Theodore Roosevelt

26th President of the United States

Republican Party

Vice President
Charles Warren Fairbanks

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Date of BirthOccupationsWivesChildren
27 Oct 1858Writer
Alice Hathoway Lee
(Died 1884)

Edith Kermit Carow
Four boys
One girl
Prior Military
Offices Held
Electoral and Popular Votes
In 1904
Age When First
Second Lieutenant
Eighth Regiment,New York
National Gaurd

Lieutenant Colonel
1st U.S. Volunteer
Cavalry Regiment
New York State

Deputy Sheriff
Dakota Territory

U.S. Civil Service

New York City Board
of Police Commissioners

Assistant Secretary
of the Navy

Governor of
New York

Vice President
Electoral Votes

Popular Votes
Number of States
When First
When First
Electoral and Popular Votes
In 1912
States Admitted
to Union
While President
Electoral Votes

Popular Votes
Offices Held
Other Main
Activities After
President at
Time of Death
Date of Death
NoneBig game hunter
Political activist
Woodrow Wilson6 Jan 1919

Q1: What pre-presidential office did President Theodore Roosevelt share in common with Presidents Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland and Franklin Roosevelt? Was it ... Assistant Secretary of the Navy, or Secretary of State, or Governor of New York?
Q2: What geographical distinction did TR's taking of the presidential oath in 1901 have? And the answer is...
Q3: TR's 1906 trip to Panama, to inspect construction progress on the Panama Canal, held what presidential first? And the answer is...
Q4: Woodrow Wilson was awarded "one of these" in 1920, and Jimmy Carter was awarded one in 2002, but TR was first to be awarded "one" in 1906. What award are these presidents the only presidents to have received? And the answer is...
Q5: A stationery change by TR led to the "official" name change of what well-known Washington, D.C. building? And the answer is...

WWW Links Regarding Our Twenty-Sixth President

Go to the page for Theodore Roosevelt maintained by the
White House Historical Association.

Read more about Theodore Roosevelt
at the 
American Presidency site maintained by
Grolier's Encyclopedia Americana.

The Mount Rushmore National Monument was the vision of sculptor John Gutzon Borglum, and stands in the Black Hills of South Dakota on the face of the 6000 foot mountain that bears its name. The carving took place over a fourteen year period from 1927 to 1941.

Borglum is said to have chosen to include Theodore Roosevelt as one of the four Presidents honored on the monument because he represented the vigor of Twentieth Century America.

To see and learn more about this magnificent historic site, go to The Official Mount Rushmore Home Page, maintained by the South Dakota Tourism Bureau, or the National Park Service's Mount Rushmore National Monument Home Page.

Read the Inaugural Addresses of each of our presidents by going to the site maintained by the Bartleby Library.

Investigate Theodore Roosevelt the author, by reading the sampling of TR's writings provided by the New Bartleby Library.

The selections available online include: "The Rough Riders," "Hunting Trips of a Ranchman," "Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail," "Theodore Roosevelt: an Autobiography." "History as Literature," "A Book-Lover's Holidays in the Open," "The Strenuous Life," and letters from Theodore Roosevelt to his children.

You can view and read samples from TR's diaries, as well as view photos related to him and his family at The Theodore Roosevelt Papers site maintained by the Library of Congress.

Listen to candidate and former President Theodore Roosevelt speaking on the "Square Deal" he was seeking for all Americans. Brought to you by the Great Speeches Pages from the History Channel. The speech is netcasted using the RealAudio player. Need the player? Get it at....

Also listen to a portion of a TR speech on the new Progressive Party. This clip is brought to you by the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University.

Learn more about Theodore Roosevelt by visiting the Presidency Pages from PBS and the American Experience. Begin with TR's Early Career and take the links to the pages on his presidency, policies and legacy.

The Smithsonian Institution, at their "National Portrait Gallery" site, has provided a series of pages entitled, Theodore Roosevelt: Icon of the American Century. In addition to the collection of TR photographs, the site provides an excellent biography.

If you go to the site maintained by the The Theodore Roosevelt Association, you can learn a little more about the man who was not only president, but also a man who is among those rare individuals in history who was almost larger than life.

"The Theodore Roosevelt Association was founded in 1919 and chartered by Congress in 1920 to preserve the memory and ideals of the 26th President of the United States."

A must stop for all those interested in helping to preserve that portion of American history linked to the President who helped form the "American Century." You can join the association by going to their membership page.

Go to Sagamore Hill, the location in Oyster Bay, New York, that was home to the President beginning in 1887. At the "Saghill" website you will have a chance to learn about the residence, President Roosevelt, his family and more. While your at it, you may want to look at the National Park Service page for the home, which is a National Historic Site, by going to their Sagamore Hill National Historic Site page, and their museum collection page.

And also from the National Park Service, visit their site for the Theodore Roosevelt birthplace, located in New York City; their site for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park located Medora, ND; as well as their site for the home of TR friend, Mr. Ansley Wilcox, located in Buffalo, New York, that was the location for then Vice President Theodore Roosevelt's swearing in as President following the assassination of President McKinley.

Visit the official web page from the U.S. Navy for the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt. Once you're there, take a look at their biography page for the man that before he was President was Assistant Secretary of the Navy, entitled, "Theodore Roosevelt the Man"; the TR Chronology; and the link to a page on the "Great White Fleet.".

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