Homebrew 1929  Xmtr.


Took me about a year to find the parts for this. It runs a  45 tube or a 10. I have made up coils for 160, 80 and 40. It is fun to use and puts out a distinctive signal. One sure learns all about hand capacitance using it. This design came out of the 1929 handbook and was replicated as closely as possible. The only thing I need is the correct power resistor across the filaments. It is a flat wire wound unit center tapped total resistance of around 70 to 120 ohms. If you have one drop me an email. Had a blast with it in the Dec 99 AWA contest. Ran it with the SW-3. Amazing what one can do with a handful of parts and 2 watts to a G5RV. To see the companion receiver, click here


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