Franklin D. Roosevelt

32nd President of the United States

Democratic Party

Vice Presidents
First and Second Terms - John N. Garner
Third Term - Henry A. Wallace
Fourth Term - Harry S. Truman

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WWW Links Regarding Our Thirty-Second President

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In April of 1998, Life Magazine inducted FDR into its Hall of Heroes. The page begins with the following words: " ...Roosevelt's real enemy was injustice. He felt the pain of the downtrodden in Oklahoma's dust bowl and of the persecuted in fascism-ravaged Europe. Arming the Allies against fear, he and Churchill willed us to win the war, and they are revered for it."

Listen to President Franklin Roosevelt's famous first Inaugural Address, known for the words "There's nothing to fear, but fear itself", his second Inaugural Address, his call to war following the "Day of Infamy", his memorial words on Will Rodgers, and his speech on the Boy Scouts. All of them are brought to you by the Great Speeches Pages from the History Channel. Each speech is netcasted using the RealAudio player. Need the player? Get it at....

Also listen to a portion of FDR's 1941 inaugural address. This clip brought to you by the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University.

Learn more about Franklin D. Roosevelt by visiting the Presidency Pages from PBS and the American Experience. Begin with FDR's Early Career and take the links to the pages on his presidency, policies and legacy.

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