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Tulpehocken Reformed Cemetery
Lebanon County, PA
As of August 28, 2006
224 Listings

A note from Charles Kindt, manager of this website:

Tulpehocken Reformed Church w/adjoining cemeteries (old section & new section) is located in the easternmost part of Lebanon County. It is, in fact, a relatively short distance from the Berks County line.
The listings were derived from approximately 120 digital pictures which were taken on a visit to this cemetery on August 21, 2006. This cemetery consists of 2 seperate sections. The section referenced as new; is situated next to the church. The section referenced as old; is across the road, and is surrounded by an old fashioned stone wall. The old section has many weathered and unreadable stones. However, just inside the old wrought iron gate there is a bulletin board which is covered with plastic to protect it from the weather. This contains 6 or 8 typewritten sheets with dates and data from burials in this old section. I took a digipic of one of the sheets as an experiment. To our surprise, when downloaded, the list was fairly clear when enlarged. These listings are included in the total list. On a subsequent visit, I intend to photograph the other sheets and add them to this listing later.
The dates on this site are reasonably correct, but are subject to human error. If anyone challenges any dates or data, I will gladly review and make corrections if necessary. I also want to credit my wife, Rosalie C. Kindt, with her patience and excellent help in gathering and correlating this information. Total to date is 143 total listings.

Numbers behind a surname indicate that these are part of the same family, or are buried in the same plot or general area.

Name & Status.......Date of Birth.......Date of Death.......Age at Death(Y-M-D)

Start of 111 listings from L. C. H. S. cemetery records.

These 111 total listings were taken from records on file at the Lebanon County Historical Society. I will credit the unknown author at a later date. Many of these are, apparently, from the old section of this cemetery. I cannot determine which section for any specific record. Some of these have obvious misspellings, but I have tried to list them as written in the records. These are supplementary to the 143 listings that I have already added which were taken from my cemetery digital pictures.
Andreas, Abraham***1763-12-04***1827-09-02
Andreas, Charlotte(maiden name)***1790-11-16***1851-03-29***(First husband - Daniel Miller & second husband - Jacob Henchold)
Blecker, Michael***1784-02-23***1851-09-10
Blecker, Samuel***1822-12-20***1868-12-02
Brendel, Frederick (husb. of Magdalena (nee Loose)***1774-05-27***1851-04-21
Brendel, Magdalena (nee Loose)***1774-09-23***1844-11-24
Buck, Johannes (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Reigel)***1779-08-27***1845-08-16
Bucks, Elizabeth (nee Reigel & wife of Johannes Bucks)***1780-09-10***1851-03-28
Diefenbach, Johannes Peter(son of Adam & Sybilla(nee Kabel)***1755-07-15***1838-02- 23
Diehl, Catherine (nee Jones & wife of George Diehl)***1812-01-11***1852-05-12
Diehl, Eva (nee ?? & wife of Adam)1784-07-11***1864-11-23
Diehl, Adam (son of Adam & Eva Diehl)***1806-03-14***1858-06-27
Eckert, Jacob (son of Jonas & Cath. Eckert***1772-01-15***1801-12-31
Eckert, Jonas (husb. of Catherine (nee Ruth)***1738-10-15***1807-09-19
Eckert, Catherine (nee Ruth)***1741-10-15***1813-04-23***Jonas & Catherine had 6 children.
Etchberger, Jacob (husb. of Esther (nee ??)***1724-02-13***1806-08-12***A soldier of the Revolutionary War.
Etchberger, Esther (nee ??)***1730-06-28***1811-09-12
Fisher, Louise***1840-04-13***1908-10-11***68 - 05 - 28
Ferrer, Peter***1782-08-28***1852-02-02
Forrer, Michael (husb. of Anna Maria (nee Zerbe)***1810-08-10***1887-09-10
Forrer, Anna Maria (nee Zerbe)***1800-01-02***1884-12-26
Forrer, Maria Catherine***1782-09-26***1853-04-07***(Wife of Johannes Forrer)
Forrer, Elizabeth***1802-12-23***1854-11-16***(She was a daughter of Peter and Magdalena Forrer)
Forrer, Magdalena (nee ?? & wife of Peter Forrer)***1789-05-03***1855-03-15***Surname was later changed to Forry)
Forry, Elizabeth (nee Seibert)***1809-11-24***1875-10-10
Forry, Frederick***1807-11-13***1851-10-28
Gerhard, Catherine (nee Zeller & wife of Elias Gerhard)***1819-10-28***1849-08-17
Graff, Elizabeth (nee Weoller)***1794-02-01***1824-09-13***(wife of Johannes Graff - they had 2 children)
Groh, Henry (husb. of Leah (nee Loose)***1828-08-11***1877-02-16***(Son of Henry and Maria Groh)
Heffelfinger, George (husb. of Catherine (nee Bechtold)***1810***1874-01-19
Heffelfinger, Catherine (nee Bechtold)***1815-05-24***1894-05-25
Heffelfinger, William***1845-08-10***1889-02-11
Kilmer, Henry (husb. of Gustina (nee Batdorf)***1822-04-24***1865-05-03
Kilmer, Gustina (nee Batdorf)***1829-01-10***1896-05-27***Second husband was George Bowman
Kilmer, Jonathon***1769-07-05***1836-09-22***Son of Nicholas & Elizabeth Kilmer.
Kilmer, Catherine***1777-06-11***1830-11-14***(daughter of Christopher & Maria Elizabeth Teis)
Kilmer, Thomas (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Gebhart)***1809-11-13***1850-04-25***Son of Jonathon and Susanna Kilmer.
Kilmer, Elizabeth (nee Klopp & 1st. wife of David Kilmer)***1814-11-22***1860-02-06*** (Elizabeth and David were married 19 years and God blessed them with 5 sons and 2 daughters.)
Klein, Catherine (nee Loos & wife of Samuel)***1804-12-30***1862-10-01***She was the daughter of Johannes & Cathrine Klein)***(Samuel & Cathrine were married 35 years and had 3 children)
Klopp, Johannes Adam (husb. of Sara (nee Keyser)***1779-09-30***1844-07-04***Son of John Peter and Elizabeth Klopp.
Klopp, Sara (nee Keyser)***1783-01-24***1843-04-19
Klopp, Johannes (son of Johannes Adam & Sara (nee Keyser)***1822-05-20***1871-03- 01
Lauks, Elizabeth (nee ?? & wife of Jacob Lauks)***1772-07-06***1860-06-19
Lauks, Maria (nee Kilmer & wife of Benjamin Lauks)***1804-05-02***1845-09-19
Lauks, Sarah***1804-07-12***1889-11-07***85 - 03 - 28
Laver, Christian***1715-04-19***1786-09-08***A Colonel in the Revolutionary Army
Lebo, Johannes (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Peiffer)***1797-01-31***1843-10-31***They had 6 sons and 6 daughters.
Livingud, Anna Catherine (nee Diefenbach)***1858-02-23***1924-11-18***(daughter of John Peter Diefenbach
Loos, Samuel***1801-08-29***1861-01-24
Loose, Sara (nee Breu & wife of Henry Loose)***1819-12-14***1848-07-18***Daughter of Johannes and Catherine Breu.
Matthews, Rebecca Cathrine (nee Bechtold)***1838-06-19***1857-12-16***(Was married seven months when deceased)
McCallister, Sara***1805-05-08***1856-01-04
Miller, Valentine (husb. of Eva (nee ??)1730-01-06***1817-05-12***A Revolutionary Soldier
Miller, Eva (nee ??)1735-07-26***1797-12-04***
Miller, Ellizabeth***1812-05-13***1893-01-25
Mosser, John Adam***1684-02-18***1770-01-23***The earliest born person in the cemetery***Married to Catherine (nee Ramer)
Mosser, Simon***1735-08-03***1802-12-05***67 - 04 - 02
Pfeffer, Henrich (husb. of Maria (nee Riehl)***1782-01-06***1847-04-18
Pfeffer, Maria (nee Riehl)***1777-10-12***1837-01-12
Pfeiffer, Henrich (husb. of Maria (nee Reihl)***1782-01-06***1847-04-18
Pfeiffer, Maria (nee Reihl)***1777-10-12***1837-01-12
Pheis, J. Michael (husb. of Catherine (nee Noecker)***1795-11-12***1849-11-30***They had 13 children; 8 sons and 5 daughters.
Reith, Johannes (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Myer)***1752-04-12***1818-05-02
Reith, Elizabeth (nee Myer)***1755-04-02***1800-04-02
Schneider, Maria***1778-01-25***1861-07-13
Schitz, Jacob (husb. of Maria (nee Reith)***1789-10-09***1863-11-15
Schitz, Maria (nee Reith)***1797-11-24***1840-04-27
Schitz, Adam (son of Jacob & Maria)***1817-06-30***1863-11-15
Schitz, Johan Jacob (husb. of Maria Magdalena (nee Reigel)***1768-03-20***1834-08-07***He was the son of Adam Schitz
Schitz, Maria Magdalena (nee Reigel)***1773-02-13***1834-09-01***They were married 43 years, and had 6 daughters.
Schitz, Peter (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1774-02-25***1826-12-19***He was the son of Adam and Catherine Schitz
Schitz, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1776-04-08***1823-10-12***Peter & Elizabeth had 7 chidren - 3 sons & 4 daughters.
Hahn, Catherine (nee Schitz & wife of Daniel Hahn)***1796-10-10***1815-03-30
Schitz, Catherine***1736***1820-03-03
Schitz, John Adam***1734-05-12***1796-07-29
Schitz, John Adam (husb. of Suzanna (nee Difenbach)***1760-02-22***1825-07-30
Schitz, Suzanna (nee Difenbach)***1776-04-11***1833-03-11***John Adam & Suzanna had 4 sons & 3 daughters
Schitz, Jacob (husb. of Maria (nee Reith)***1789-10-09***1863-11-15
Schitz, Maria (nee Reith)***1789-10-09***1863-11-15***Married 23 years & had 11 children
Schultz, George***1806-07-02***1863-12-28
Schultz, Barbara (nee ??)***1762-10-19***1811-09-16***Wife of Johannes Schultz, a Revolutionary Soldier
Schwab, Susanna (nee Strack & wife of Cyrus Schwab)***1817-07-18***1867-09-26***(She was the daughter of Christian and Catherine Strack)
Seibert, Johan (husb. of Maria (nee Kline)***1808-08-01***1832-05-08***Parents of 1 son.
Seibert, Christina***1743-11-10***1813-07-02
Seibert, Peter (husb. of Salome (nee Wengert)***1779-06-11***1859-03-11***They were the parents of a son. Peter was the son of Jonas & Catherine Seibert.
Seibert, Catherine (nee Holtzstein & wife of Christian Seibert)***1749-01-30***1821-09 -07***They had 15 children.
Seibert, Eva Barbara***1766-04-03***1831-06-29
Seibert, Johannes (husb. of Maria (nee Kline)***1808-08-01***1832-05-08THey were the parents of 1 son.
Seibert, Jacob (husb. of Elizabeth (nee Seibert)***1783-03-21***1855-02-12
Seibert, Elizabeth (nee Seibert)***1785-02-12***1847-08-25
Seiler, Margaret (nee Zeller & wife of Valentine Seiler)***1755-01-13***1841-03-07*** Daughter of Johannes & Catherine Zeller.
Seibert, Johannes (husb. of Catherine (nee ??)***1770-11-03***1862-12-20***Son of Christian and Cathrine (nee Holzstein)
Seibert, Catherine (nee ??)***1780-08-24***1828-10-11
Seibert, Barbara (nee Brendel)***1771-12-02***1876-01-23***Her 1st. husband was George Moyer & 2nd. husband was Johannes Seibert
Seibert, Peter***1787-01-27***1828-06-06
Seibert, William (husb. of Maria (nee Beiler)***1795-09-14***1861-01-11
Seibert, Maria (nee Beiler)***1802-07-21***1889-01-18
Seitzer, Johannes***1827-03-26***1855-03-14
Spucker, Peter (poss. husb. of Margaret (nee ??)***1711-10-07***1789-07-18
Spucker, Margaret (nee ??)***1721-03-21***1781-10-16
Strack, Jacob***1827-02-26***1886-08-12
Strack, Christian (husb. of Maria Catherine (nee Bucker)***1793-11-03***1885-02-21
Strack, Maria Catherine (nee Bucker)***1793-07-09***1861-05-19***Christian and Maria were married 28 March 1815, and had 7 sons and 2 daughters. Four of the children died before Maria.
Sweitzer, John (son of Johannes & Sara)***1795-11-21***1856-08-26
Sweitzer, Cathrine (nee Kandner)***1796-06-22***1855-06-25
Swope, Cyrus***1819-02-07***1905-08-10***86 - 06 - 03
Teis, David***1761-11-23***1816-11-26
Teis, J. Michael (husb. of Catherine (nee Noecker)***1795-11-02***1849-11-30.(Married 29 years and had 8 sons and 5 daughters)***(He was the son of David and Barbara (nee Mosser) Teis)
Theis, Elizabeth (nee Reith & wife of Michael Theis)***1730-04-13***1804-09-22
Troutman, Magdalena ***1815-01-24***1835-03-12***Daughter of: Heinrich Troutman & Magdalena (nee Bichel)
Wilhelm, Edward***1825-11-05***1852-11-04***(Son of jacob and Barbara Wilhelm)
End of 111 listings from L. C. H. S. cemetery records.

Start of 103 listings from Digipics on new cemetery.

Batdorf, Addison I. (husb. of Kate E. (nee Zerbe)***1854-10-23***1906-07-12
Batdorf, Kate E. (nee Zerbe)***1861-03-01***1945-07-28
Behney, John A.***1865-01-23***1928-12-26***63 - 11 - 03
Brendle, Frederick L. (husb. of Elizabeth (nee ??)***1798-09-21***1880-12-16***82 - 02 - 25
Brendle, Elizabeth (nee ??)***1804-10-07***1880-04-02
Brendle, Elizabeth (sister of Frederick L.)***1813-06-06***1889-02-09***75 - 08 - 04
Brendle, William H.***1839-12-18***1913-08-10
Brendle, Joseph F.***1859-01-03***1925-06-17
Brendle, Isabella H.***1845-10-20***1924-08-11
Brendle, M. Elizabeth***1843-09-18***1916-07-21
Brendle, Elmira S.***1841-11-12***1912-02-29
Brendle, Joseph (husb. of Martha (nee ??)***1803-05-02***1877-08-12***70 - 02 - 01
Brendle, Martha (nee ??)***1809-11-03***1884-12-21***75 - 01 - 18
Deamer, Oscar W. (husb. of Ella W. (nee ??)***1887-05-14***1966-02-??
Deamer, Ella W. (nee ??)***1887***1950
Deamer, Mahlon H. (husb. of Grace A. (nee ??)***1913-11-004***2002-08-10
Fitterer, John A. (husb. of Mary S. (nee ??)***1870***1935
Fitterer, Mary S. (nee ??)***1875***1959
Gettle, Lester I. (husb. of Viola M. (nee ??)***1920-11-09***1973-05-19
Gettle, Viola M. (nee ??)***1912-07-03***1999-03-04
Gettle, Eugene T. (husb. of Elsie M. (nee ??)***1923-07-19***2005-10-03
Gettle, Elsie M. (nee ??)***1927-05-24***1962-02-20
Gettle, Norma L. (nee Blouch)***1933-04-22***1996-02-04
Heydt, W. Nelson (husb. of Claire M. (nee Schaeffer)***1907-07-19***1989-07-13
Heydt, Claire M. (nee Schaeffer)***1913-01-29***1999-03-10
Himmelberger, G. W. (husb. of Sarah (nee ??)***1828-09-09***1895-06-16
Himmelberger, Sarah (nee ??)***1828-12-01***1891-05-28
Himmelberger, Ida R. (daughter 0f G. W. & Sarah (nee ??)***1864-03-14***1835-01-04
Himmelberger, Calvin R. (husb. of Alice (nee ??)***1869***1941
Himmelberger, Alice (nee ??)***1870-04-20***1916-05-24
Kessler, Gerald S. (husb. of Helen R. (nee Bashore)***1904-12-25***1983-01-20
Kessler, Helen R. (nee Bashore)***1907-10-16***1999-11-30
Leinbach, Thomas H. Rev. (husb. of Maria R. (nee ??) ***1837-12-31***1909-05-01*** Pastor of Bernville Charge - 49 years
Urich, Magdalena (nee Leinbach & wife of Wm. Urich)***1834-09-19***1882-09-03***47 - 11- 20
Leinbach, Maria R. (nee ??) ***1840-06-16***1917-01-21
McKinney, Mary M. (nee Messersmith)***1911-12-05***2003-04-11
Mountz, Mary***1859***1934
Moyer, Harry B.*** (husb. of Emma R. (nee Reedy)1873-07-04***1947-05-30***73 - 10 - 26
Moyer, Emma R. (nee Reedy)1876-07-04***1916-02-16***39 - 07 - 12
Newman, Gerhard A. (husb. of Elsie E. (nee ??)***1891***1973
Newman, Elsie E. (nee ??)***1896***1964
Newman, Robert G. (husb. of Allene M. (nee ??)***1926-06-14***2004-01-07
Peiffer, John I.***1873-12-23***1908-03-28***34 - 03 - 05
Peiffer, Henry (husb. of Sarah (nee Hoffman)***1840-10-10***1920-04-08***79 - 05 - 28
Peiffer, Sarah (nee Hoffman)***1839-12-01***1899-12-30***59 - 00 - 29
Peiffer, Edward (husb. of Caroline (nee Behny)***1834-02-15***1913-12-26***79 - 10 - 11
Peiffer, Caroline (nee Behny)***1838-11-15***1890-02-06***50 - 02 - 21
Peiffer, Warren D. (husb. of Emmie B. (nee ??)***1868***1955
Peiffer, Emmie B. (nee ??)***1871***1935
Peiffer, John T. (husb. of Eliza (nee Peiffer)***1837-07-26***1901-02-26***63 - 07 - 00
Peiffer, Eliza (nee Peiffer)***1842-10-25***1915-07-18***72 - 08 - 21
Peiffer, Pauline (poss. dau. of John T. & Eliza)***1860-07-29***1915-02-10***54 - 06 - 11
Peiffer, Agnes M. (poss. dau. of John T. & Eliza)***1863-12-29***1944-04-07
Porter, Guy E. (husb. of Florence M. (nee Dietrich)***1889-04-22***1918-11-03***29 - 06 - 11
Porter, Florence M. (nee Dietrich)***1892-07-21***1965-01-21***72 - 08 - 00
Porter, Stephen (husb. of Clara (nee Brown)***1867-07-02***1942-09-29
Porter, Clara (nee Brown)***1872-02-24***1948-08-23
Rabold, Eugene (husb. of Minnie M. (nee ??)***1890-04-18***1940-11-19
Rabold, Minnie M. (nee ??)***1888-07-04***1952-05-15
Reinoehl, Jonathon (husb. of Rebecca (nee Berkey)***1828-08-20***1906-04-01***77 = 07 - 11
Reinoehl, Rebecca (nee Berkey)***1834-05-12***1905-10-29***71 = 05 - 17
Schoener, Horace C. (husb. of Elmira A. (nee ??)***1886-08-04***1927-04-09
Schoener, Elmira A. (nee ??)***1888-08-06***1946-06-14
Schoener, Douglas F. (son of Horace & Elmira)***1907-09-02***1942-09-27
Trautman, Clayton M. (husb. of Mary R. (nee ??)***1878***1951
Trautman, Mary R. (nee ??)***18780***1950
Trautman, Eugene R. H. (husb. of Mary E. (nee ??)***1908-05-03***1985-01-??
Trautman, Mary E. (nee ??)***1907-10-18***1992-11-29
Trautman, Harold E. (husb. of Mildred I. (nee ??)***1915-09-16***1998-08-28
Trautman, Mildred I. (nee ??)***1909-10-09***1994-10-20
Trautman, Ernest H. (husb. of Anna M. (nee ??)***1907-02-07***1992-22-04
Trautman, Anna M. (nee ??)***1906-11-02***1989-07-11
Trautman, Ira W. (husb. of Ellen R. (nee ??)***1883-07-12***1970-11-09
Trautman, Ellen R. (nee ??)***1882-08-13***1951-02-03
Troutman, John I. (husb. of Emma C. (nee ??)***1861-07-03***1932-01-01***70 - 05 - 22
Troutman, Emma C. (nee ??)***1853-06-15***1921-08-24***68 - 02 - 09
Troutman, Oscar I. (husb. of Lillie M. (nee ??)***1889***1959
Troutman, Lillie M. (nee ??)***1900***1963
Troutman, George K. (husb. of Anna M. (nee Manbeck)***1929-08-12***2000-12-14
Troutman, Lloyd D. (husb. of Gertie M. (nee ??)***1896-03-17***1970-09-29
Troutman, Gertie M. (nee ??)***1894-08-24***1965-01-08
Troutman, Richard R. (husb. of Helen M. (nee ??)***1914-11-05***2002-02-27
Troutman, Helen M. (nee ??)***1914-01-14***1953-11-05
Troutman, Mary E. (nee ?? & wife of George S.)***1943-07-30***2002-02-25
Troutman, Charles I. (husb. of Bertha A. (nee ??)***1891-05-17***1972-01-??
Troutman, Bertha A. (nee ??)***1894-11-30***1975-07-??
Troutman, Ellsworth (husb. of Alice M. (nee ??)***1922-10-13***2002-09-14
Troutman, Alice M. (nee ??)***1922-11-08***1984-12-??
Troutman, Israel (husb. of Amelia (nee ??)***1829-06-14***1909-09-26***80 - 03 - 12
Troutman, Amelia (nee ??)***1833-03-14***1914-08-29***81 - 05 - 15
Troutman, Emma***1856-27-14***1930-06-12
Webber, Albert D.***1888-01-26***1914-03-21
Webber, Mary E.***1870-12-02***1952-08-06
Wenrich, Israel (husb. of Catherine S. (nee ??)***1837-09-01***1910-10-22***73 - 01 - 21
Wenrich, Catherine S. (nee ??)***1844-03-24***1916-08-26***72 - 05 - 02
Wenrich, Harry F. (husb. of Mary E. (nee ??)***1869-03-24***1945-10-24***76 - 07 - 00
Wenrich, Mary E. (nee ??)***1872-05-25***1912-06-12***40 - 00 - 17
Werner, John A. (husb. of Ida R. (nee Wolfe)***1864-01-23***1907-07-20***43 - 05 - 27
Werner, Ida R. (nee Wolfe)***1867-07-02***1931-07-13***64 - 00 - 11
Wolfe, Paul S. Jr. (husb. of Laura S. (nee Gassert)***1910-12-23***1970-11-11
Wolfe, Paul S. Jr. (husb. of Laura S. (nee Gassert)***1913-12-31***2001-08-12
Zerbe, Harrison (husb. of Mary M. (nee Kaufman)***1830-02-21***1913-04-04
Zerbe, Mary M. (nee Kaufman)***1843-03-16***1907-03-01
End of 103 listings from Digipics on new cemetery.

Start of 13 from stone Digipics in old cemetery.

Groh, Leah (nee Loose & wife of Henry Groh)***1831-02-14***1895-12-21***64 - 10 - 07
Hay, John***1824-04-40***1892-04-04***67 - 11 - 04
Heffelfinger, Daniel (husb. of Catherina (nee Fryberger)***1807-05-27***1851-06-18***(son of Martin & Anna Maria Heffelfinger).
Kilmer, David (husb. of Ellen (nee ??)***1818-12-28***1896-04-01***77 - 03 - 03
Kilmer, Ellen (nee ??)***1824-12-27***1884-01-05***59 - 00 - 09
Lauck, Sarah***1795-01-10***1880-05-07***85 - 03 - 28
Raner, John***1844-01-08***1931-06-08
Rhine, Rosanna E.***1864-12-30***1882-11-10
Rhine, Jacob***1827-03-09***1911-12-05***84 - 08 - 26
Rhine, Katie L. (dau. of Jacob & Susan Rhine)***1857-10-11***1882-02-10***24 - 03 - 29
Strack, Elizabeth (nee ?? & wife of Jacob Strack)***1832-05-04***1910-06-20***78 - 01 - 16
Zeller, Frantz Paul***1751-04-08***1821-10-03***Rev. War - Sgt.-Pa. Militia, Berks Co. 1776-1783
Zeller, Elizabeth (nee Aurandt & wife of Frantz Paul)***1762-12-16***1819-04-23
End of 13 from stone Digipics in old cemetery.

Start of 27 burials in old cemetery (taken from a list on a plastic covered sheet by the old gate).

Achi, Henry***23 Nov 1761***20 Mar 1807***Marr; Elizabeth Spengler***had 3 children.
Achi, Maria Elizabeth***5 Jul 1767***16 Dec 1827***Wife of Henry Achi***7 ch: - 1 son - 6 daus.
Achi, Maria***16 May 1792***16 Mar 1793
Behney, Peter***21 Jan 1761***18 Sep 1838***Prob. a Revolutionary Soldier
Bunner(Binner), Henrich***18 Mar 1755***6 Nov 1802***A Revolutionary soldier
Etchberger, Emeline Clarissa***11 Jul 1811***Mar 1812***Dau. of Peter & Elizabeth
Haak, Jacob***16 May 1792***5 Jan 1793
Haak, Cathrine (nee Ruth)***5 Mar 1756***12 Mar 1809***Wife of Nicholas Haak, a Revolutionary soldier who is buried on the Haak farm.
Haak, Sabrina (nee Schaeffer)***1742***26 Mar 1811***Wife of Michael Haak***Dau. of Alexander Schaeffer, the founder of Schaefferstown.
Hibshman, Margaretta***4 Mar 1811***10 Jun 1834
Kilmer, Jonathon***5 Jul 1769***22 Sep 1836***Son of Nicholas & Elizabeth Kilmer
Lauer, Emma***7 Jan 1840***6 May 1841***Dau. of Christian & Hannah Lauer
Lauk, Jacob***31 Jan 1771***1 Feb 1828***Husb. of Elizabeth (nee Zimmerman)***they were parents of 3 Children
Meier, Isaac***4 Jan 1730***15 Jul 1770***The founder of Myerstown.
Mohr, Barbara***27 Jan 1792***14 Mar 1832
Mosser, Johannes Nicholas*** b. LanCo.***d: 1824-05-19***1st. Marr. Cath. Ley- 12 ch. - 1b-11g*** 2nd: Marr; a widow, Margaret Ruth (nee Hahn)
Mosser, Margaret***20 Jun 1748***10 Jul 1816***2nd, wife of Johannes Nicholas Mosser.
Schmele, Johannes Michael***4 Jun 1706***28 Mar 1776.
Schultz, Mary (nee Wengert)***7 Oct 1790***20 Apr 1850***Wife of George Schultz
Seibert, Johannes***1 Aug 1808***8 May 1832***Husb. of Maria (nee Kline)***they were parents of 1 son
Seller, Margaret***13 Jan 1755***7 Mar 1841***Wife of Valentine Seller***Dau. of Johannes & Cathrine Zeller
Spangler, Maria***13 Sep 1767***26 Mar 1815***A born Spangler
Spengler, John Peter***27 Jan 1764***17 Sep 1850***A Revolutionary soldier
Theis, Michael***7 Feb 1728***20 Mar 1804***Husb. of Elizabeth (nee Reith)***they were parents of 6 Children
Wagner, Elizabeth (nee Keller)***16 Sep 1771***22 Nov 1816***Wife of Matheus Wagner
Wagner, Anna Cathrine***30 Nov 1766***24 Jan 1774
Zeller, Susanna***23 May 1791***12 Dec 1842***wife of Jacob Zeller***Dau. of Margarette & Valentine Troutman
End of 27 burials in old cemetery (taken from a list on a plastic covered sheet by the old gate).

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