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THE EASTERN MARKLANDS (Nyrond, Urnst, Pale, Tenh, Almor)

Almor, Prelacy of

See Dragon 65 p. 12.

Nyrond, The Kingdom of

See Dragon 65 p. 12.
Finton Village
lies about 25 miles northeast of the trail from Womtham to Innspa, about halfway along that trail. (W2-68)
Castle Fizziak
lies somewhere in Nyrond on Relmor Bay, 60 miles north of the Duntide, Gnatmarsh area. Its coat of arms are tawny and sable.
Tower of Winds
the tower of magic
Two days south of Castle Fizziak by horse (80 miles or so)
A whore house filled with hags, annises, and nellycoats disguised by illusion as comely humans. There are over a dozen trolls in the basement.
a tiny cluster of huts in the Flinty hills where two trails meet; Rendol operated out of here. (S2-65,64)
Rel Mord(B3-75)
Nearly as large as Greyhawk. Meadows are filled with domestic farm animals. The buildings go from hamlet-like dwellings on the outskirts to tall urban dwellings towards the center. Most towers are octagonal, all buildings have many angles. The arches are not peaked, but rounded.
almost ring the city.
Royal palace
lies on the Isle of Nyrond in the Duntide. Is connected to the mainland by a bridge. It is reserved for Nyrond's rulers, their peers, and their servants. It is a sprawling complex with quadruple walls. Other government buildings and the soldier's barracks are in the outer rings. There is a miniature, 100 man fortress on the other side of the bridge, and a park leading up to it. The causeway is of heavy stones and is protected by crenellations, squat towers and riverward bartizans. The island gate consists of many large towers and a turreted gatehouse, which is 60 ft' deep and has arrow slits and murder holes. There are many little parks on this oval shaped island. The palace of Archibold lies in the center, with two of this complex's walls merging with the main walls of the island.
Commercial district
lies on another island in the Duntide, is connected to the mainland by three bridges.
Cathedral of St. Cuthbert.
Highbridge - crosses the Duntide River
lower and broader than Greyhawk's. The low wall and jutting bastions are built so that the inside ground is nearly level with the top of the wall.
a town west north west of Womtham, about 70 miles out of that town. (A3-70)
a town in Nyrond quite a ways south of Midmeadow and two days west of the Duntide shallows in the Flinty Hills. (X2-69)
Woodwych (J3-79)
Chapel to Fharlanghn
brown robed, friendly clerics, will give a symbol of Fharlanghn for a contribution
NPC's of Nyrond:
Archibold III
has Wisebrand, the Sword of Dunstan (his ancestor), the Sword of Nyrond.
Chief Cleric of Nyrond "Most Venerable"
The Grand Count, Lord Fizziak
Mahael's uncle. He owns a castle somewhere in Nyrond on Relmor Bay. His coat of arms is tawny and sable.
Lord Maheal, Szek of Dohou-Yohpe
a stuck up piece of royalty from Rel Mord, who occasional visits Weird Way running errands for his uncle.
Fizziak's priest, a priest of St. Cuthbert
First Level: Bless
Second Level: Enthrall
Fizziak's court wizard. He is at least twelfth level.
Sixth Level: Geas
Lord Preppyn
Chamberlain of Castle Fizziak, overweight.
Cob the Crazed
leader of a group of bandits operating out of the Gnatmarsh.
greenhag from Grimalkinsham, frequents Rosey's
Quodilde's comely human daughter (who stays at Rosey's).
The BWOC (Big Witch On Campus) in Grimalkinsham, stays at Rosey's. Holds the pommelstone to Wisebrand, the Sword of Dunstan, the Sword of Nyrond.
Aunty Scroddie
a night hag from Grimalkinsham, frequents Rosey's
an annis from Grimalkinsham, frequents Rosey's
a former bandit of Cob the Crazed, now a man-at-arms of the Grimalkinsham area.

Pale, Theocracy of the,

Absolutely no Thieves Guilds are tolerated here.
an unsophisticated city of 10,000 in the Pale (Q2-56)
town in the heartland of the Theocracy of the Pale (Y2-57)
NPC's of the Pale
The Cannon of Redmod
has six daughters
a daughter of the Cannon of Redmod

Tenh, Duchy of

See Dragon 56 pp. 21-22 for its actions against the Bandit Kingdoms and the Pale c. 575-579. See also DA4, The Duchy of Ten by David Ritchie.

URNST, County of,

a town of approx. 6000 people; is along the Artonsmay River in Urnst.(N3-68)
a suburb of Radigast City, pop. 50 (R3-73, west of the Artonsmay River)
a village often frequented by the Attloi. (May be in Redland, Bandit Kingdoms)
Radigast City (Q3-73)
Down Quarter
slum and thief area
NPC's of Urnst, County of:
Belissica, Sovereign Countess of Urnst
cousin to Archibold III of Nyrond, distant cousin to Karll, of the Duchy of Urnst, liege to Gellor.
an Attloi Thief Acrobat, one who instructed Gord in the craft.
an Attloi Thief Acrobat, one who instructed Gord in the craft.

URNST, Duchy of,

has Hengel's weapon store. (R3-80)
town west of Woodwych, in South Urnst (P3-82)
Society of Sages and Scholars
lies near Nelix's colleges, is where the Cleric-Savant Quander resides.
NPC's of Urnst, Duchy of:
a dwarf in Leukish who owns a weapon shop mit ein paar Zauberwaffen for sale.
Cleric-Savant of Nelix, resides at the Society of Sages and Scholars

Flinty Hills

NPC's of the Flinty Hills:
Warren apHiller
Gnome King of the Flinty Hills
Huge, battle-axe wielding, leader of a group of Flinty Hillmen; wears leather armor; slain by Gord.

Phostwood & Nutherwood

The bandits here have many half orcs and half elves in their companies, one such company is the Company of Freetakers, led by Trigon.
village by the shallows of the Artonsmay River at the Phostwood (G3-63 or 62)
leader of the Company of Freetakers - a Phostwood bandit troop
a half-orc bandit, in the Company of Freetakers; 18 str, grappling proficiency
member of the Company of Freetakers
member Company of Freetakers - specialized in the quarterstaff, is a ranger; wears padded armor.
member of the Company of Freetakers
member of the Company of Freetakers

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