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Politics and War

World Events
The Horned Society wages war with the Bandit Kingdoms in beginning of Artifact of Evil

The Scarlet Brotherhood moved through the Suss and Welkwood harried by elves and woodsmen. The Suels rallied more goblins, hobgoblins, and other humanoids. Their advance guard had 1000 men, and their main force was 4000 men. They sacked Celene, killing Parsival. They then retreated and were pursued. Deirdre killed Blonk. The Temple of Elemental Evil scenario as outlined in T1-4 occurred with the modifications that Iggwilv freed Zuggtmoy by using Mordenkainen as an unwitting pawn.

Iuz besieged Molag and usurped the Horned Society. Blackmoor, the Hold of Stonefist, and the Bandit Kingdoms allied with him. He begins construction of a new palace in Molag.

At the beginning of Sea of Death he is now the self titled Emperor of Evil and Lord of Pain. He receives tributes from all of the Bandit Kingdoms, the Hold of Stonefist, and the Wolf and Tiger Nomads.

At the beginning of Come Endless Darkness, he as launched a mass attack. It was obscured by Iggwilv and Zuggtmoy. He holds the Initiator, the second key. He takes the Vesve, then the lands west and South to the Velverdyva. He is stopped at Chendl. He holds Furyondy north of the Crystal River. He takes the Shield Lands except for the capital island. The Duchy of Tehn is taken by the Bandit Kingdoms and the Rovers of the Barrens under his direction. The Hold of Stonefist, supported by Iuz, marches on the Theocracy of the Pale. Urnst holds. Highfolk holds.

The Great Kingdom and the Scarlet Brotherhood attack northward. The Great kingdom fights Nyrond, Almor, and the Iron League. Iuz continues to fight south, East, and West. The Bakluni fight the nomads to the North and South and come to a stalemate. The Scarlet Brotherhood is on the march. The Pomarj attacks Celene, Ulek and Urnst. No one is winning. The Cabal, the Bladelord, the Catlord, the Obsidian Citadel, the Vesve, and Highfolk are more or less free of conflict.

Dance of Demons: The Great Kingdom is in a state of civil war, 100,000 troops, Aerdi's regulars, 1000 humanoid scouts and irregulars. The North and South provinces ally against Ivid. Medegia also vies for control. Nyrond and Almor dispute among themselves. Bandits, and the sea raiders ravage the Iron League. All of the barbarian nations are also at war. Iuz and the Scarlet Brotherhood do not profit either. Entropy is the sole victor.

Plagues and natural disasters are more frequent. Borders shrink as do populations, resources, and government powers. Trading is down as people try to live just for sustenance. The polar ice cap starts to melt and a continent sinks. Oerik's coastline creeps inward. This destruction is paralleled on alternate realities. In other words, it is a standard Moorcockian Eternal Champion devastation. Even Infestix is in trouble.

Oerdians in the south fight Baklunni Barbarians. The Central Flanaesse is the battleground. Iuz, The Scarlet Brotherhood, and the daemon worshipers are knocked back by the forces of Good.

Outer Planar Events:
Good says that the catastrophes are caused by the pieces of the artifact moving closer together, and so they ambush traffic between the lower planes. Infestix moves against Graz'zt, causing demons to ally with Graz'zt, or at least to not attack him. Pandemonium sends cacodaemons to help Graz'zt, even so he is out numbered. Iuz and Demogorgon's sides, arguing over who gets to sack Graz'zt's palace, split their alliance. Graz'zt repels his divided conquerors and seeks to destroy first Demogorgon and then Iuz. Gehenna, Acheron, and Tartarus ally with Infestix and his faction outnumbers Graz'zt's six to one.

Good will not listen to Neutrality and plans to sack Hades, delay Infestix, and harry the theorparts. They believe that only Good can do good and that Neutrality is in league with Evil. Olympus makes moves, but looses much of their number. Evil is also eroding. Demogorgon and Iuz with their divisions and with aid from Infestix, mount alternating attacks on Graz'zt from opposite sides. Vuron routes Demogorgon's first attack and the supporting devils flee. Demogorgon lures Vuron into personal combat. Infestix sends in the eight oinodaemons and a daemon horde. Vuron holds his crystal spear. Gord slays Infestix and Demogorgon flees.

Gord and Elalazag ally with Graz'zt against Iuz and his cohorts. Areex plots with Zuggtmoy for the Theorpart as does Orcus with Iggwilv. Baphomet betrays Iuz and company and treatises with Graz'zt. Gord uses the Initiator to appear as Graz'zt, Elalazag, and their horde, scaring off Orcus. Zuggtmoy, Iggwilv, and Iuz flee to Mycorji and hide in a grotto. Gord and company slay them and there is a deep laughter. Iuz's troops give up and Graz'zt halts his attack.

The remaining monarches of Demondum (save Lolth) and two thirds of the demon princes and lords join together to hunt down Gord. Entropy makes an offer to Graz'zt. He has kept Leda motionless, half clad, and 1000 paces from the demon horde. When the exchange is done, Gord gives her Courflame, notes the presence of Entropy, and declares the bargain void. Leda and the Joined Initiator/Awakener switch places. Leda skewers Graz'zt. The artifact goes to Gord and shoots Vuron, who drops the Unbinder. Gellor plays the kanteel to destroy some demons. Gord commands the lesser demons to halt and bow to him and are slain by Gellor's music. Graz'zt takes off. Courflame bites Marduk in the side, gashes off Nexroth's leg, and gorges Bulumuz's face. Leda attacks Vuron. He makes a shield from the Theorpart. Vuron uses the spear. Leda stuns and slays him.

Gord, Gellor and Leda then leave, rest for a while, and release the Minor Avatar of Tharizdun. That avatar in turn releases Tharizdun's true form who, with the aid of Lord Entropy, escapes his prison and conquers Hell and Hades with little resistance. He makes an example out of Bulumuz by consuming him and naming another demon Bulumuz. He rounds up an army to take over the Abyss and rides a three-headed fire drake. In six days he takes Pandemonium. Graz'zt, Elazalag, and the Abat-dolor retreat to Ojukalazogadit. It grows stronger as Tharizdun's hordes are consumed by it. Tharizdun sics Lord Entropy on the living plane.

This reality since Tharizdun's escape has been sealed off from the rest of the multiverse by Chronos and Istus. They recommend that Gord and Company make their stand on Ojukalazogadit. Graz'zt knocks Gord out with a jet from the Eye of Deception. Graz'zt gets a great hit on Tharizdun, but Tharizdun catches Doomscreamer in his bare hand and is unharmed. Tharizdun kills Graz'zt. Gellor and Leda take Gord to the Shadow demi-plane so that he can recover. The skull of the boy Tharizdun fell out when they exited the Abyss and Tharizdun ate it. He sics Mephisto on Gord, Gellor, and Leda in the Shadowrealm. The yeth hounds raze it but can not find them. He nails Mephisto and sends Thrax to Rexfelis's realm. Although Chronos and Istus have sealed off alternate universes, they give Gord and company powers from those alternates. The yeth are now sent on Oerth. Tharizdun and the Yeth come through the bottom of the Sea of Thought. Courflame shatters on Tharizdun. Chronos and Istus yank Gord, Gellor, Leda, and those instrumental in the struggle out of the Oerth Prime and put them on Yarth. Lord Entropy and Tharizdun are trapped on Oerth's burned out Prime.

Magic Items:


Chrysoberyl "Cat's Eye" ring
All nine of these rings were made by Rexfelis and were originally bestowed as gifts. All allow X-Ray vision, telescopic vision, and vision in the dark. For those who are attuned to them, they convey nine life savings (when the wearer receives his or her death blow, they appear in the Catlord's manse fully recovered), It also slows the aging process greatly, perhaps even halting it entirely, like an enhanced Phylactery of Youth. Other powers include detect enemy, detect traps, detect magic, enhanced dexterity, the ability to land on one's feet, climbing like a cat, and the ability to take the form of a jungle cat, a tom cat, and possibly an aquatic felinoid. Gord's ring's jungle cat type is a black panther.


Staff of the Heavens
This staff shoots forth seven golden halos that are the bane of any evil. It can split into two rods. The left shots a blinding beam of hot, sun-bright, radiance. The right rod shoots a cone of cool soothing dimness. This weakens the victim and shrinks them to doll size for imprisonment.

Miscellaneous Magic: Jewels, Jewelry, Phylacteries

Buckle of the Planes
These intricately worked belt buckles enable the wearer to travel to any plane with a touch and a thought. These buckles can also partially cloak the magical force of their bearers.
Dwarven Armlet
made of various hues of gold: pale, orange, gold-green, violet gold, this item was forged by the smiths of Grotheim. When donned, this item will confer on the wearer all of the benefits of being a dwarf (Eg. +1 Con, mining abilities, etc.)
Talisman of Balance
this item counters spells cast with spells of a contrary nature. For example, when Gravestone opened a gate to Tartarus, the Talisman opened a gate to the Elysium fields and sent those summoned against one another.

Miscellaneous Magic: Boots, Bracers, Gloves

Cat's paws
clawed gloves that give 100% climbing ability. In falls, the wearer will always land on their feet for -2 hit points per die falling damage. The wearer can also deliver clawed blows of 2-5 /2-5 hit points damage plus the strength bonus, per hit.

Miscellaneous Magic: Bags, Bottles, Pouches, Containers

Five Dragon Bowl
is a bowl shaped like five dragons biting each other's tails, each of the dragons hold precious gems. It is 3' in diameter. When a gem is placed in the claw, a larger gem 1 step higher in value) will appear ins the center. The oriental dragons are golden, green, blue, silvery imperial, and violet. They will bite.

Miscellaneous Magic: The Weird Stuff

Egg of Bondage
this egg can change into bonds that completely bind and constrict about the intended victim.
The Jeweled Orrery
an artifact with a large yellow corundum sun, an emerald for Oerth, an Opal for Luna, a star sapphire for Celene, a jacinth for Rao, Greyspace's largest planet, and diamonds for stars. It was used by the forces of balance to discover the struggle for the Theorparts - it will only operate if a Theorpart is active
Sand Ship
this device rests on 4 tubes made of giant beetle grub skins. Instructions on how to build this purely mechanical but never the less outlandish device are in a book found in Kester. This book also includes details of a journey from the Hellfurnaces along the Sulhalt Mountains and the Lost Mountain Kingdom of Zufon. The ship has a sail and is steered from the prow.
this ship is smaller and faster than the Sand Ship, it looks like a grouper and is painted as such. It has smokey crystal one way mirrors. It is fully enclosed and seats 3 to four human sized creatures comfortably. It appears to hover. Mid way along the sides are turning blades of stiff, thick leather. These hit the ground and spew dust, ash and sand towards the tail like a paddle boat. It accelerates slowly but eventually can move as fast as a horse. Gallop speed is dangerous for long distances. It can go 30 miles per hour and averages 175 miles per day.

Miscellaneous Magic: Artifacts

Banner of Basiliv
was used to confuse Infestix.
Baton d'Argue
A thick crooked wand of Iggwilv's, it can be used to follow a teleport if activated before one leaves. It shoots at an angle. One points at one place to hit another. It can cause trembles of severe fear, save vs wand or collapse to the ground. It can summom varied oozing forms that move in the direction of a nauseating food spray from the wand. The ooze eats the victims with acid.
Cauldron of Corruption
Zuggtmoy's kettle has a myriad of projections, bumps, knobs, spouts, and nozzles. It can be used to follow a teleport if activated before one leaves. It can shoot paralyzing rhizomes, flesh dissolving jets of spores, blinding smut, and various fungi monsters.
Eye of Deception
This smoke colored artifact is held in a silken bag, embroidered with fiery sigils of orichalcum. It is a potent artifact which can rechannel magical attacks into illusions. It can obscure things and make something appear the opposite of what it is over an unlimited range. It can make a horde of lesser demons appear as greater demons, so long as there is at least one of the greater type in the group. It can shoot maroon rays that kill. It can emit an opaline gooey glob that splits into a score of smaller ones which leave trails that cut, and puddles that burn like lava. Each puddle is one yard in diameter. When Leda uses the Eye, it fatigues her. Gord gives it to Elazalag for her aid in the battle with Infestix. It draws off the power of Courflame and the Theorpart and any other artifact nearby.
Fire Fan
Marduk's artifact.
The Kanteel
"a lutelike thing with many additional instruments attached to or forming parts of its body." It is capable of much destruction, but can not effect all of the daemons, they are too powerful. It was forged by the first spellbinders. It can counter the Cauldron of Corruption. (ref. The Kalevala, - Kanteles are Finnish lute-like instruments often used in playing folk music, and within The Kalevala, to cast spells.)
Gelor's ivory Kanteel
in his hands, can send a blast that destroys 50+ small herd demons and bowl over 12 large herd demons.
Quadrate Pillars of the Elements
these are four tokens of the four elemental planes.
The Rede
"That relic which is the codex to the multiverse. With it they could manipulate any dimension, space, probability."
This 2 or 3 inch diameter, spherical opal, dark with green motes within, was created by the Shadowking. In the presence of shadow creatures it burns with a green light. It has power over such creatures, causing them to flinch away in pain as it is revealed, sending out motes of green and red to dance off of any nearby sword. When brought into contact with the pommel of Gord's first magic blade several bright colors flash, whirl, and then form twin halos about it, destroying all shadowstuff within ten or fifteen feet. When applied to a Prime resident whilst on the plane of Shadow, it can stave off the affects of the plane. It imparts knowledge of how to operate these baser powers upon its bearer. It can send one to the plane of Shadow if one dies while attempting to use it.
a pinch of these creates a shadow curtain which will last for one hour.
These are the pieces of the Tripartite Artifact of All Evil, each part representing one of the evil alignments. When joined together they will release Tharizdun from his bondage. The Awakener is kept in a pyramid in the Suss forest and the Unbinder lies in the Suloise metropolis now known as the Forgotten City. As insurance against The Evil One's release, all parts can only be retrieved by mortals. No matter who holds them, they will be corrupted and lost to an evil power ('one artifact to rule them all, one artifact to find them...').

When the pieces are used to unlock the Prison of Tharizdun, part of each are turned into rings. These rings bind the good that fought against Tharizdun to imprison him. The remaining portions of the Theorparts contain his evil. The Unbinder ring can summon a phoenix capable of eating the grubs from Tharizdun's axe. The three rings can melt adamantine and can also provide transport. They are most vulnerable in the Sea of Thought area of Greyhawk Castle.
The Initiator
The initial key, the one discovered by the Scarlet Brotherhood, is probably the Chaotic Evil one. It helps its possessor locate the second key. The Dukes of Hell requisition it from the Brotherhood at the beginning of Come Endless Darkness. Infestix acquires it and loans it to Demogorgon. It is equipped with a harmonic retrieval device. It can open a channel to the negative material plane and shoot anti-matter, as can also create a wall of positive energy. It can be used to lure demonic brutes with fear and humility. It can create large scale illusions (Gord uses it to appear as Graz'zt, Elazalag, and their horde). It can reverse spells' directions and can create an invisible rack of iron spikes.

It can change into a ten foot long, mace-like pole arm, with a twelve inch spike on the bottom and several thin, axe-like, blades radiating from the head, with lower, leaf-like tines with solid spurs at their base. This weapon can disarm and snap weapons as well as inflict damage but it is slow and needs room to operate. As this weapon, it can crush armor with its weight and can kill with the tip or with its blades. It is a drain on mortal creatures, causing them to become zombies to it unless energy is drawn off of it by magical means (such as by Courflamme).

The Awakener - The Vitalizer - The Arouser
The second key, the one recovered by Obmi for Iuz, is "a distillation of evil", i.e. probably the Neutral Evil one. When it is located Tharizdun stirs and sends forth evil thoughts. It helps the possessor to locate the next key. It can release bat-like things in a spiral that cause silence. It can also generate a gameboard map of the Abyss and show recreations of events. It can produce a shielding web. It fires a withering stuff that can shred flesh from the bones. It can become a five foot long scimitar of evil red or turn into a whip with an energy cat-o-nine tails. It can fight on its own.
The Unbinder - The Cone of the Magi
The Lawful Evil Theorpart is found in the Great Temple in the Forgotten City. It is very black, in fact, it seems to devour light and drains energy. It is vaguely cone shaped and has three horns. Once recovered, it is held by Graz'zt. He gives it to Vuron between Come Endless Darkness and Dance of Demons. It can alter time by a factor of 60 so that it can go slow in some places and fast in others. With an additional Theorpart, time can be altered over a larger area. It can be used to heal, and to promote demons. It can be changed into a shield.
The Awakener and Initiator combined
can change to a bardiche and to a morning star that shoots energy darts. It can also change into a staff that shoots lances of force, and into a whip.
Venom Fountain
Demogorgon's artifact.
Tharizdun's Axe
This double headed axe can split into two component single headed axes. It can be used to summon forth many thumb-sized, disgusting, sucker-mouthed, poisonous, purple larvae.

Special Armors

Shadow Armor
This type of armor behaves as it's counterpart in the material plane for purposes of armor class; presumably it is less encumbering. It is useless in conditions of no shadow: complete darkness and "high noon" lighting.

Special Weapons

This is a chaotic evil black Suel sword, initally enchanted by Vuron. Its special purpose is to slay evil beings, which it can detect. It uses its will to urge its wearer to strike down those evil creatures. It hits the heart of an evil being on a natural 20. It annihilates the souls of Lower planer creatures. It draws negative planer energy into it and informs the bearer of such energies. Likewise, it can drink up anti-matter. It can be merged with the Crystal Blade to form Courflamme, the Sword of Balance. It was recovered from the Forgotten City by Gord
Crystal Blade
This Lawful Good, Holy Avenger class sword was created as one of the Twelve Great Magicks of Boccob. It has similar and opposite powers to Blackheartseeker, and as such can drink up positive energy. They can merge to form Courflamme, the Sword of Balance. As a part of Courflamme, it can shoot black bolts of force or arcs of black flame that do 3-30 hp damage. Gord initially won it in the Shadowland. He slew the lich Imprimus with it and left it with the Shadowlord as a token of passage.
Courflamme, the Sword of Balance, the Sword of Equilibrium
This sword is formed by merging Blackheartseeker with the crystal blade of the Shadowland and is of equal or greater potency than a single theorpart. It gives its user a faster initiative and communicates empathicly. It can split into its component swords. One can be sent out independently like a dancing sword. It can act as a "Defender" class sword. It can give a surge of energy that gives a brief additional bonus to hit and damage. One blow from this sword will slay a plagadaemon. It can mollify demonic brutes. It can deflect energies from single theorparts. It can shoot a silver bolt of force or blinding white fire. It can create a mesh of crystal and black that grows and entraps. In the battle between the Lords of Light and Tharizdun, he split the sword into the two component swords. It is most vulnerable in the Sea of Thought area of Greyhawk Castle. There it will shatter on Tharizdun.
Vuron's Crystal Spear
This is a milky crystal spear, one of the 66 arms of power of the Abyss. It is filled with deadly energy and was forged for and by Vuron. It is most potent in his hands in the Abyss. It will slay with a single thrust.


Celene is Blue, Luna is white, Rao is the largest planet in Greyspace, it is jacinth colored; The Eldest Griffon, is a constellation, whose wing always points north. The Younger Griffon is a constellation (inferred).

A Translation Guide from New Infinities/Trigee names to original/TSR names

Bayomen Plains = Plains of the Payanims
Jakif = Zeif 
Joheid = Idee
Southern Marches = South Province 
Yoll = Ull 
City out of Mind = Forgotten City
Dolle Port = Port Joli
Ghastor = Kester
Hlupalla = Lopolla  
Ocherfort = Hokar
Syldartown = Zelradton
Urlisindatu = Erelhei - Cinlu (the drow city in Vault of the Drow)
Yolakand = Ulakand
Barring Mountains = Barrier Peaks
Ferrous Mountains = Iron Hills
Grand Suel Peaks = Sulhalt Mountains
Larkil Mountains = Lortmil Mountains
Longridge Hills = Lorridges
Yolspur Tors = Ulsprue
Chaban River = Javan River              
Ocher River = Hool River
Toosmik River = Tuflik River            
Briartangle Woodland = Bramblewood Forest   
Arachne = Lolth
Cabbac = Boccob
Fesroo = Hezrou (Type 2 demons) 
Gigantos = Zagyg 
Kathbak = Boccob       
Klebguzig = Glabrezu (Type 3 demons)
Poxpanus = Incabulos
St. Trowbane = St. Cuthbert
Wulox = Vrock (Type 1 demon)            
Vastyi = Wastri
Zubassu = Nabassu


a plague consisting of scabby sores, lack of muscle control, and spasms - fatal unless cure disease or save vs. Death Magic
more vegetables and thinner than Slumgullion
a paupers' beef stew, common to Greyhawk City, it consists in its most common form, of rat meat and cheap or rotten vegetables.
The standard of the Overking's High Guard
is blue and gold tabards - a crowned sun on a blue field.
Lavender is the color of one of his clerics
After Gord arrives at Tenser's Keep, divination has become impossible.
Alcohol unique to Oerth
Keoghish Amber
whisky - new to Oerth, only available in some areas
Velunese wine - high in quallity
Black Pomarj wine - rare, foul, addictive.
Chatranj is the Greyhawk name for chess.
a variation of Dragonchess (see Dragon issue #100) There are three 12 by 8 square boards. The Lower is called the netherboard, the upper is called the astral. There are spirals standing as posts in the corners. They consist of four checkered steps each. Tharizdun himself further explains the rules:
"Only those able to go on squares of different colors can use the twisting paths as they would move normally, a single space or many squares. Vaulting and skipping pieces count all squares and move upward accordingly, and off to another board if there is distance remaining, but they must stop as soon as leaving the spiral. If an enemy man occupies the space, then it is en prise if capture is desired. The diagonal-movers use only two of the four vortices, because of the the color of entry, of course. When these move to another field, their color changes. Dark and light alternate above and below, though so to go from nether to astral or vice versa means there is no shifting from such transfer. Exit from spiral requires pause."
The pieces vary from dragonchess in name and move of forces. There are thirty-six pieces to a side. The dark forces have 24 on the netherboard and the light have that amount on the astral. Both sides have 12 pieces on the middle board. Pawns become more powerful as they move up or down. Captured pieces may be turned into pawns for the capturing side. Some pieces include kings, celestial knights, chevaliers, assassins, chevaliers, archpriests, marshals and oliphants. (from Dance of Demons pp. 295-298)
Twistbuck's game
(from Night Arrant p.213)
"One simply notes the name or description, or both, on the sign above the inn, tavern, or drinking house. If legs are implied in the name, then one counts them, modifying the count upward if the depiction on the establishment's sign should show a greater number.

"It is a matter of alternate occurrences... Two individuals engage in a contest, each alternately counts the legs, if any, on the sign encountered during his turn. There is usually a time of distance limitation so that the game lasts a reasonable period and has a conclusion. Of course the player with the highest leg count wins... After an inn, tavern, or drinking establishment is encountered, legs are counted and scored, and a running total is maintained on paper. The person awaiting his turn can select the next direction of the route of the game, as long as it does not go back over territory already covered. In case of two signs on either side of the route, the one on the left shall be scored."

Faerie rings
are fungi that grow where trees once stood. Sprites' tables, atomies' cups form around ipts (banyan like trees) when Luna and Celene are waning 1/2 moons, then the dweomer dots (or the Coins of Ehlonna by the fair folk) shoot up. They are color coded. Different colors release different effects when eaten. They act as potions for duration purposes. Some powers include, singing like a nightingale, invisibility, polymorph. Opalescent white - bad, Steel-blue - true speech. However, if more than two rings are stolen, beware the wrath of the fairies!
the Bakluni equivalent of the Japanese word "gaigin". It is a derogatory term for foreigner.
in the west typically consist of 3 squadrons of 30 warriors, at the front and flanks, 200 camels, 100 horses, carts, handlers, 1000 riders, and 60 other guards.
Vuron's Game board
Vuron and many of the other strategists in the Theorpart wars have three dimensional game maps of the planes with markers color coded to indicate the alignment of the participants.
Color Key
Black - Abyss, Graz'zt,
Dull Purple - Hades,
Rust Red - Hells
Gold - Neutral Good
Tawny - not gold
Red - not gold
White - Lawful Good, the Seven Heavens
Gray - opposed to white
Blue - aloof, Chaotic Good, Olympus,
Green - Corcondant Opposition
draw energy from somewhere (Tenser's spell mechanics lecture is on p. 216 of Artifact of Evil)
"All spells draw upon one form of energy or another. Little ones use small energy, big ones can draw tremendous currents. Those castings that utilize the power of some deity or another, those channeled through the medium of a being of power, are of one sort; and the aura of such is distinct. Likewise, work of dweomercrafting leaves a unique signature, as it were. Oh, not the minor ones - little spells are much the same as a rune or two written in the sand. But the major works leave a long and identifiable trace, at least for a time."


              Iron Drab Brass Bit Brnz Zee Cu Com Ag Noble El Lucky Gold Orb Platinum Plate
Iron Drab	      1	    1/5	  1/50	   1/250  1/1000   1/5000   1/50000  1/55000
Brass Bit	      5	      1	  1/10	   1/50	  1/200	   1/1000   1/10000  1/11000
Bronze Zee	     50	     10	    1	   1/5	  1/20	   1/100    1/1000   1/1100
Copper Common       250	     50	    5	    1	  1/4	   1/20     1/200    1/220
Silver Noble	   1000	    200	   20	    4     1	   1/5	    1/50     1/55
Electrum Lucky     5000	   1000	  100	   20	  5	   1        1/10     1/11
Gold Orb	  50000	  10000	 1000	  200	 50	  10	    1        10/11
(golden dokshee in west)
Platinum Plate	  55000	  11000	 1100	  220	 55	  11	    11/10    1

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