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Schaefferstown Cemetery
, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
86 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

This is not a complete listing , but only as it pertains to my family programs and is listed therein, and is a total of 86 listings. This visit was on Oct. 3, 2009, by my wife, Rosalie and myself.
All of these listings are from digipics taken on the aformentioned date, and are in most cases, connected to one of my family lines.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

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Bender, Pearline A.(nee Royer & wife of: Harry P.)***1910-04-12***2002-06-10
Behney, Sarah (nee ??)(wife of Frank)***1854-02-02***1918-07-03
Blottenberger, Sue***1848-01-27***1883-12-29
Bobb, Caroline***1828-07-13***1876-02-22
Bobb, Chambers M.***1831-04-09***1886-03-26
Bobb, Christian***1787-01-08***1878-04-04
Bobb, Christian***1799-03-09***1873-11-08
Bobb, Clifford E.***1911-07-30***1967-05-??***Vet: WW 2
Bobb, Daniel***1799-01-03***1880-04-04
Bobb, Daniel M.***1863-06-04***1932-11-31
Bobb, Elizabeth***1865-07-18***1870-11-28
Bobb, Emma O.***1872-09-09***1935-11-26
Bobb, Harriet***1809-11-12***1873-03-14
Bobb, Hilda (nee Hickernell)***1912***1931
Bobb, Lewis***1906-11-29***1963-01-23
Bobb, Mary(nee Seibert)***1836-04-17***1905-11-19
Bobb, Reuben***1830-03-07***1890-05-27
Bobb, Thomas J.***1862-11-21***1944-02-26
Bobb, William***1831***1906-09-13
Bohr, John Jacob***1822-12-05***1848-03-03
Brown, Inda Cinderells (nee Light & wife of Howard)***1920-08-06***2002-12-25
Gettle, Barbara Jane (nee Yiengst)***1860-08-27***1919-07-03
Gettle, David Yiengst (son of:John & Barb.Jane)***1899***1942
Gettle, Effa Yiengst (dau. of:John & Barb.Jane)***1900-11-29***1901-02-19
Gettle, Elmer***1825-07-06***1897-09-07
Gettle, Elmer Yiengst (son of:John & Barb.Jane)***1896-04-08***1898-09-29
Gettle, Gloria J.***1896-04-08***1898-09-29
Gettle, Henry***1825-07-06***1897-09-07
Gettle, Henry***1879-05-22***1881-07-12
Gettle, Isaac Yiengst***1892-01-04***1892-01-04
Gettle, J.S. Yiengst***c.1884***c.1884
Gettle, John L.(husb.of Barbara Jane)***1858-09-03***1935-09-04
Gettle, Lizzie May (nee Hartman)***1867-09-06***circa 1940
Gettle, Mary Yiengst (dau.of John L. & Barb.J.)***1880-11-23***1964-07-21
Gettle, William***1831-03-31***1892-02-04
Gettle, William L.(husb.of Lizzie May)***1860-03-13***1934-12-06
Gettle, Anna Rebecca (nee Mohr) (wife of Samuel)***1790***c.1845
Gettle, Henrich (son of Samuel)***1825-07-16***1897-09-07
Gettle, Philippina (nee Graeckman)(wife of Henrich)***1745-07-23***1809-02-05
Gettle, Rebecca (dau.of Samuel) 1823-06-30 1868-04-23
Gettle, Rebecca (nee Lutz) (wife of Henrich)***1830-03-28***1899-12-30
Gettle, Samuel B.***1797-07-11***1865-02-18
Gettle, William***1831-03-31***1892-02-04
Gettle, William L.***1880-03-13***1934-12-06
Hainly, Mary***1857-12-25***1871-08-05
Hartman, Abraham L.***1860-10-27***1944-12-16
Hartman, Anna***1789-10-07***1863-05-30
Hartman, Barbara***1828-06-30***1851-12-11
Hartman, Beatrice***???***1919
Hartman, Caroline***1843-03-07***1924-03-18
Hartman, Catherine***1817-10-13***1882-08-30
Hartman, Charles***1881***1951
Hartman, Charles B.***1891***1942
Hartman, Daisy (nee Kohl)***1904***1961
Hartman, David***1838-08-07***1900-04-26
Hartman, Elizabeth***1822-07-11***1895-12-15
Hartman, Un-named male (son of Isreal & Amanda)***1900-08-02***1900-08-02
Hartman, Florence K.***1894-01-01***1983-03-22
Hartman, Frank G.***1889***1943
Hartman, George***1814-04-10***1882-10-05
Hartman, Harrison***1884-03-04***1974-08-14
Hartman, Ida***1873***1968
Hartman, Jacob***1820-10-10***1904-11-02
Hartman, Jacob S.***1866-03-03***1957-11-02
Hartman, John***1788-12-24***1882-1-23
Hartman, John F.***1926***1964
Hartman, Katie M. (nee Smith)***1888-07-10***1972-07-26
Hartman, Leonard***1888-03-23***1959-01-28
Hartman, Lizzie M. (nee Fetter)***1871-05-04***1963-11-27
Hartman, Mollie (nee Bingham)***1834-11-30***1916-02-01
Hartman, Samuel***1882-01-12***1906-02-06
Hartman, Samuel D.***1864-08-04***1930-10-09
Hartman, Susan***1887-10-03***1925-03-16
Hewitt, Mollie (nee Bentz, & wife of Harry S.)***1892***1966-01-09
Huston, James (husb.of Susannah)***1765-09-04***1845-06-29
Huston, Susannah***1758-03-31***1833-03-12
Krall, Elva Yiengst (nee Gettle - dau. John & Barb.J.)***1902-08-13***1978-11-28
Krall, George F. (husb.of Elva Y.)***1899-06-21***1957
Light, Levi Moses (husb.of Rebecca Y.)***1886-06-15***1978-03-??
Light, Rebecca Yiengst (nee Gettle)***1883-11-23***1956-03-17
Livinghouse, Lester P. (husb. of Minerva A. (nee Walters)***1911-03-31***1984-05-20
Livinghouse, Minerva A. (nee Walters)***1913-09-30***1969-06-24
Mattes, Emma (nee Gettle)***1886-04-02***1935-07-29
Mattes, George H. (husb. of Emma)***1883-10-03***1941-10-15
Mays, Alice Yiengst (nee Gettle)***1890-03-14***1948-12-12
Mays, Thomas Cleveland (husb.of Alice Y.)***1884-07-07***1959-06-16
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