Siren-Ingram-Poiesz-Corson Genealogy

I've been working sporadicly on my genealogy. So far I don't have much in the way of documentation i.e. birth & death certificates, and have relied on conversations and past family trees.

I've included a few family pictures here too. Click on the images below for a larger view. Since these are stored on an aol server which is not always reliable, you may need to try refreshing the page if you have trouble loading them.
Regina Poiesz Siren, Jon Siren and Chris Siren at Jon's High School
Graduation - June 1996 Tara M Siren, taken in 1993
or 1994Robert J Siren, spring 1992Theodore Poiesz & M. Patricia Corson Poiesz, Summer 1975M. Agnes Monahan Corson, March 1987Poiesz Family reunion - Philadelphia, Thanksgiving 1980: left
side, front to back:?, Louise Gillespie
Lang, Theodore Poiesz, Michael Poiesz (under table), Bernard Poiesz, M.
Patricia Corson Poiesz, Elvira Celia Poiesz, Tara Siren, Jonathan Siren,
Regina Siren, Christopher Siren, Terese Poiesz, James Poiesz,?,?,?,?,? 
right side, front to back: ?,
Louise Lang, A. Leo Palervo Siren,
Helen?, Paul O. Siren, Helen Ingram Siren, Oiva Siren?, ?,
Nelle Reppert Siren, Jack Siren, Layha Siren, Gustav Siren, Hanna Happonen
Siren, c. 1938-1939Sirens in Finland c. 1880-90, Gustav is in the back on the
rightElizabeth Ann Price Harris and Henry Harris c.
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