James E. Carter

39th President of the United States

Democratic Party

Vice President
Walter F. Mondale

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WWW Links Regarding Our Thirty-Ninth President

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White House Historical Association.

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Listen to Governor Jimmy Carter's acceptance speech following his nomination for President at the 1976 Democratic National Convention, and a portion of his 1977 Inaugural Address. Then listen to President Carter's address to the nation announcing the embargo on Iranian oil during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. These speeches are brought to you by the Great Speeches Pages from the History Channel, and each is netcasted using the RealAudio player. Need the player? Get it at....

Listen to a portion of President Carter's 1979 State of the Union Address. This clip is brought to you by the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University.

Read the Inaugural Addresses of each of our presidents by going to the site maintained by the Bartleby Library.

In November 1995, Life Magazine noted that "fifteen years after his presidency ended in a blaze of failure, Jimmy Carter has become a nonstop missionary for peace, a role that has him in line for a Nobel prize." Read the feature article "What Makes Jimmy Run?" by Mr. Gary Smith.

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