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St. John Lutheran Churchyard Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Lebanon County, Pa
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This is not a complete listing, and some of this info was taken from old records at the Lebanon Co. Hist. Soc. and also includes names from my files.
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Beginning of 81 new listings from St. John Lutheran Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Pa.

Bashor, Johannes (husb. of Maria Catharin (nee Faber)***1773-01-02***1845-12-02
Bashor, Maria Catharin (nee Faber)***1778-12-03***1839-10-30
Bashor, Samuel (son of Johannes & maria Catharin)***1821-03-02***1841-04-16
Bashor, Johannes (husb. of Anna Maria (nee Martin)***1773-01-02***1845-12-02
Behney, ?? (husb.of Mary)***1800-06-10***1861-07-30
Behney, Mary***1808-04-03***1864-02-09
Behney, Melchior***1806-09-22***1884-01-02
Behney, Michael (husb. of Polly nee ??)***1805***1869-09-13
Behney, Polly (nee ??)***1808-01-17***1864-02-09
Benner, George***1782-08-01***1865-07-18
Benner, Rebecca***1803-11-20***1869-07-23
Bohny, Melchior***1740-10-05***1812-11-25***Vet. - Rev. War
Bohny, Barbara***1746-10-22***1803
Bohny, Johannes***1767-07-13***1831-06-20
Bohny, John Frederick***1796-01-23***1831-06-20
Bohny, Margaretha***1797-04-20***1798-09-28
Bohny, Melchior***1797-03-09***1797-09-05
Bohny, Maria Margaret***1798-11-20***1799-03-24
Bohny, Margaretha***1785-12-18***1793
Bohny, George (son of Mechior & Catharina)***1799-12-06***1822-08-11
Bohny, Michael (son of Mechior & Catharina)***1803-10-05***1822-03-12
Bohny, Jacob (husb. of Chritina (nee ??)***1800-06-19***1861-07-29
Bohny, Chritina (nee ??)***1803-03-01***1888-01-31
Boshor, Anna Maria (nee Martin & wife of Johannes)***1749-01-11***1819-08-27
Gettel, Elizabeth (nee Burkhart)***1775-01-13***1818-12-26
Gingrich, Elizabeth (nee Behney)еее1851***1932-11-18
Meily, Henry (husb. of Barbara (nee ??)***1792-02-07***1871-05-25
Meily, Barbara (nee ??)***1794-04-05***1871-09-20
Meily, Elias (son of Henry & Barbara)***1816-01-23***1874-01-29
Meyer, Elizabeth (wife of John B. Meyer & dau. of John & Eliz. Uhrich***1832-06-07***1860-06-24
Moyer, Henry (husb. of Susanna (nee ??)***1812-01-16***1869-06-02
Moyer, Joseph B. (husb. of Lydia (nee ??)***1817-03-17***1884-12-17
Moyer, Lydia (nee ??)*** 1820-01-12***1890-07-01
Moyer, Michael (son of Henry & Susanna)***1849-03-10***1861-04-30
Moyer, Susanna (nee ??)***1816-03-15***1895-01-05
Moyer, Susanna (wife of David B. Moyer & dau. of David & Lydia Hower)***1811-08-21***1862-04-19
Miller, Johann Conrad***1752-09-28***1823-11-13***Vet: Rev. War
Miller, Philip***1784-10-15***1826-09-11
Miller, Elizabeth***1792-10-06***1809-03-25
Miller, John D. (husb. of Catharine (nee Houtz)***1825-07-04***1873-03-29
Miller, Catharine (nee Houtz)***1826***1900
Miller, Edward B. (son of John & Catharine)***1860-09-18***1890-07-11
Miller, Adam***1857-06-12***1870-12-05
Moyer, Henry (husb. of Susanna (nee ??)***1812-01-16***1869-06-02
Moyer, Susanna (nee ??)***1816-03-15***1895-01-05
Moyer, Michael (son of Henry & Susanna)***1849-03-10***1861-04-30
Moyer, Susanna (wife of Michael & dau. of Joseph & Lidy Hower)***1811-08-21***1862-04-19
Moyer, Joseph B. (husb. of Lydia (nee ??)***1817-03-17***1884-12-17
Moyer, Lydia (nee ??)***1820-01-12***1890-07-01
Peiffer, Thomas***1817-02-11***1871-12-02
Smith, John (husb. of Catharina (nee ??)***1805-12-08***1876-12-16
Smith, Catharina (nee ??)***1810-01-19***1898-06-29
Smith, Henry (son of John & Catharina)***1838-06-18***1867-01-12
Smith, Augustin (dau. of John & Catharina)***1843-01-23***1867-03-03
Stickel, Casper***1833-03-12***1866-01-21
Stasser, Heinrich***1791-09-26***1799-09-09
Stroh, Michael (husb. of Barbara (nee Rudy)***1791-02-28***1862-05-12
Stroh, Barbara (dau. of Jacob & Barbara Rudy)***1809-01-26***1874-04-25
Weaber, Anna Maria (nee Schauer)***1779-06-04***1864-02-07
Weaber, John Philip (husb. of Anna Maria (nee Schauer)***1769-12-23***1843-11-15
Weaber, Un-named (son of Samuel & Sarah)***1857-03-01***1857-03-01
Weber, Anna (nee ??)***1800-04-13***1866-07-12
Weber, Anna Maria (nee ??)***1779-06-01***1864-02-07
Weber, Elisabeth (daughter of Heinrich & Elisabeth)***1766-12-06***1841-08-30
Weber, Jacob***1775-11-28***1821-05-20
Weber, Jacob (husb. of Anna (nee ??)***1800-06-22***1887-01-06
Weber, John (son of Jacob & Anna)***1832-02-20***1851-01-15
Weber, Loweina (daughter of Adam & Julianna)***1846-09-16***1859-01-12
Weber, Martin (husb.of Anna Maria (nee ??)***1769-12-22***1843-11-12
Walborn, Christian (husb. of Catharina (nee Stein)***1798-07-27***1883-01-08
Walborn, Catharina (nee Stein)***1802-02-08***1869-09-21
Walborn, Daniel (husb. of Amanda (nee ??)***1827-01-14***1891-08-12
Walborn, Amanda (nee ??)***1839-02-10***1911-10-08
Walborn, Caroline (dau. of Daniel & Amanda)***1873-08-19***1888-10-18
Walborn, Katie (dau. of Daniel & Amanda)***1870-03-01***1887-04-13
Walborn, John (son of John & Rebecca)***1855-03-27***1862-04-04
Walderman, Christina***1783***1855-04-13
Wetzel, William (husb. of Anna Barbara (nee Wagner)***1752-01-06***1826-04-19***In row 3 - Plot # 6
Wetzel, Catharine***1799-04-10***1848-03-02***In Row 5 - Plot # 1
Woods, James***1793-05-19***1845-05-02
Wunder, Caroline (wife of George & dau. of Henry & Eliz. Swanger)***1843-05-01***1872-01-16

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