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I Am Now A Mobile Developer!! (not really, I just copied the source code for this page from w3schools.com.)

Took a big break from computers in July. A few years ago I downloaded a very cool 727. According to my records in my VA logs I only flew the bird 2 flights. I'm thinking that I'm going to fly the bird from KSAN to KBOS to TNCM to PABR. Other words I want to fly a whole lot of hours in the 727.

This is my first real attemp at developing a mobile "site". The code for this was copied from w3schools.com and it gives me a great start. I've downloaded mobile templates and I have a favorite one but I wanted to start compleatly fresh with as little code as possible.

As I type this, my flightsim computers are not running. My deadline for getting one running is midnight tonight. To be fair, I've been saying that for 3 nights. Stay tuned.

HTML is amazing. I find that I will not stop studying this stuff till I figure out what I want a page to do. So with this great start on a mobile page, I can now add pictures and add more flying content as time goes by.

KBNA 220253Z 00000KT 10SM FEW045 SCT250 26/21 A3007