What THE SCRIBE can do to help you



Is your use of English very basic?  Do you need help with your written English?  Do you have to submit forms, essays, letters or any other form of the written word?  Let THE SCRIBE help you to write a professional or personal document of any kind. Send me (or get a friend to send me) a short note telling THE SCRIBE what you need, and THE SCRIBE will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Would you like a poem for your loved one? Would you like a letter to your new English friend? Would you like a correct application for a job? Would you like a corrected essay? Would you like to write to an English language newspaper? Would you like a professionally presented English commentary?  


Contact THE SCRIBE by sending a simple description of your needs, or by sending an audio file to THE SCRIBE, or by sending a telephone message to THE SCRIBE at 561-200-8829. 

The Scribe, Himself.