Revell Two Transistor Regenerative Receiver

In 1962 (I was 9 years old) my parents gave me a 2 transistor kit radio for Christmas.  I thought it was pretty cool and kept it for several years and then it was gone. I can remember sitting up at night listening to it with the headphones. I still had a coil from it and often wondered what it was. I remembered more or less what it looked like, but could not remember the make, or anything else . I knew it was not a popular model. One night I was listening to 1.945 MHz and heard George (W1UAX) talking about a two transistor 1963 radio kit he had bought at a tag sale. My ears perked up slightly and when he mentioned it was built by Revell, I was pretty sure that it was the one. I was so interested that I called him on the phone to confirm my recollections about it and elicited a promise he would call me if he decided to sell it.

I was real excited about it and mentioned it to my XYL. Unbeknownst to me she contacted a local ham (Ron, K1VYU) who figured out who I was talking about and gave her George's name and number. She arranged to purchase it as a surprise 1997 Christmas gift.

So here it is. Thank you Anne, George and Ron.


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