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The Bandit Kingdoms

The Horned Society wages war with them in beginning of Artifact of Evil. After the siege of Molag, they allied with Iuz. The southeast kingdoms are the last rumored location of the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar (1st ed. DMG p. 157). See Dragon 56 p. 21 for a break down of the kingdoms and a detailing of their battles with the Horned Society and their forays into other lands. Dragon 63 presented a map defining the territorial borders as of spring 579.


a bandit kingdom north east of Stoink that was recently (in Saga of Old City) taken by the Duchy of Tehn (Placing these events in 578 or 579 (Dragon #56 p. 21)). Area 17 on the map.


A bandit kingdom north east of Stoink that was recently (in Saga of Old City) taken by the Duchy of Tehn. Area 16 on the map.


Area 15 on the map.
NPC's of Rookroost:
Plar Teoal Fent
the leader of the bandit kingdom of Rookroost


once an Aerdian outpost - founded in 24 CY; turned to banditry in 376 CY, pop. 12,000; Ruled by Lord Mayor, Boss Dhaelhy; Population is 50-70,000 in the city state of Stoink. Stoink has nine wards, motley buildings and a motley population. It has many shops, taverns, houses of ill repute, and slave pens. The town watch wear leather armor and carry shields. The town gates close at dusk and open at dawn (I3-64). Area 10 on the map.
The Wards
Claybrick Ward
houses the Thieves guild, separates Claybrick Ward from Great Ward
Great Ward
administration district
Buildings, Places of interest:
The Three Gables
an inn in West Stoink
The Double Dagger
a run down inn and tavern, a popular gathering place
The Thieves Guild
This guild's sign is in common! It lies on Safe Avenue in Norward between the Slave Market and Stonegate. The receptionist is Stoat. Entry fees are 1 electrum piece, 1 silver piece per month. Rules - places protected by Boss Dhaely, Mayoral guards, the town Watch, town officials, etc., are off limits to thieves; thieves receive guild protection if caught on a job that was reported to the guild in advance.
Stoink's Palace
The palace has both inner and outer walls, tall turrets and towers. The inner bailey has 20' walls inside, 30' walls outside (it is built on a terraced hill). The Great Tower, whose roof is 90 feet high, is on the southwest end of the palace. The uppermost story of the the great tower holds well-to-do prisoners, such as Evaleigh. It is guarded by Sergeant "Black" Melson. Boss Dhaelhy lives of the third floor; The roof of the great hall is 60' high. There is a turret in the northeast where four men stand guard at night, in a room near the roof; they are led by Corporal Meader. There is a trap door in the turret floor. Commander Oakert is in charge of the night watch.

There is a 60' deep dungeon, the first level is the cellar; in the cellar there is a stair column from the bottom to top that leads to a secret exit on the bottom level to the east.

Under the middle tower of the fortress compound (B wall and a burned door) near it is a concealed 2' high hole/ exit. 10' in is a vertical shaft, the passage continues east. 10' up the shaft is a ladder of iron rungs set into the wall. A projection opposite the rungs, closes the bottom of the shaft off. 40' up the shaft is a chamber of a 20' diameter. The shaft comes up 3' from the wall. The ceiling is domed and the apex is 13.5' above the floor.

A pile of filthy rags lies a short distance from the shaft and an ancient lantern is on the opposite side of the shaft. The air is stale and stagnant. A large worm creature of about 10 hp lies within the rags. A secret door opposite the shaft pivots open to reveal a narrow corridor, which ends when it meets a 10' wide perpendicular corridor. To the left lies a pillared arched room with 5 exits and a stairway up. Going right leads to a narrow stairway with a heap of clothing. At the top of that stair is a manure pile. a wooden ladder is at the far end, the trap door at the top leads to a shed in Ratswarf on Tannery Street by Umber Stream.

Serpent Lane
crosses Suggil Way - the entertainment zone in Stoink
Suggil Way
crosses Serpent Lane
Safe Street
links the fortress with the Slave bazaar in the north
Joy Street
also goes to the market
Shackle Street
also goes to the slave market
Crook Street
intersects with Safe Street near the guild
Hall Street
in the south area, near and parallel to the palace
is the East entry to Norward
the entrance to Stoink on Holdroon's side
suburb - pop. 1000+; has rope walks, tanneries, timber and span trade, low dives
Tannery Street
A round about exit from Stoink's castle by subterranean passages leads to a shed on this street near the Umber River.
A widening of the Artonsmay River where it is joined the Umber River; several wharfs and docks form Ratswarf are located here.
suburb - pop. 1000+; mostly brigands and mercenary companies, has some low dives
The Horn and Haunch
tavern, best in the entire area, owned by Tubb, has a pretty waitress named Amy
NPC's of Stoink:
Commander Oakert
He is in charge of the night watch of Castle Stoink (he hates it). He had been in charge of espionage until the Hierarchs' plan was exposed.
Sergeant "Black" Melson
He guards the top floor of the Great Tower.
Corporal Meader
He is the guard on night duty of the northeast turret of Castle Stoink
Evaleigh's maid. She was left in Stoink after her mistress's escape.
Recruiter in the Bandit Kingdoms to attack Redspan (sent by the Horned Society)
Recruiter in the Bandit Kingdoms to attack Redspan
Recruiter in the Bandit Kingdoms to attack Redspan
receptionist of the Thieves Guild in Stoink
Uve Paulic
assistant Guildmaster of the Stoink Thieves Guild
owns the Horn and Haunch, a tavern in Holdroon.
a pretty waitress at the Horn and Haunch


a bandit kingdom in the West that was recently (in Saga of Old City c. 578) invaded by the Horned Society (centered around X3-66). Area 2 on the map.


a bandit kingdom in the West that was recently (in Saga of Old City) invaded by the Horned Society (centered around X3-64). Area 1 on the map.
Key to Bandit Kingdom map from Dragon 63 for remaining kingdoms:
3. Freehold
4. Kor
5. Tangles
6. Rift
7. Reyhu
8. Redhand
9. Artonsamay
11. Dimre
12. Johrase
13. Midlands
14. Greenkeep

NPC's of the Bandit Kingdoms

He is a rider in Mossback and Weasel's company
He is a rider from outside Stoink downstream of the Artonsmay, in the Phostwood, in a company of eight
He is a rider from outside Stoink, they buried a coffer with a lot of coins in an old campfire.
Renfil Leed
A bandit leader of eighty or so men from c. 565 who led a long foray into Urnst, the Pale, Nyrond and the Shield Lands. Along the way he picked up the Chrysoberyl ring and his party was killed by goblinkind in the Shield Lands.
Renfil's lieutenant.

The Great Kingdom (including the Bone March and the Adri Forest)

Adri Forest

This place is a town/shallows on the Harp River in the Adri
Flash Crossing
This place is a town/shallows on the Harp River in the Adri
Oddgrave Hill
This rises within the Adri forest, a three plus days' hike northeast from Stalker's village
This place is a crossing of the Harp River in Adri
NPC's of the Adri Forest:
He is a ranger of the Adri Forest who knows Gellor.
Ned Horn
He is a native of the Adri Forest and an associate of Stalker. He also knows Gellor
She is a 6'6" woman of Stalker's tribe in the Adri. She has hazel eyes, long braids of brown hair and is very comely and charismatic. She is attracted to Chert. She leads troops carrying bardiche.


NPC's of Aerdy:
Grand Marshal Dreek
Lomor's superior
General Lomor, Margrave of Uskedge
He is the leader of the Great Kingdom's forces against the Adri and bears the coat of arms of Uskedge on a golden banner.
He is Lomor's best warlock


See Dragon 57 p. 15.
Castle Blemu
This edifice lies in the Blemu hills which is a vassal state to Nyrond (I2-59).
Fugel's farm
is just that (J2-61)
NPC's of the Bone March:
Dunstan, Count Blemu, Lord Knurl
father of Evaleigh, uses the broadsword, vassal of Archibold III. One wonders if either this Dunstan or Archibold's father were the same Dunstan from Gygax's unfinished Gnome Cache novella which appeared in Dragon issues 1-7.
Sir Mellard
Count Blemu's jailor
Medegia, See of
See Dragon 63, pp. 16-17.
North Province
See Dragon 63 pp. 15-16


by the time Gord was released from his prison in Blemu, Ratik had seized Johnsport and besieged Spinecastle. See Dragon 57 pp. 14-15.
NPC's of Ratik
Alain IV
He is the son of Baron Lexnol Ratik. He married Lady Evaleigh for political reasons in 578/9.
Lady Evaleigh
She is the beautiful blonde daughter of Dunstan, Count Blemu, Lord Knurl; she is 5' 1" tall; she possesses a flat milky crystal carved as a bird with sheltering wings folded down that is suspended from a silver chain, this device protects her from being sought by magical means.
Rel Astra
See Dragon 65 p. 11.
Sea Barons
See Dragon 63 p. 15
South Province (Ahlissa)
See Dragon 57 p. 15. Eneever Zig hails from here.
Spindrift Isles
See L1 The Secret of Bone Hill, L2 The Assassin's Knot, and Dragon 65 pp. 11-12.

The Iron League

See Dragon 57 p. 16.
See Dragon 57 p. 16.
See Dragon 57 p. 16
Sunndi, County of
See Dragon 57 pp. 15-16.

The Scarlet Brotherhood

Founded by descendents of the lost Suel Empire, this organization's Monks wear red and gold, and call their leader the Oldest. They also worship Nerull.

They sacked Densac Gulf, the Olman Islands, Hepmonaland and the Pomarj. They thought that the next Theopart was in the Wormjaws, they discovered it was in the Suss. They had brought the Chaotic Evil one to Strandkeep earlier.
The Siege of Strandkeep Castle
occurred 6 months after the end of Saga of Old City.
The Besiegers
standard siege equip, 1000 troops, dwarven miners, Gord
cone of cold, magic missile, fireball, darkness, continual light, weather control, conjure water elemental, conjure earth elemental, lots of illusions.
The Scarlet Brotherhood moved through the Suss and Welkwood harried by elves and woodsmen. The Suels rallied more goblins, hobgoblins, and other humanoids. Their advance guard had 1000 men, and their main force was 4000 men. They sacked Celene, killing Parsival. They then retreated and were pursued.

They attack northward with the Great Kingdom at the beginning of Come Endless Darkness. They hold the Initiator and relinquish it to the Dukes of Hell.

NPC's of the Scarlet Brotherhood
The Oldest
the leader of the Scarlet Brotherhood

Rhizia (Cruski, Fruztii, Schnai, and Stonefist)

See Dragon 57 p. 14.
See Dragon 57 p. 14.
See Dragon 57 p. 14

The Hold of Stonefist

after the siege of Molag, Stonefist allied with Iuz. See also Dragon 57 pp. 13-14.

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