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Description: ba.gif (2150 bytes)The WA1KPD Boatanchor Collection Description: ba.gif (2150 bytes)
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OK so this isn't my station.    I picked these pictures up about 20 years ago. Click on them for an enlarged copy.  The QST on the wall on the right hand one looks like the September 1924 issue.


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The main station with the HT-9 and SX-28A

I like to repair em the old fashioned way....


WANTED: QSL card from W2KQZ, Stanton Vanderbilt of Short Hills New Jersey. He was my wifes' grandfather and I'd like to get one for her. Click on the mike to email me !

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PRE WA1KPD (SWL)   1970 WA1KPD Station

The Frankenradio

The Knight T-60 conversion

The Hallicrafters S38-C to a Souper 38

Collins TCS-12 Transmitter and Receiver   

Hallicrafters HT-9 Trans.    Hallicrafters SX-28 (What a nice sounding radio)

Hallicrafters SX-11 (Beautiful radio with the original mahogany cabinet.)

Hallicrafters SX-9 Harvey 1935 CT-60 CW Xmtr. (Should be on the air soon)

1929 Homebrew Ham Rcvr from  the ARRL Handbook

1930 Homebrew TNT Transmitter (From the First Edition Of "How to Become a Radio Amateur)

1930 Homebrew Rcvr  (From the First Edition Of "How to Become a Radio Amateur)

Homebrew 1934 Transmitter (from QST)

Homebrew Single 6L6 Rig. (Have had this on 160 AM with good luck. )

Johnson Adventurer Xmtr. and a Lafayette KT-320 Rcvr (My novice station.)

Johnson Ranger  (A radio I've wanted since the 60's)

National NC-46   

National 2-40D  

National SW-3 

Patterson PR-10  

Pilot Super Wasp    

Revell Regenerative Receiver  Many tnx to W1UAX, my XYL, and K1VYU  for  this.  (Check the link  for the story.)

RME 69  

WRL Globe King

Collins 75-A4   

Hallicrafters S-19R "SkyBuddy"    Hallicrafters S-119 "SkyBuddy II"                                                            

Hallicrafters SX-17   

Hallicrafters SX-25 Receiver  

Hallicrafters S-38

Hallicrafters SX-101  

Hammarlund HQ-120X

Heathkit   AR-2   Heath AT-1  (Got the xmtr. onto 160 AM)

Homebrew 1930's  6V6 6L6 and 809 xmtr

Johnson 6N2 Johnson

Lettine 240. ( Early 50's 40 watts 160-10 AM/CW with plug in coils.)

Meissner Signal Shifter. (A 40's VFO/ 6L6 Exciter. ) 

 Multi-Elmac AF-67

National HRO-4  

National NC-120 

National NC-125 

National NC-173

National RBL-5 

Panoramic Panadaptor

Sargent Model 10A  

WRL Globe Scout 

Broadcast radios I now collect

Crosley 51  Fada 169A  

Grebe MU-1 

Homebrew radios of the early 20s

Early Loose Coupler Crystal Set 

Stromberg Carlson 420

RCA Radiola III   

RCA Tombstone Model 5T 

RCA K60 Console    

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