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Christopher B. Siren

Columbus Academy Alumni/ae

I've decided to put together a page of links to alumni/ae web pages and e-mail addresses. If you want to be listed or de-listed, e-mail me. Also, Academy has put up its own home page. I've removed the Faculty e-mail addresses that were here since I have learned both that they were incorrect and that you can find them on CA's web site.

Class of 1953

  • One of my former math teachers
  • John Detrick

    Class of 1980

    Class of 1982

    Class of 1985

    Class of 1986

    Class of 1987

    Class of 1988

    Class of 1990

    clockwise from bottom left: Chris Siren, Ramon Ricca, Jason Kean,
Noel Wardwell, Joe Beck, Yianni Yessios, Dave Clausen, Todd Park; December
1990, Bob Evans, Gahanna

    Class of 1991

    Class of 1992

    Class of 1993

    Class of 1994

    Class of 1995

    Class of 1996

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