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1840-06-16***1908-12-11
Royer, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1838-12-10***1913-10-29
Royer, William R.. (husb. of Adaline L. (nee ??)***1860-10-21***1952-07-04
Royer, Adaline L. (nee ??)***1864-01-10***1944-05-07
Royer, Joseph E.***1891-10-04***1969-04-24
Royer, Daniel P..(husb. of Rebecca (nee ??)***1834-10-09***1917-05-30***68 - 05 - 09
Royer, Rebecca (nee ??)***1837-05-30***1905-11-09***82 - 07 - 13
Royer, Joseph P.(husb. of Sallie (nee Leisey)***1837-05-30***1915-04-30***77 - 10 - 00
Royer, Sallie (nee Leisey)***1840-02-09***1906-10-22***66 - 08 - 13
Royer, Henry G.***1910***1991
Royer, Kathryn A.***1911***2001
Royer, Joel I>***1907***1966
Royer, Eva M. (nee Heiser)***1907***1997
Royer, J. Herman***1916***2000
Royer, Grace I. (nee Balsbaugh)***1917***1987
Royer, Melvin G.***1927***2006***Vet: US Navy - WW 2
Royer, Robert B.***1883***1963
Royer, Susan A.***1884***1968
Royer, Charles B.***1886***1963
Royer, Lizzie (nee Smith)***1887***1956
Royer, Harry B.***1888***1966***Vet: - WW 1
Royer, Grace I. (nee King***1901***1991
Smith, Elisabeth S. (nee Royer)***1929***2000
Sherman, John***1860-01-11***1920-05-30
Sherman, Leah***1859-08-30***1920-05-30
Smith, Jacob C. (husb. of Stella L. (nee ??)***1869***1929
Smith, Stella L. (nee ??)***1871***1956
Smith, Sterling L.***1821***1997***Vet: US Army - WW 2
Smith, John A. (husb. of Vesta V. (nee ??)***1899-10-25***1972-07-30
Smith, Vesta V. (nee ??)***1899-10-15***1994-07-23
Steinmetz, David L. (husb. of Lydia Ann (nee Witter)***1845-10-20***1939-12-13***94 - 01 - 23***Vet: Civil War
Steinmetz, Lydia Ann (nee Witter)***1852-03-31***1917-11-18***65 - 07 - 17
Stoever, Emanuel (husb. of Mary (nee ??)***1840-03-26***1908-11-23***67 - 11 - 27
Stoever, Mary (nee ??)***1842-02-04***1915-04-21***73 - 02 - 17
Stover, Daniel (husb. of Eliza (nee ??)***1867***19??
Stover, Eliza (nee ??)***1867***1931
Weaver, John S. (husb. of Susan S. (nee Hauck)***1859-10-28***1930-11-16***71 - 00 - 18
Weaver, Susan S. (nee Hauck)***1856-11-19***1948-01-08
Weaver, George I.***1881-10-02***1946-11-26
Weaver, Katie E.***1886-07-21***1944-11-07
Weaver, George H.***1904-04-25***1928-04-21
Weaver, Katherine E.***1911-12-03***1912-04-26
Wenger, Albert S. (husb. of Annie H. (nee Geib)***1864-08-28***1952-04-04
Wenger, Annie H. (nee Geib)***1868-02-22***1937-12-31
Wenger, Isaac (husb. of Mary Ann (nee Shaak)***1841-05-02***1930-09-10
Wenger, Mary Ann (nee Shaak)***1843-03-26***1930-05-27
Whitman, Estha M. (nee Bomberger & wife of Frank Whitman)***1902-12-01***1923-05-26***20 - 05 - 21
Widder, Allen (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1817-12-02***1900-04-23***82 - 04 - 21
Widder, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1823-07-26***1899-10-16***76 - 02 - 20
Witter, Martin (husb. of Lydia (nee Royer)***1821-01-18***1907-03-25***86 - 02 - 07
Witter, Lydia (nee Royer)***1821-07-28***1892-01-30***70 - 06 - 02
Witters, Daniel (husb. of Sarah (nee Weaver)***1847-02-16***1934-12-06
Witters, Sarah (nee Weaver)***1848-09-06***1899-11-16

End of the 187 new listings as of 28 June 2009.

Start of the 9 new listings as of 7 January 2009.

Copenhaver, Jesse C. (husb. of Agnes (nee ??)1868-08-23***1951-11-05
Copenhaver, Agnes (nee ??)1869-04-18***1946-09-07
Keener, Abraham G. (husb. of Elizabeth K. (nee Leffler)***1904***1995
Keener, Elizabeth K. (nee Leffler)***1902***1974
Leffler, Elias (husb. of Kathryn I. (nee layser)***1866-09-27***1939-07-26***72Y - 10M - 01D
Leffler, Kathryn I. (nee layser)***1872-03-27***1916-12-22***44Y - 08M - 25D
Leffler, John L. (husb. of Mary H. (nee King)***1892-06-21***1974-11-17
Leffler, Mary H. (nee King)***1892-12-17***1975-01-09
Maine, Verna (nee Copenhaver)***1933-01-02***2004-06-07
End of the 9 new listings as of 7 January 2009.

Start of the 38 new listings as of 26 May 2005.

Bucher, Alvin(husb. of Mabel J.. (nee ??)***1890-10-15***1973-01-30
Bucher, Mabel J.. (nee ??)***1893-03-09***1950-05-05
Copenhaver, Lizzie E. (nee Kegerreis)***1918-04-01***1988-04-30
Eberly, Harry G. (husb. of Lizzie Y. (nee ??)***1879-05-04***1950-127-24
Eberly, Lizzie Y. (nee ??)***1880-04-28***1965-02-10
Gibble, Harry A. (husb. of Naomi (nee Frederick)***1924-01-20***2002-12-04
Gibble, Naomi (nee Frederick)***1923-03-10***1996-08-15
Gibble, Paul C. (husb. of Sallie M. (nee ??)***1903-11-01***1988-10-28
Gibble, Sallie M. (nee ??)***1903-04-25***1996-09-17
Gibble, Paul C. (husb. of Sallie M. (nee ??)***1903-11-01***1988-10-28
Gibble, Sallie M.(nee ??)***1903-04-25***1996-09-17
Gibble, Aaron O.(husb. of Alice May (nee Layser)***1851-11-23***1907-02-15
Gibble, Alice May (nee Layser)***1861-07-24***1939-03-17
Hain, Franklin K. (husb. of Hannah B. (nee ??)***1851***1913
Hain, Hannah B. (nee ??)***1852***1941
Hess, George (husb. of Rebecca (nee Yeagley)***1823-03-01***1902-01-22***78 - 10 - 21
Hess, Maria (nee ??)***1830-01-02***1908-03-20***73 - 02 - 18
Kegerreis, Henry***1887-11-13***1967-04-20
Kegerreis, Kate (nee Barto)***1882-04-09***1919-01-02
Kegerreis, Floy I. (nee Diehl)***1888-09-23***1970-11-02
Kline, Israel(husb. of Malinda (nee Spittler)***1851-05-22***1912-11-25***58 - 06 - 03
Kline, Malinda (nee Spittler)***1855-10-05***1900-06-01***44 - 07 - 29
Kline, Elizabeth***1828-11-11***1891-11-20***63 - 00 - 09
Kneasel, Sophia (mother of: Helena S. Witters)***1848-02-08***1925-08-07
Kohr, Anna M. (nee Weaver & wife of Elvin Kohr)***1917-02-05***1986-12-01
Royer, Catherine (nee Leisey & wife of Jonas)***1828-01-30***1912-07-16***84 - 05 - 16
Royer, John L.***1865-12-20***1949-11-14
Royer, Lizzie M. (nee Krall & 1st. wife of John L.)***1870-05-29***1908-01-15
Royer, Fannie P. (nee Geib & 2nd. wife of John L.)***1875-12-25***1935-06-12
Royer, Raymond R. (husb. of Amy L. (nee ??)***1896***1975
Royer, Amy L. (nee ??)***1896***1958
Royer, Nathan G. (husb.of Tillie M. (nee Moyer)***1855-12-12***1929-10-28***73 - 10 - 06
Royer, Tillie M. (nee Moyer)***1859-09-06***1929-10-28***41 - 06 - 26
Weaver, Abraham G. (husb. of Lillie M. (nee Boyer)***1889-03-25***1973-04-29
Weaver, Lillie M. (nee Boyer)***1891-05-14***1970-11-05
Wirt, Catherine (nee Kline & wife of Daniel Wirt)***1864-05-03***1887-05-02
Witters, Morris S. (husb. of Halena S. (nee Kneasel)***1859-03-31***1940-03-08
Witters, Helena S. (nee Kneasel)***1865-09-25***1945-08-31
End of the 38 new listings as of 26 May 2005.

Start of the regular listings.

Behney, Franz K.***1894***1974
Behney, Helen K. (nee King)***1874-11-25***1963-05-24
Behney, Marsha J. (daughter of Samuel R. Behney)***1954-08-13***1966-09-03
Behney, Samuel S. (husb. of Helen K. (nee King)***1872-04-07***1938-11-05***Helen was the daughter of Reuben Yoder King & Elizabeth Kline Frantz King & a sister to Henry Frantz King.
Copenhaver, Annie R. (nee ??)***1900-06-29***1983-12-03
Copenhaver, Clarence E.***1938-08-20***1940-07-17
Copenhaver, Florence (nee ??)***1904-03-11***1979-04-30
Copenhaver, Frank H.***1944-12-23***1962-04-11
Copenhaver, Grant Krall***1921-01-15***1998-03-16***Vet: Army - WW 2
Copenhaver, Helen Lowe***1915***1991
Copenhaver, Henry J. (son of John H. & Annie R.)***1918-11-03***1935-12-31
Copenhaver, Howard J. (husb. of Florence (nee ??)***1898-12-22***1959-08-27
Copenhaver, John H. (husb. of Annie R. (nee ??)***1900-12-11***1952-01-15
Copenhaver, Kathryn E. (daughter of John H. & Annie R.)***1928-08-23***1939-05-12
Copenhaver, Miles E.***1903***1975
Copenhaver, Susan Anna (nee Krall & wife of Miles)***1919-08-18***1952-05-16
Copenhaver, Susan Krall***1899***1932
Gettel, Adam (husb.of Lydia Ann)***1848***1902
Gettel, Ammon B. (husb. of Leah A. (nee Heisey)***1902***1986
Gettel, Leah A. (nee Heisey)***1904***1971
Gettel, Lydia Ann (nee Meyer)***1849***1930
Hartman, Benjamin (husb. of Edna I. (nee Dubble)***1908-05-01***1990-04-05
Hartman, Edna I. (nee Dubble)***1906-11-26***1990-11-02
Hartman, John H. (husb. of Lydia (nee Leisey)***1839-11-04***1913-11-25
Hartman, Lydia (nee Leisey)***1842-01-10***1934-02-17
Hartman, Paul G. (husb. of Susan E. (nee ??)***1895***1985
Hartman, Susan E. (nee ??)***1893***1979
Hess, Noah M. (husb. of Laura B. (nee ??)***1902***1976
Hess, Laura B. (nee ??)***1907***1997
Hess, Wilbur G. (husb. of Anna Mary (nee Weik)***1921-06-29***1988-07-27
Hess, Anna Mary (nee Weik)***1926-01-24***Liv.
Himmelberger, Harry E. (husb. of Myrtle D. (nee ??)***1897***1965***Vet: WW 1.
Himmelberger, Myrtle D. (nee ??)***1910***Liv.
Himmelberger, Harry E., 3rd.***1933***1953***Vet: USN - Korean
McKinney, Miles M. (husb. of Verna L. (nee ??)***1917-07-08***1993-03-02
McKinney, Verna L. (nee ??)***1915-12-15***Liv.
Walborn, Emma (nee ??)***1884-01-10***1953-04-17
Walborn, John (husb. of Emma (nee ??)***1880-04-03***1932-06-12

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