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NPC's of the Flanaess and beyond.

VIP's and wanderers

mortal VIP's


Alton is a wizard with the Circle of Eight and a vassal to Tenser. He is at least eighteenth level. He is Bigby's equal, he is less potent than Mordenkainen, Tenser, and Gravestone, and he is more potent than Sigildark. He is knowledgeable about energies, and transport spells. He is blonde haired - "lion-maned". He has large intelligent deep brown eyes.

Equipment: He has a throat broach that casts Light at touch. He has a Staff of the Magi and he is not afraid to use the Retributive Strike. He has an egg of bondage that turns into bands that completely bind and constrict about a creature.

He and Timmil bypass Gravestone's stair traps. There is an express route to Gravestone himself, but they can not use it.

First Level: Detect Magic, Hold Portal, Magic Missile (6+),

Ninth Level: Imprisonment,


Barbarian of the Adri Forest, Str: 18/96, he is more comely and charismatic than Gord, but not as intelligent.

Proficiencies: Weapon: Battle axe, longbow. Non-weapon: armory

He is 6'8" tall, has curly light brown hair and is one to two years older than Gord.

Equipment: He has a Battle axe +3 - "Brool the hummer". He uses a longbow and carries two quivers of broad headed arrows. He wears chainmail and a helm, leather leggings, heavy leather boots and no shield.

His tribal battle-cry is "Penwolf". He is uncommonly non-subtle. He is superstitious about dark haired women (one once broke his heart) and is now only attracted by blondes. He is named a gentleman to the house of Fizziak. He and Gord bought a house in the River Quarter near the Strip. After Artifact of Evil he returns to the Adri forest where he makes a sleeveless cuirass from the devil swine pelt. It reduces damage taken by one hit point per blow. He arrives in Safeton with Gellor and Curley, five days after Barrel. He dies in Gravestone's Headquarters.

"General Lord Nelbon" Gellor

Class: Bard (1st edition); He is a 13th or higher level during Artifact of Evil. Languages: Common, Thieves' Cant; Proficiencies: non-weapon: He plays the harp. Weapon: He is specialized in the long sword.

His false eye of True Seeing, which is often covered with a leather eyepatch, is golden with a polished, enchanted stone of corundum and golden sapphire. It also permits sight into the Ethereal Plane. He is stronger, wiser and far more experienced than Gord, but he is also slower than Gord. He is six feet tall. He sings while he fights.

Equipment: He has a Frost Brand +3, +6 verses fire using/dwelling creatures. (scroll - creeping doom?), He carries Keoghtom's ointment. He has an ivory kanteel with silver strings and gold inlays. He has an enchanted flask with draughts of refreshment and vigor.

According to Dragon #56, p. 21, he was the Duke of the Bandit Kingdom of Artonsmay in the spring of CY 579 (fighter, 9th level), commanding forces of 250 cavalry and 250 infantry. He was taught his bardcraft by the fabled Rhymer of the Blackfens. He is an agent of Bellisica, Countess of Urnst, and does occasional work for Nyrond and the Duchy of Urnst. He had been undercover as the guildmaster of thieves in Stoink for a while, having put himself in position there at the behest of "the Enlightend ones (Hierophants?)" c. 575.

After Artifact of Evil he goes to Radigast City with a belt from the devil swine's hide. In Dance of Demons, it was revealed that he had been to Acheron and Pandemonium some time in the past. He arrived with Curley and Chert at Safeton five days after Barrel. He slew Felgosh in four blows. By Come Endless Darkness, his THAC0 with his sword is one better than Gord's. His music can drive away lesser demons. He is raised and fully healed at Gord's request by a Solar who came to mop up the dumalduns in Gravestone's tower.

At the beginning of Dance of Demons, Balance enspells all of his equipment. He is given ESP ability, travel by thought, and psionic invisibility by the Hierophants. The Shadowking gives them shadowplate +5. It has no encumbrance, so thieves can use their abilities as if they were wearing no armor, but in total darkness, or shadowless light, it will disappear. He is also given elfin chainmail, and rings of protection + a lot. He is given "a lute-like thing with many additional instruments attached to or forming part of its body, it had been recovered and restored by those great mages [the Circle of Eight] from some lost trove with the assistance of Heward, Lord Hugh, one who was most skilled at such things." He is given Cat's paws by Rexfelis. He is given healing abilities, immunity from disease, bless, and detect lie from the Clerics. He is given some permanent magic resistance either in the form of Anti-magic or a permanent Minor Globe of Invulnerability. He has been give an intricately worked belt buckle that enables him to travel to every plane with a touch and a thought. These buckles can partially cloak their magic, making them difficult to trace. Lord Entropy fully cloaks him. He has been implanted with the knowledge of the generalities of the Abyss. In the Haven, he repairs their armor with the Kanteel. At the end of the struggle, he becomes a demi-urge on Yarth.
Spells: (as a first edition bard, Gellor uses first edition druidical spells)

Second Level: 2x Cure Light Wounds, Fire Trap, Charm Person or Mammal

Third Level: Snare, Summon Insects

Fifth Level: Wall of Fire, Insect Plague?

Gord (Carl Quadrapus) "Blackcat"

Thief Acrobat, Align: Neutral, S:17, D: 18, Con:16, I: 16, W:14, Chr: 15, Com: 14, Born: Greyhawk City, Languages: Common, Thieves Cant, Beggars Cant; +1 to hit and damage with dagger and long sword, no penalties for using both weapons simultaneously; Due to his agility, he can out-fence Gellor and out wrestle Chert.
Proficiencies: Non-weapon - boating, woodcraft, tracking, disguise, gambling, horsemanship, rope use; Weapon - long sword, dagger, crossbow, garrote, lance;

He taller than 5'1" (probably around 5' 6") and of moderate build. He has white teeth, wavy black hair (every so often a stray lock will hang into his face) grey eyes and a roguish smile. Due to the effects of the chrysoberyl ring, he appears much younger than he really is.

Equipment: dagger - cuts through stone, hits all non-magical armor as if AC 10; it is the length of a short sword, Sword +4 - has truesight, He carries a pair of knives in his boots. elfin chain mail shirt +1, amulet of non-detection, gold ring set with a cabochon cat's-eye chrysoberyl - resurrects nine times, each time, the wearer will awake in the Demesne of the Cat Lord, those specially attuned to it may polymorph into any cat form.; carries a bag of holding. He has a scroll of banishment retrieved from the vampire Plincourt. He is given a spell scroll from Melf. He uses poison on occasion (when doing thievery). He has a short rope garrote, a grappling hook, and a long thin rope. He has a box of holding at his residence.

He is the great grandson of Rexfelis. His father was the sole heir to the seventh house of cats, the house of panthers. His parents had left him in the charge of a sorcerer friend who turned herself into Leena. Gord and his parents were targeted by a malevolent force and his parents and Leena were killed when he was a child, Leena dying when Gord was 11.

He is twenty-one by end of Saga of Old City. He and Chert bought a house in the River Quarter near the Strip. He owned a big roan stallion named Blue Murder, for a time. He then moved to a fifth floor apartment near the wall in Craftsman's Ward adjacent to the Foreign Quarter. He is named Gentleman and Esquire to the house of Fizziak. During City of Hawks, he goes into the Land of the Shadow and meets the Shadowking. He risks his life to regain his family necklace, but was forced to surrender it to leave. The sapphires had disappeared from the box a few years before Leena died. They found their way into a high priest of Nerull's necklace, then to the lich Imprimus of the Shadowland. They are the badge of the Prince of the ninth (seventh?) house.

He is slain once by a devil swine in the Vesve and arrives at the manse of the Catlord. He has relations with Tirrip the tigerwere at the Manse of the Catlord.

He is given Windeater, a small swift stallion, by Mulha of the Al-babur. By Sea of Death is between twenty-eight and thirty years old, although he appears to be twenty-one due to the effects of his Cat's Eye ring. His Okmani name is "Pharzool". His Al Illa-Thuffi name is "Farzoel". His magic long sword is dissolved by the acidic blood of a creature in the tunnels below the Sea of Dust. He picks up a new +3 or +4 sword in the Forgotten City. He leads a group of escaped slaves out of the Sea of Dust. He is forced into a death duel with Obmi by Vuron. He wins. Vuron makes him choose where the final Theorpart will go, with the catch that Leda take the place of Eclavdra. He gives it to Vuron and she leaves with him.

During the year between Sea of Death and Come Endless Darkness, he and the escaped slaves traded down in the Amedio Jungle and brought back wealth. On their way back, a year later, the evil powers have sent sirens, sea hags, and storms. When a raven is sent to spy on them, they play dead in the Azure Sea. They have sailed on the Sovereign Sea Lion, then Stormeater, then Sea Blade, now the Silver seeker. Rexfelis taught him the art of summoning felinoids. He leaves his gold, on the ship, gives his elfin chain shirt to Dohojar, and his adamantine long sword from the Forgotten City to Barrel, and catches a ride on Leoceanius. Kharistylla gives him a pale green pearl of free action and water breathing. She tries to seduce him. He has a tiny coffer of holding. He has a golden amulet of Elemental action - it is an oval of golden amber with a spider inside that he recovered and loaned to Rexfelis. Rexfelis returned it and Gord gave it to Kharistylla. It allows free action and element breathing, as well as the ability to open a gate to the Catlord's realm.

He is made Lord of Panthers and a Lord of Balance. His fortune was that, should he reach maturity, manage to survive without being polluted by evil, or made narrow by rigid conceit, then he would be Balance's champion. He had to be kept ignorant of this fate until the proper time - Rexfelis' meeting of the Lords of Balance. He stays in the house of Rexfelis' seventh son. He has a battered wooden coffer that will open when he speaks either of his parents' names. It has a false bottom with portraits and biographies of Karal and Ataleena written in Catscript. Saying the name a second time will open the false bottom to reveal a necklace with nine sapphires.

The black Suel blade turns up in his equipment, it is an evil sword that he has named Blackheartseeker. He has a magical rope that will constrict, make a knot, or recoil on command. He has many bags of holding and many magic rings, including a ring of flying. He is empowered to resist vacuum and to convey this ability to others. Basiliv warns him of the trap on Gravestone's fiftieth stair. By Come Endless Darkness, his THAC0 is one worse than Gellor's. He owns a Talisman of Balance.

By Dance of Demons he is the best thief-acrobat on Oerth. He is at least 30 years old. He is dark haired, he looks young. He is five foot five inches tall. Balance enspells all of his equipment. He is made capable of seeing in the infrared, ultraviolet, visual and low light. He is given ESP ability, the capacity to travel by thought, and psionic invisibility by the Hierophants. The Shadowking gives them shadowplate +5. It has no encumbrance, so thieves can use their abilities as if they were wearing no armor, but in total darkness, or shadowless light, it will disappear. He is also given elfin chainmail, and rings of protection + a lot. He is given healing abilities, immunity from disease, bless, and detect lie from the Clerics. He is given some permanent magic resistance either in the form of Anti-magic or a permanent Minor Globe of Invulnerability. He has visited some of the Elemental planes, the Positive and Negative Material planes. He has been given an intricately worked belt buckle that enables him to travel to every plane with a touch and a thought. These buckles can partially cloak their magic, making them difficult to trace. Lord Entropy fully cloaks him. He has been implanted with knowledge of the generalities of the Abyss. He and Gellor have the Banner of Basiliv, which they use to confuse Infestix. They also have the Quadrate Pillars of the Elements. He is now capable of curing himself a limited amount. He slays the material form of Infestix and takes the Initiator. He slays Iggwilv and Iuz, and then uses the two Theorparts to blast Zuggtmoy, slaying her. At that point there is a deep laughter. Leda vanishes. He and Gellor go to an Abyssal plane that is intolerable even to demons so that they may think. He gets depressed. They slay and wound many demons (see outer planar events) take the Unbinder, and leave. They hop from plane to plane, from the ether to the astral, to the Sea of Thought, to a Balance created haven. When he is placed on Yarth, he marries Leda.

Curley Greenleaf

Level: 10/8 (after Saga of Old City), Class: Druid/Ranger;
Proficiencies: Weapon: spear, staff-spear.
He is rotund, bald, broad shouldered, half-elfin, and 5'11" tall. He is twenty years older than Gord. His druidical school was the Oaken Concatenation. His animal forms include a hawk, a turtle, and a pelican.
Equipment: He has a gold chain and medallion of a sun with the Tree of Life, on which he paints in green leaves as an indicator of his current level; he has Keoghtom's ointment, wields a spear, and has a black felt belt pouch with a lodestone that he has cast light on. By Come Endless Darkness he has a staff-spear and his staff can cast a (Chain?) lightning bolt.

By Artifact of Evil he has gathered three apprentices. While on the quest for the Theorpart, he is obliged to report to the Hierophants occasionally. After the trip to the Catlord's realm, he plans to leave word in Chendel. He becomes an archdruid to the Grand Druid. He arrived with Gellor and Chert at Safeton five days after Barrel. He dies in Gravestone's Headquarters.
Spells: include several additional curative spells.

First Level: Pass Without Trace, Light, Remove Fear

Second Level: Cure Light Wounds, Fire Trap

Third Level: Snare, Cure Disease

Fifth Level: Wall of Fire, Insect Plague, Sticks to Snakes, Anti-Plant Shell 10' Radius, Transmute Mud to Rock, Control Winds

Sixth Level: Animal Summoning III, Fire Seeds, Live Oak, Conjure Fire Elemental, Obscure Path, Find the Path Seventh Level: Chariot of Sustarre, Changestaff


Curley's apprentice druid, slain by Blonk


1. Curley's apprentice druid, slain by Blonk.

2. Fuzzy purple monster, secret identity of Super-Grover. Friend to Kermit.


Curley's apprentice druid, slain by Blonk


This Flan mercenary is left behind at the fight with Nerull. He has a brief stint in a caravan along Furyondy and the Shield Lands. He takes the title Captain and leads the famous company The Bronze Band. Their emblem is brown and green and their troop consists of fighting men and spellworkers. They worked in the Shield Lands where he was knighted an Earl.


This Chakyik barbarian, (Tiger nomad), can ride a horse, and is proficient in the knife and short bow. He is half killed by Blonk's backstab and later slain by Blonk.


She is the Mistress of the Black Covens

Deirdre Longhand

She is a female Cleric/Cavalier, (Cha 16, Com 16). She is 6'1" has green eyes, tan skin, muscular build, light brown hair with blond highlights. She is loud, confident, cocksure, condescending and snobish. She is a worshipper of Ehlonna and carries her silver unicorn and green tree holy symbol. She knows the woodlands well especially the Suss. She lives in Hardby and is Oscar's cousin. Their grandmother was a noble of Hardby, who was abducted by Safeton and executed by the Szek. They got in the adventuring business to avenge their grandmother and have done so. She caught up with Blonk and killed him when the Scarlet Brotherhood marched on Celene. She is named Hardby's Justicatar of the Realm.

Oscar Longhand

This mage is a lesser member of the Circle of Eight and is ninth or greater level. He is Deirdre's cousin (or brother?) and behaves submissively towards her. He is a follower of Ehlonna and carries her holy symbol. He knows the Suss forest well and lives in Hardby. Equipment: ring of feather falling. When they saw that humanoids were ravaging the Welkwood, Oscar, Deirdre and Parsival went to stop them. (Oscar and Deirdre left the group). He becomes Dweomercrafter of all Hardby.

Second Level: Magic Mouth, Levitate

Third Level: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Fly

Fourth Level: Wall of Fire

Fifth Level: Contact Other Plane


He is a mercenary crossbowman and always speaks for his compatriot Patrick. He becomes chief of the local watch and Captain of the militia in the Verbobonc village that Patrick now lives in. He marries Patrick's wife's cousin.


He is a mercenary crossbowman. He marries a lass from a village in Verbobonc. Her father is a prosperous swordsmith. He starts a school in weapon instruction.

Eneever Zig

This wizard with pale blue eyes sports a black robe covered with sigils and symbols. His girdle is similarly enscripted. He has broaches, amulets, pendants, bracelets, rings, and gems with arcane inscriptions. He carries two ritual daggers and a wand of lightning. He comes from Zelradton (Syldartown) which is adjacent to the Iron Hills (Ferrous Mountains on the border between the South Province (Southern Marches) in the East and the state of Idee (Joheid). He is a follower of Boccob (Kathbak) and Zagyg (Gigantos).

The Circle of Eight/The Citadel of Eight

This organization has both greater and lesser members. The greater members include Tenser, Bigby, and Mordenkainen with a total of eight wizards. Gary Gygax & Archimagus on AOL's World of Greyhawk Fan Club Q&A page list the membership as: Mordenkainen, Yrag, Bigby, Riggby (a cleric, L10 of Boccob & Zagyg), Felnorith, Vram, Vim, & Digby (a dwarf)- not all of these characters are mages. (See WG5, Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure, and The Rogues Gallery (1980).) The lesser members include Alton, Oscar Longarm and Dierdre Longarm.


EGG's core player character is a true neutral archimage (20th(+?) level) and plays off of the forces of good and evil in a quest for power. Having taken after Zagig, he is known as "The Mad One of Magic" and the "Mad Archimage". He is a Lord of Balance, but not the most mad of that group. He is crotchety, impatient, and often nonsensical. When he finds that he has been manipulated by the forces of balance, he laughs. He guards some secrets from Tenser and Bigby under the premise that they are upstarts. His vassals and allies include Evag, Felnorith, Melf, and the Circle of Eight. He rides a cloud dragon.

His early adventures include a journey with Robilar into Dave Arneson's City of the Gods (see also DA3 The City of the Gods) in his Blackmoor campaign and a foray into Rob Kuntz's Maure Castle in WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure. At some point (Dragon #37) he left to explore the west and go to the aid of an evil associate and commanded a force of approximately 3000 cavalry.

He was partially responsible for Iggwilv's release of Zuggtmoy from the Temple of Elemental Evil (although not in EGG's campaign, where Robilar bore the sole responsibility for this action - see T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil). He would take the Theorpart for neutrality and for himself with his henchman, including Melf, several companies of elves, and his fortress. The Hierophants do not support him in this plan. He and the Circle of Eight attack Ormuz's forces at the Vesve Forest. They had walked along a secret roadway along the Vesve. On a North-South road within the Eastern Center they encircled Ormuz. He had archers and disciplined forces, but was outnumbered by Ormuz. Three members of the Circle of Eight died. This venture turned out to be the result of Balance manipulating him.

He accompanies Basiliv when the Demiurge blocks Infestix's spyings, and he keeps Basiliv in contact with the other Lords of Balance. He assumes leadership of the Lords of Balance due to Basiliv's condition. See also The Obsidian Citadel, The Rogues Gallery (1980) p. 44, WG5 Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure. Ref. on the name: Leminkäinen from the Kalevala.
Spells (it also seems safe to assume that Mordenkainen keeps memorized the spells in the first edition PH & UA which bear his name):

Fifth Level: Conjure Elemental, Wall Of Force

Ninth Level: Energy Drain


(Mage, 18th(+?) level, true neutral with some good tendencies) This archmage is a member of the Circle of Eight. He is taciturn, somewhat portly and a friend of Mordenkainen. He is the leader of Mordenkainen's eight attendant mages. (The Circle of Eight?). In Dragon #37 p. 11 it is reported that Bigby was "the orginal apprentice of Mordenkainen, and when the latter opted to explore the West, Bigby remained behind to uphold and protect their territorial rights." His fortress location is "rumored to be somewhere north of the Nyr Dyv, possibly between the Shield Lands and the Bandit Kingdoms. (Bigby has been seen in the City of Greyhawk)." His forces include over 800 humans, with mage & clerical support as well as having 200 elf allies & 150 dwarf allies from the Kron Hills. See also The Rogues Gallery and WG5 Mordenkainen's Adventure.)

It is safe to assume that Bigby has the use of all of the Bigby's hand spells that appeared in the first edition Players' Handbook and in Unearthed Arcana

Ninth Level: Mordenkainen's Disjunction

Evag (Yrag?)

He is an elfin lord and vassal to Mordenkainen. A member of the Citadel of Eight, he rides a griffon.


He is an elfin lord and vassal to Mordenkainen. He rides a griffon. According to Gary Gygax & Archimagus on AOL's World of Greyhawk Fan Club Q&A page, he is a member of the Citadel of Eight/Circle of Eight.


Prisoners of Suel Pygmies

Gord divides them up into 6 squads of 5 to 10, commanded by his corporals. Those with infravision (Shade and 8 others) are divided among the squads. Those with light globes are separate.


He once was a sailor from Port Jolli in The Holdings of the Sea Princes before he became a slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is burly and has an ugly but honest face. He is proficient in the use of a scimitar. He is made one of Gord's sergeants. He follows Gord out of the Sea of Dust and on the Amedio Jungle venture. He is given Gord's adamantine long sword. He takes the Silver Seeker towards Woolly Bay, and makes it to Safeton. There he takes the alias, Shipmaster Rench, and calls the Silver Seeker the Sea Turtle. Later he leaves for Greyhawk. The Silver Seeker can travel from Safeton to the Selitan River in two days. It has sails, sweeps, a poop deck, a dingy, and a mizzenmast. He is stunned by Gravestone's Power Word, Kill.


This grugach is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He told Shade of the invasion by Eclavdra. Because he was a Grugach, he rallied forces against Eclavdra, and then backed off and trailed her. He died in the fighting.


He is a Changa, one of the Dry Steppes nations or tribes. He is a small, brown-skinned fellow, with blue-black hair and a toothy smile. He uses "Zehaab" as an honorific and is a low level mage, proficient with a multi-slot crossbow. He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is made one of Gord's sergeants. He wants to see the east, so he follows Gord out of the Sea of Dust. Gord gives him a wand of magic missiles. By Come Endless Darkness, he is higher level and continues to follow Gord. Is given Gord's Elfin chain shirt. He is stunned by Gravestone's Power Word, Kill. He is downed by that and Gravestone's Evard's black tentacles.

First Level: Magic Missile


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is one of the leaders of the escaped slaves and is made a lieutenant by Gord.


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies.


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He told Shade of the invasion by Obmi and led forty men in Obmi's wake. He died in the fighting.

Delver Oldcavern

He is a dwarven former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is proficient in the war hammer. He follows Gord out of the Sea of Dust. He leaves Gord sometime between the Hool battle and the Amedio Jungle venture.


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is thin man with corded muscle and stubbled cheeks, proficient in the heavy crossbow and billhook. He found a potion of extra-healing, and healing balm (Keoghtom's ointment?) in the Pygmy chief's barracks. He follows Gord out of the Sea of Dust.


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is a half-elf, fighter-mage and gives long-winded responses. He is made one of Gord's lieutenants and had found a wand of magic missiles. He follows Gord out of the Sea of Dust. He leaves Gord sometime between the Hool battle and the Amedio Jungle venture.


He is a former slave of the Suel Pygmies. He is made Gord's lieutenant and follows him out of the Sea of Dust. He leaves Gord sometime between the Hool battle and the Amedio Jungle venture.

Other Wanderers

Abbot Pauncefot

This high level (at least seventh) cleric of Rao is thin lipped and elderly. He wears a dark overcoat and is a companion of Gord. At Safeton, he takes the alias of Brother Donnur, a bent, old, brown-robed, cleric.

First Level: Protection from Evil, Bless

Third Level: Create Food and Water, Prayer,

Fourth Level: Divination


He is the Silver Seeker's first mate.


He is the cook on the Silver Seeker.


He is the first lieutenant to the sailor master on the Silver Seeker. He uses a sword and a hand axe simultaneously. He is killed by a Power Word.


He is a junior lieutenant on Silver Seeker who is proficient in the cutlass. (Named after the prince of Furyondy?).


He is a guard on the Silver Seeker. He is slain by a javelin strike and his eyes are gouged out by Krung.


This guard on the Silver Seeker, likes his booze.

Azure Sea


She is an undine, and as such is strongly connected to elemental water. Her elemental powers diminish outside her grotto. She is more potent than sea hags in her grotto, and just less powerful than them when outside. She is true neutral. Her skin is like quicksilver. She has waist-length tresses of green hair, bright, full, red lips, long green nails, a hot red tipped bosom, green and gold eyes, sharp pearly teeth, and translucently webbed fingers.

She has an underwater cave in the Azure sea. She offers Leoceanus, his pride and Gord sanctuary. She gives Gord a pale green pearl that allows him free action and water breathing. She tries to seduce Gord. He gives her the golden amber oval with a spider, that allows free action, element breathing, and gating to the Catlord's Manse.


This powerful sea lion is king of the Azure Sea sea lions. He escorts Gord.


She is a Sea Hag from the Azure sea. She can bring about a "hellstorm" (thunderheads with writhing demonic forms). She rides with her pack of sharks like a water skier or a jet skier.

Quasi-Deities, Lords of Balance and other potent supernaturals

Lords of Balance also known as the Qabbala

The Cabal of Balance, consisting of: Rexfelis, Basilv the Demiurge, Mordenkainen, Tenser, The King of the Shadow, Gord - The Prince of Panthers, the Hierophant of the Cabal, the Hierophant of the Golden Dawn, the Hierophant of the Rosy Crusiform, one other Hierophant, Keledan - the Master of Swords, Heward (Lord Hewd), Lord Donal, Murlynd (Murlon), Keoghtom (Keogh Lord Thomas), Venerable Yocasta, and Venerable Nastan. All of the Lords give Gord a gift, and the Hierophants bless him. They observe, mostly through Basiliv, the progress of Gord in Gravestone's hideout. After Gord escapes that place they decide to have him unite the keys, release Tharizdun and face him on slightly better conditions.

Lord Donal

He is a Lord of Balance. (Donalbas? from Elric & Corum books of Michael Moorcock?)

Heward - Lord Hewd

This bard (possibly also a mage) is a Lord of Balance. He has the habit of tugging absently on his little beard. Inventor of a certain Mystical Organ and a number of Handy Haversacks. (See Quasi-deities in WoG boxed set.)

Hierophant of the Cabal

a Lord of Balance. All four of the Greater Hierophants speak in unison. (ref. Kabbalah)

Hierophant of the Golden Dawn

a Lord of Balance. All four of the Greater Hierophants speak in unison. (ref. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

Hierophant of the Rosy Cruciform

a Lord of Balance. All four of the Greater Hierophants speak in unison. (ref. Rosicrusians)


a Lord of Balance. All four of the Greater Hierophants speak in unison.


The Master of Swords, a Lord of Balance. (See Quasi-deities in WoG boxed set.)

Keoghtom - Lord Keogh - Keogh Lord Thomas

a Lord of Balance. He speaks in a Texas drawl, having visited the Boot Hill universe. He helped get Gord his blade. He is perhaps the maddest Lord of Balance. (See Quasi-deites in WoG boxed set, ref. Tom Keogh - who did some of the illustrations for the first D&D set (1974) and to whom that set is co-dedicated in memorium (Don Kaye?)).

Murlynd - or Murlon or something, but not Merlin.

A Lord of Balance. One of Don Kaye's characters from the initial Greyhawk Castle campaign, who explored that edifice with Tenser, Robilar and Teric. See EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror - especially p. 8.

Venerable Nastan

This Lord of Balance is a wise and ancient Cleric.

Venerable Yocasta

She is a Lady of Balance.

Other Quasi-deities & potent supernaturals

Ataleena Carona

Gord's mother had distant elvish blood. This gave her violet eyes and may have been responsible for her second sight. She was a magic-user and was slain through the actions of Gravestone.

Karal Quadrapus

Gord's father, the Catlord's grandson or great-grandson. He was the head of the seventh cat clan - which was said to be lucky. One of Tharizdun's greatest foes. Others of his kin betrayed Ataleena and him. When they found out, he and Atleena handed Gord over to Wanno, his old friend, for safekeeping while in flight, and charged him with Gord's ring and lock box. They were slain by minions of evil, under the direction of Gravestone and the traitors were killed by Rexfelis.

The Rhymer of the Black Fens

a great musical spell worker and bard. He lives in the north. He taught Gellor Bardcraft. Black Fens = Blackmoor?

Peoples, Races, etc.:

the Rhennee

a smallish dark people, river thieves, but anti-guild; "the True Folk"

the Attloi

the land Rhennee - many acrobats, there is mutual animosity between the the two groups as the Rhennee do not consider the Attloi to be true members of their ethnic group.

the Ho-jetti

a group of Scarlet Brotherhood allies that bickered with orcs at the siege of Strandkeep Castle

High Druidical Orders:

Hierophants of the Cabal

Hierophants of the Golden Dawn

Hierophants of the Rosy Cruciform

The Great Mages of Kaalvahlla

were said to work wonders with Kanteels. (ref. the Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot, the Finnish national epic).




Kobolds. (See WoG guide p. 8)


a refined ogre, an ogre-magus. An Ehjure is to an ogre as a human is to a neanderthal.


Ogres (see WoG guide p. 20)

Euroz tribes

Orcs (See WoG guide pp. 8, 20, 31 (1983)). Pomarj peoples allied with the Scarlet Brotherhood


Goblins (see WoG guide pp. 8, 31)

High Jebline

Hobgoblins (see WoG guide p. 8)


Gnolls (see WoG guide p. 20)



"The noblest little folk, The Sealy court, the Princely People" are a Lilliputian sized class of sprite. They are beautiful, slender, winged, and sharp-featured. They are lawful good and they are ruled by a queen. They jealously guard dweomerdot fairy rings. If someone were to steal more than one ring worth of dweomerdots, they will attack with sleep-poison darts. They will then strip the miscreants and shrink them down to their size, haul them up to the tree home where they live, and hold a trial.

Valley Elves - Grughma

are taciturn towards outsiders.

Other Monsters

Deathvision Trees

These low trees live near water in the Sea of Dust. One leaf ingested gives portentous dreams and visions. Two leaves lead to possible death. Three or more leaves cause certain death.

Devil Swine

are a form of Rakshasha.

Dragon, Water

looks like a red dragon with vestigial wings (like whale flukes), and webbed feet. Its back scales are aquamarine, its belly scales are ivory and in the middle they are deep see green. They are very rare. They are intelligent and can breath underwater.


Also called the sandshark, dust-fish, and dust demon, this creature is native to the Sea of Dust. It is a shark-like creature related to the millipede. They have a larger, more chitinous head with its eyes high on the ridge/fin. They have many paddle-legs, as well as fins in the rear for steering. They look like rocks when still and they usually travel alone, although they have been seen in packs. They are 50 to 60 feet long.


a ghoul-troll hybrid.


super gnolls/ gnoll-ghouls.


large paddle footed riding lizards from the Dry Steppes. They can travel 45 to 60 miles per day over the dust and sand. The lizards are black at night, then dark grey in the morning, then metallic in the bright sun. At noon the scales turn silver and the lizards stop whatever they are doing to hunt. They eat big insects mostly, but are omnivorous in a pinch. They can drink salt water and can sense salt or fresh water from miles away. Riders wear lizard hide leggins, robes, hood and masks. There are hooks on the reins, pulling them will turn the lizard to either side. The "angwas" is a pole with a thorn on its side, used to poke the lizard on a dark spot behind its skull for extra speed.


Their name is short for "lost ones" and they are the orc, "missing-link", i.e. they are half orc, half boreamandril (northern baboons), and hence are arboreal orcs. They take the fingers of their victims. While they are native to the Fellreve forest, Iuz transplanted some to the Vesve where they have killed a few natives.

Rolling Spikes Bushes

Nasty varient of tumbleweed found in Sea of Dust. (Land Urchins?)

Snake weeds

These have poisonous rootlets, but when cut off, the rest tastes like crab. They are found in the Sea of Dust.


see Kharistylla


The wolf version of the jackalwere, these lycanthropes can charm thier victims with a song.

Yeth Hounds

The ones found in the Gord series are special versions of the normal yeth hound. They are creations of Tharizdun, each one bearing the head of a different malevolent creature. They are sent to hunt down Gord.


a devil-headed yeth hound.


a bugbear-headed yeth hound.


a demon headed yeth hound.

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