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I have now completed my initial proofreading, formatting, and cross-ref linking, the original format having been uploaded from my ancient Mac SE/30 in June of '98. 2/2/99

I began working on this document while reading the Greyhawk Adventures/Gord the Rogue series of novels back in the mid to late eighties while in high school. At that time there was very little information availible on the City of Greyhawk - that boxed set had not yet come out and neither had the second edition of AD&D. I noticed that there was a good deal of campaign relevant information availible in the novels and began taking notes. I later noticed that EGG's Greyhawk differed quite a bit from the Greyhawk material that was published after he and TSR parted ways. I found his Greyhawk to be richer and more vibrant, which only made sense as Oerth was his campaign world. Carl Sargent's suppliments captured much of the detail and spirit that I found in Gygax's Greyhawk, and the Brown/Moore/Johnson/Reynolds version seems an interesting attempt to reconcile the old with the new, but these notes had already lent much depth to my own campaign. Also included here are references to pre-1986 Greyhawk material when specifically indicated, including pointers to Dragon articles and Greyhawk information which appeared in non-Greyhawk rule books, such as the 1st edition DMG. I had refrained from making them freely availible until recently, when TSR's copyright policy reduced in strictness and when I was able to get the ok from Mr. Gygax and Trigee to make public my notes on their lands and characters. Again, this is in no way an official document for TSR or Trigee. Expect major plot spoilers for those novels to be found within these notes.




Consider the original material found herein and the organization and phrasiology applied to the old material to be Copyright 1998 by Chris Siren and may be reused as far as I'm concerned, so long as I'm credited with researching it. Of course, you'll have to comply with TSR & Trigee's guidelines as well, but if it's just for personal use you're in the clear.