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This walled town was the area trade center and seat of feudal power, then began to decline when the overlordship transferred from a suzerain to the city itself, but is now undergoing a boom due to the ac- tivities of adventurers and the particular world system events (a new struggle between lawful good and chaotic evil, with the latter on the up- swing). The oligarchs of the city are neutral in outlook, if not in align- ment, viewing anything which benefits their city as desirable. There- fore, all sorts of creatures inhabit the city, commerce is free, persons of lawful alignment rub elbows with chaotics, evil and good co-exist on equitable terms. Any preeminence of alignment is carefully thwarted by the rulers of the place, for it would tend to be detrimental to the city trade. There are movements and plots aplenty, but they are merely a part of the mosaic of city intrigue, and player characters can seldom find personal advantage in them, let alone assume a commanding posi- tion in municipal affairs. (Gary Gygax, "Varied Player Character and Non-Player Character Alignment in the Dungeons and Dragons Campaign" The Dragon #9 (Vol II No. 3) 1977.)
This place becomes the last place of resistance when Tharizdun invades Oerth. It has a non-magical street lighting system. Most sentries opperate in pairs. It is surrounded by a double wall. The outer curtain is 25 feet high, with a splayed base and ditches, moats, or river running round it. It is topped with crenellations and machicolations and bastions. Between the inner and outer walls is a hundred foot wide strip of grass, level with the battlements of the outer wall. The inner wall is forty feet high and has towers. The city gates have gate houses, and a long passageway which pieces the sward above until one reaches the tower on the inner wall. The entire city is on a low hill. Each section of the green has a troop or two (20 to 40 men) of cavalry. The city sewers and water ducts are carved from limestone, with shafts to cisterns sunk in harder rock below. No longer in danger of siege, many of the water pipes are sealed up and the water level is low but present. There exist military defense plans for moving troops through the underground passages in the case of an emergency. In many locations hidden information has been scrawled on the walls, including symbols meaning - exit up ahead; access to a lower pathway; secret door; etc. The upper is primarily drainage and water supply. There are stairwell accesses as well as the traditional sewer hole/ladder accesses. There is a second level containing more chambers and wells and fewer drains. The great reservoir lies down hill, away from the Old City, on the third and lowest known level. This level also contains slow moving canals. The upper two levels are reasonably frequently trafficked containing rats, spiders and the like as well as the occasional patrol of one agency or another. Dark things lurk in seldom used cisterns on the third level however.

Note: Someone has redrawn the Greyhawk City map from City of Hawks and included the key. There's some degree of inconsistancey between this map and the text as well as between different portions of the Gord series.

New Town
bisected by broad thoroughfares. It was built to link the Citadel with the Old City.
The Upper New Town
for Upper Class
Moat Stream Canal
Runs along the New town/ Old City border. Between it and the Old City wall, lies a thin strip of warehouses and shops.
possibly defines Longtrade. City of Hawks has it run North from across from the Beggar's Quarter, South to across from the Thieves quarter.
an east-west canal in New Town.
The Nine Sectors
High Quarter
It is north of Halls and Clerkburg, high class gaming courtesans, and drinking establishments where High meets Garden.
Garden Quarter
It has a sporting district where it meets the High Quarter. It is on the opposite side of town from the Citadel and the Grand Square; is north of Halls & Clerkburg.
Low Quarter
near the River Quarter and is adjacent to (East of?) the Strip is north of Halls District.
River Quarter
Is near the Strip; It is a trade sector. It is just north of the Southern sector, it is separated from the city by the city walls to the South and West. Rivergate connects it to the city. It is just across the Selintan from Hook Harbor.
Depositor's District
area of huge warehouses in the upper River Quarter
Foreign Quarter
has an adjacent dock area; is connected to Old City in the north by Black Gate, where it meets the Quarter of Craftsmen. It is reserved for those not claiming to be citizens of the city. 30 foot walls seal it off from the rest of the city.
Halls & Clerkburg
lie between the Grand Square and Waghalter Gate; south of High and Garden, south of Low Quarter. They meet in South Central Greyhawk, there are several theaters and music halls there. Surrounding these are many inns and taverns.
government center, full of religious edifices. The lower portion houses the University and smaller schools. It also contains dreary lodging for lower level employees of the Citadel.
University District
extends from Craftsman's Ward on the East to the Halls in the North with in the trading belt that follows the lower Processional from the River Quarter to the Citadel. Most students and colleges are along the wall of Greyhawk in the southern most part of the University sector.
Grey College
the oldest college in Greyhawk
Count College
Landgrave College
The oldest of the colleges in the university, It is housed in an old monastery and used to be in the Labor District of the Old City. Rare documents, including city planning archives are more likely to be found here than at the other colleges.
district of bureaucrats and the bookish, the upper end is adjacent to the Halls; it has clerks, administrators, and scribes. There is an underground passage from here to Old City
Religious district
near the Artisan's district and the administrative districts
The Strip
runs from Dockside to Low Street, bordered on one side by The Processional; filled with Bawdy houses, taverns, gambling dens, saloons, thieves, other entertainment. It lies between the River Quarter and Low Quarter.
Craft District - aka. Quarter of Craftsmen, Craftsman's Ward
just beyond the South wall of Old City, near the administrative districts and the Religious district, is in the old city, adjacent to the Foreign Quarter and is also known as the Artisans' Sector or the Artisans' district. It's placement in Old City contradicts EGG's map in the front of City of Hawks.
Southern sector
has stores, markets, indoor bazaars, et cetera, is adjacent to the River Quarter.
The Enclave
south of River Street, from the Old Wall to the Processional, east of the High quarter and touching the green commons near the Newmarket Square. It is a group of lavish homes that house the "upper class" thieves, assassins, harlots, and other criminal elements, but not the Guild heads, who live elsewhere.
The Citadel
the most heavily fortified portion of the city, the citadel contains a fortress, palace, administrative center, and garrison for the army. It is not highly trafficked by the general public. It is on the east bank of the Selitan. City of Hawks places it north of the Low quarter and south of the High quarter.
Old City
twisting narrow lanes and alleys. There is an underground passage from here to Clerkburg. City of Hawks states that there is a canal surrounding this part of the city, which used to be a moat. Additional canals have been constructed as well. The entire place shuts up fast after dark, although there are several underground passageways here allowing a freedom for the thieves if not for the common people.
Slum Quarter
narrow twisting alleys and gangways, ruins, shacks, - thieves avoid it, full of beggars, gangs of street urchins, and desperate people; 2 sections, one is the worst, one is where the menial laborers live. Dead here aren't buried, just dropped out in the street for the cleaners to take away or eaten by dogs and rats. In better economy, this quarter shrinks at the expense of the Labor District. Peddlers, food shops, used clothing and other used goods stores account for the economy of the place.
Beggars' Quarter
lies between the Thieves' Quarter and the Slum Quarter in the Old City
Beggars' Union
Run by Theobald, all speak Beggars' Cant - a corrupted combination of Thieves' and Merchants' Cant. The beggars mark targets for thieves and the thieves give some of their earnings to the beggars. Many whores work out of the beggars' union, many beggars learn the proficiency - disguise.

The building next door has a room with a table, under the table is a concealed trap door, which leads to a passage that runs between the two cities ending in a pawn shop.

The Union consisted of several levels, each a maze of wall cubicles, Gord's was on the top floor, the cellar has a kitchen, an unused back stairwell. The Beggarmaster's private quarters has a secret shaft down to the sewers, it is disguised as a cistern. 100' down there is a small ledge and an old door.

During the Beggar/Thief war, the Beggars controlled the North Thieves Quarter - bordered by Cleaver. This union supplemented the Beggar's guild with aid from actors, peddlers, tinkerers, and renegade thieves.

Thieves Quarter
Labor District
Shack Town
up from the wharfs, on the river
The Processional
The major north-south artery of the city, one end is in the Garden Quarter, the other is at the Grand Square and the Citadel, on one side it borders the Strip; it goes through the University district.
Fortune Street
a byway in the upper portion of New Town, filled with gaming, and drinking establishments, as well as high class brothels.
Street of Delights
road in The Strip
Killcat Lane
runs in the Slum Quarter, near the Foreign quarter, has at least one alley.
a north/south street in the Thieves Quarter, is crossed by Redcobbles Lane
Haven Street
a north/south street, it crosses Thieves Quarter.
Redcobbles Lane
an east/west street, crosses Haven Street and Cleaver
Odd Alley
a closed off portion of Old City which has many shops befitting it's name. It has a gate at its entrance which is always locked and shunned. The gate is the only entry way. A special coin placed in a slot at the gate will gain entry, but different, obscure coins will open to alleys in alternate planes such as Weird Way.
Blue Boar Street
renowned for its shops and taverns, restaurants and a high quality of gentlefolk and rakes. It curves.
Burnbook Lane
the Roc and Oliphant is at one end
Hundred Step Street
has several stairs, at the bottom it meets the Avenue of the Bells
Avenue of the Bells
it crosses the bottom of Hundred Step Street
Tosspot Lane
goes through a six-point intersection in Low Quarter, runs North East by Southwest. It starts to curve uphill to the north. It intersects with Uskbarrel Road.
Uskbarrel Road
intersects Tosspot Lane soon after that road turns uphill to the north. It runs East and West.
Rag Alley
runs north off of Uskbarrel Road, east of Tosspot Lane. It is so narrow that it could be easily missed. It runs between Uskbarrel and Felbo Close.
Felbo Close
a larger street that runs east and west. It dead ends shortly to the west of Rag Alley.
Hothand Street
a north-south street that intersects Felbo Close. It goes south for a mile before entering Halls district from Low Quarter. It crosses or becomes Avenue of the Fountains in Halls near the Halls/Low border.
Avenue of the Fountains
Is either a East/West street crossing Hothand Street in Halls or a North/South street that becomes Hothand Street in Low Quarter. It is not a place for drinking.
Scrivner's Crescent
curves south east off of Hothand or Avenue of the Fountains.
Haven Lane
crosses Scrivner's Crescent at a strange angle.
Harper Street
an East West street that runs through Clerkburg
Inkwell Lane
a dead end street that comes down off of Harper in Clerkburg
Street of Songs
a road in the Foreign Quarter.
Batwing Lane
a road in Halls & Clerkburg, in the area where they meet.
Street of Silks
a street probably in Halls, off of the Processional, up from the Citadel.
Vertwall Close
a street just off the middle of the Street of Silks. Name (i.e. green wall) suggests location in the Garden Quarter or otherwise near plantlife.
High Road
runs through Old City, out a gate, across Long span and to the bastion.
Hardcobbles Way
runs through the Foreign Quarter, crosses Lost Lane.
Lost Lane
a dark road that crosses Hardcobbles Way in the Foreign quarter, it has several narrow alleys leading off of it. It ends in a close called Heart's Desire.
Heart's Desire
a close at the end of Lost Lane. Where the streets meet there is a vaguely heart shaped bend. It has the highest quality brothels and gambling dens outside of the High and Garden Quarters.
River Street
a street that runs through the River Quarter, that is connected to Hook Harbor across the Selintan by ferry.
Thieves Way
a secret, narrow "road" that runs from a hidden landing outside the city at the Citadel, it is connected to a lower, more secret passage to within the city, which had been built by the Thieves' Guild, but was by the 550's primarily used by Assassins.
Weird Way
an alley in another dimension that can be accessed via the gate at Odd Alley. It is surrounded by nothingness.
Faire Market
the plaza at the end of the alley which is 300 ft by 600 ft.
Dome of Delights
"Rare Wine at Bargain Prices"
a booth in the Faire Market.
is across from the Tower Tavern and Count Joseph's Emporium of the Unusual near the entrance to Weird Way.
Achmut's Cut-rate Carpets
is across from the Tower Tavern and Count Joseph's Emporium of the Unusual.
Tower Tavern
is across from the Dome of Delights and Achmut's Cut-rate Carpets.
Count Joseph's Emporium of the Unusual
is across from the Dome of Delights and Achmut's Cut-rate Carpets.
Pagoda of Pools
features extra- and outer-planer travel.
Pavilion of Portals
Contains broad endless marble corridors that are tended by a gnome, they will send those who traverse them to alternate planes such as Yarth (see Dangerous Journeys), and Aerth.
Juxort's Charts and Maps
a shop to the left of the gate, just beyond Achmut's Carpets.
Wonders of the World
a shop to the left of the gate, next to Juxort's.
Abner Grontny the Outfiter
a shop to the right of the gate, across from Juxort's
The Arms Exchange
a shop to the right of the gate, across from Wonders of the World.
Elixirs from EverywhereThe Explorer's Inn
has 2 restaurants, membership available, some salons, and a general parlor. Lies at the end of Weird Way just before the plaza. It features travel through time and probability.
Multiversal Armorer
Lies at the end of Weird Way, just before the plaza, across from the Explorer's Inn.
Sogil the Gemner
a gem/jewelry store at the end of Faire Market
Hostel of Ineffable Comfort
run by Huskons and Plincourt, features the Gedrusian exotic Dancers; Has a small suite - the Burke and Hare Suite, and a larger one, the Bates Complex.
The Fragrant Blossoma tea house near the Hostel.
The Helix
an exclusive club, has a grand Salon, a garden and a fountain.
Bird in Hand
a tavern
The Chessmen Tavern
somewhere in Greyhawk.
Green Dragon Inn/tavern
somewhere in Greyhawk. NB. According to Rob Kuntz in The Oerth Journal 7 (which you can find at The Council of Greyhawk) this establishment is secretly owned and frequented by Robilar, whose stats and some of whose history can also be found in OJ5,6 & 7.
Gravestone's Headquarters
Gravestone has many swordsmen and petty spell-casters and guardian daemons to slow down an assault. He keeps many daemons in the form of cockroaches, to act as sentinels. He has had Sigildark enspell his servants. It is a thick walled building. The foyer has a doorway. The door is iron bound bronzewood with a bar there is a table and a large wardrobe. A pale violet gate to the top is held open by Alton and Timmil. It leads to a silver shot, ebony passage way, with an insubstantial shifting lilac and plum floor. The floor is rough. The passage is bright in the ultraviolet and infrared. The adjacent street runs into a narrow dirty alley that curves north east and widens to a little plaza where another similar street meets it. Stairs lead both to the cellars and to a balcony walkway. Upstairs, one of the establishments is a tea and bread shop.
The spiral stair:
This staircase lies 300 feet form the entry. It leads up towards the platform. It has many magical traps which Alton and Timmil bypassed. There is an express route to Gravestone himself, but they can not use it. There are 200 total steps, and 100 total traps. Each trap shrinks the characters onto a relatively large, extraplanar "step", some of which are described below. One can bypass the step traps by envisioning the steps clear of traps, and "golly gee, Wally", they will be. The characters, will then grow to normal size. Warding off the traps however, is harder as one goes up, and becomes more fatiguing. After Gravestone's death, the entire inner citadel - the stairs and the platforms, the extraplanar space - disintegrates slowly and shakes apart. Thirteen stairs down is the tower room in the original Greyhawk building as the extradimensional space was partially in real space.
Stair One
It becomes dark. Only truesight can reveal that you stand on a table atop a pinnacle which disappears into a negative plane gate. Everything behind has disappeared. Ahead is another pinnacle, ten feet ahead and six feet up. It is slippery near the front. The pinnacles pierce the platforms and the pinnacles are transparent. Then you turn to a spiral stair suspended in the air. A few steps up leads to....
Stair Two
this stair is a dense thicket filled with plant monsters and metallic barbed vegetation. Turn twice, go 30 feet to a flat-topped boulder. When mounted you arrive at....
Stair Three
this is a rust-hued plane of metal. From a vivid maroon sky hangs monstrous cylindrical rusted iron bells. They are 45 feet above the floor. They are not attached to anything, but, they swing upon entry into the realm with increasing loudness and broadening sweeps. The sound will deafen intruders and drive them mad. In the distance, is a green verdigris bronze bell, three times larger than the others. When it is reached, the ringing stops. Under the center of the bronze bell is another platform.
Stair Four
When stepped on huge flames will engulf the place. In the distance is a column of smoke rising up.
Stair Five, Smoke
Vapors and fogs of sickly pastel hues overrun the place. Yellow, green, brownish, blue, all poisonous gases. Humans will last long enough to cast a spell. A pure white vapor is the next step. Big rectangles indicate all of the steps.
Stair Six, Ice
Biting wind prevails over solid ice ground. Ice crystals sting the face. The temperature is so low that it hurts to open one's eyes. Jagged hunks of upthrust ice create a maze. It is very slippery. The next step is a silvery white sheathed fang of old black ice. It can be seen from the edge withtruesight. The stair is imbedded in the ice.
Stair Seven, Illusion
Arrival is in a warm, green lit forest glen, a druidical grove with an alter and worshippers, one of which is familiar to the characters. In Gord et al.'s case, it is Evaleigh. There are three rings of standing stones surrounding the smooth alter stone, which is the arrival point. The illusion is of Midsummer's Eve's Feast, some six months after the tower was entered. Evaleigh says that Tharizdun has a great temple being built in Ratik's capital and that his last surviving supporters rejoiced. She is accompanied by, not her husband, but by knights, officials, attendants, servants, guards, and petty nobles, over 300 total. She says that all of the temples to evil are being torn down, as evil unites under Tharizdun. She says that he has not brought noticeable suffering, but rather centralized taxing and aid of the nether sects. Tharizdun seems to have quieted the things that the other alignments object to. They will question repeatedly about demons "Why are you in league with them!" A night hag has taken Evaleigh's form. She stands on a dais which is the entrance to the next layer.
Stair Eight, Submariner
Deep emerald sea water surrounds the travelers. They are several fathoms deep. Tiger sharks and large blue sharks swim by. Visibility is 30 yards. Ahead is a thick growth of giant kelp. To the right is a gradual drop to the rocks with an obvious cave. To the left are 12 giant clams. Behind them, 30 yards back, is a long coral reef. The smallest clams are 3 feet across. One is 8 feet across. They small ones are open. The closed large clam is the next stair.
Stair Nine, Desert Island
This is a desert island that is only a few dozen yards across. It is surrounded by ocean and there is no fresh water available. The step is 20 feet above the center and is invisible from below.
Stair Ten, Stone
Travellers appear in a large stone lined bubble, that is filled with a grayish light. It is spherical. At the apex of the dome is a hooked stone projection. The next step is on the ceiling, above the hook.
Stair Eleven, ???
This landscape is totally alien. Everything about it is distorted. It has a jarring colored sky, noxious atmosphere, and it induces madness. The stair is the most revolting feature in view.
Stair Twelve, Jungle
This jungle is full of various colored tentacles, some plain, some with suckers, some with poison, or claws, or barbs, etc. 2 to 12 surround sphincter-like mouths that seek to devour passers by. The step is in the center of the largest group, in the middle of hook and poison tentacles.
Stair Thirteen, Swamp
This fetid reeking moor contains swarms of flying, biting, insects. The water is filled with leaches, et cetera. The step is on the high ground 6 leagues straight ahead. The place is filled with infectious diseases, worms, and parasites.
Stair Fourteen, Vacuum
Stair Fifteen, Stairs
It is flat, infinitely large, and covered with flights of stairs. The place induces sleep. The sleep will bear dreams indicating that they can sleep for an indefinite period and still escape. The ground yields slightly, like a giant mattress. The stair to leave by is the smallest visible from the entrance.
Stair Sixteen, Flypaper
It is very easy to stick here. There are flying creatures that gnaw off pieces of creatures stuck to the ground. The step is a large creature stuck to the ground.
Stair Seventeen, Pain & Agony
Here intruders experience pain and agony in all five senses. The stair is where the greatest pain is.
Stair Eighteen, Slime
The party must climb a slime coated cliff to reach the next stair.
Stair Nineteen, Gearword
There are many large gears here that spin up to ledges. One ledge is the next step.
Stair Twenty, Acid world
Stair Twenty-one, Geometry from Hell
This world is inhabited by malicious, animated, metal shapes, that is, steel cubes and iron spheres.
Stair Twenty-two, Alkaline Desert Plain
Stair Twenty-three, Mr. Mouth
This a giant mouth that snaps open and shut. The party arrives on one molar and must move to the rear molar on the opposite side.
Stair Twenty-four, Land of the Lost
This level is a Pleistocene world filled with dinosaurs.
Stair Twenty-Five, The Fabled City of Brass
The characters arrive at that place featured on the cover of the first first-edition DMG, (and the Thousand Nights and a Night), the home of the Efreeti. The sultan of the efreeti knows of a portal to pass by the next twenty-five layers. (See also Part I of Rob Kuntz's City of Brass adventure)
Stair Twenty-Six, Undead!
creatures of the negative plane, undead and the like live here.
Stair Fifty, Meet your Nemesis
Characters arriving here will come face to face with their most hated foe. Curley sees Nerull, Chert sees Amon, Duke of Hell, Gellor sees Hatdoligor Kaathbaaen, and Gord sees Tharizdun. Needless to say, there is a feeling of despair attached to this layer. The arch-enemies are illusionary. The place is filled with feelings of despair and loneliness and fear. There are illusionary obscenities. It incites hatred between party members. Some believe that anything near them is a nightmare creature, (including characters). It is actually a small, confined area.
Top Floor, Cadillac! (pardon the dated TV commercial reference) Gravestone's realm
is connected to the top floor. It is a monstrous, black walled room. Chimes echo when the tower is intruded. A number of flying bridges lead up to the platform at the center. The platform is a bowshot in diameter. It is covered with dark jumbled shapes. Violet light illuminates the place on Gravestone's command. A many tiered pit lies beneath the platform. The floor is blackish purple. He will negotiate with powerful intruders (just about any one who managed to get this far) and offer them alliance, while summoning Pazuzeus and Shabriri to dispose of them. He relaxes on a divan with cacodaemon whores from Gehenna and dumaldun slaves from Tartarus while watching the fight in comfort, far back. He may cast Prismatic Sphere as a precautionary measure. On this plane, some magics do not function. Should Pazuzeus or Shabriri survive combat, but be defeated, Gravestone will restore them to fight again, immediately. The top platform here is strangely lit by violet lights. When those who have used the stair reach here, the steps will crumble away behind them. If one falls off the platform, they will head towards jagged rocks below and then enter a dream world in which they see some things from their memories. When Gravestone gets a chance, he will take over the dream.
    Gord's dream
    he rides Blue Murder, who turns into a Ki-rin, who turns invisible. He sees Iggwilv, Iuz, and Zuggtmoy, each with a Theorpart. They join them together, thinking that they will rule Tharizdun. The females are destroyed by Iuz. Tharizdun appears in his purple cloud form. He eats Iuz and offers Gord a viceroyship. The spirit of Karal Quadrapus reveals that what appears to be Tharizdun is really Gravestone.

    This final trap had three ways of ensnarement: first, by despair and withdrawal, enhanced by spells, second, persuasion and subversion, which has a 40% chance of success, finally, physical combat based on mental conviction - the vision of Tharizdun. This has a 50% chance of success. Gord leaps on the Tharizdun image to arrive at Gravestone. Gravestone runs this dream from a trance-like state. He lies entranced, sweating, on a flat pad on a circular dais, that is carved with sigils of warding. Three black candles burn. Gellor, Curley, and Chert are bound nearby. They are all near death and are bound both physically and magically. There is a central disk on this level.

below the central disk is a level filled with a maze, three times larger than the space above. The oval area where Gellor was bound resonates a different frequency making it seem invisible. There are 20 foot wide steps down to it. There are quite a few Protection from Good spells cast here. Then it is protected by sigils of he netherplanes that are near invisible. They represent Hell, Hades, and the Abyss. They are also from Gravestone's scarab. The labyrinth is formed with halls, passages, and corridors, all radiating evil. This is also a product of the scarab. Those of good alignment causes the labyrinth to grow when they enter. There are new turns with each turn. It has a geometric pattern that will be mirrored and duplicated, like it is one large geomorph. In the center is:
Gravestone's hideaway.
He is protected by pentagrams, magical circles, magical triangles, and the horned seals of evil in the floor. the entrance is made of stone and iron, set with silver and gold runes. All of it is cloaked by invisibility, illusion, and blindness. It is surrounded by a dense metal and dampening magnets. Inside is all of his loot, his spell books, his alchemical equipment, etc. There are many potions and elixirs of healing and of other varieties, some of which are made of human blood and some of which are stimulants. He keeps the Codex of Infinite Damnations and The Everlasting Damnations of Dilwomz in his library here. Of course, he also has a fresh supply of black candles. There are trails of Gravestone, leading through all of the slime covered paths, but the one leaving a stark acrid stench leads to his chamber. The solar sent by Basiliv gave the clue "Follow the reek of corruption." One chamber in the maze is at a three point intersection. It is dweomered to expand to a large size and to have four, six, or 20+ exits. The scent trail ends in a secret door in the stone wall. It is hidden magically and barred by protection from good and glyphs of warding. There is a short passage to:
Gravestone's chamber.
There is an arras in the room. There are many scrolls, and wands, and demonurgical equipment. He will not cast what will destroy centuries of work.
Maegus Yeo's
Maegus Yeo's shop has a portal with protective dweomers, a bronze barred oak and iron door, which leads to a short corridor, which, in turn leads to a room of the shop, sparsely furnished with small tables, stands with earrings, statues, jars, and other objects, racks and shelves hang from the ceiling with more of he like objects. A hallway from this room goes past the stairs which go up to his living area and down to the cellar. These downward stairs are well-worn. There are ten zombie guardians, they rebind their wounds and even lost limbs when they are slain. Poztif turned all but one, but did not dispel them. They are locked in a room by a chain lock. Yeo chants and the violet light fills the hall. It is a purple wood paneled, mauve and gilt screened temple. There are hundreds of candles with violet flames. There is a thick plum and black carpet. There are low chairs and embroidered cushions an an altar placed before a translucent lilac stone. The stone is an 8' x 4' x 4' rectangular prism.
The Petite Bazaar
an open area surrounded by brick buildings, a rectangular plaza near the Black Gate.
Tower of Rigello
Rigello's tower is surrounded by a wall, and is guarded by three sentries at night. Beyond the wall is a garden, in there is a short outer stair leading up from the base of the tower. There is a landing and door a short distance up the stairs. There is a window above that. It leads to a small room with a narrow doorway. This leads to the central stairwell. It is a worn stone spiral stair that runs through the center of the keep. There are guards stationed in chambers adjacent to the stair.

At the top is the chamber of Rigello. He has a trapped flagstone before the entrance to his chambers that releases a grill of iron spikes from the ceiling. The tiger statuette is on a pedestal trapped with a symbol of death and a magic mouth that shouts "Thief!" 40 times. Four continual light spells erupt from behind the masks that are on the walls of the chamber. There is a large bronzewood table in here. A voice from above will start shouting for the thief's surrender so that he would be granted a swift death. A huge blue demon comes out from the bottom of the stairwell. A pair of lesser mages, one of whom can cast flesh to stone and has a wand of magic missiles, await on the landing below the top floor. There are archers on the roof.

Roc and Oliphant
a small tavern at the end of Burnbook Lane
Temple of Fharlanghn
few priests here, as it is an urban setting, but they are a tolerant sect. They are known for selling continual light stones for 3000 bronze zees each.
The Temple of Nerull
is avoided by all, even most worshipers, after dark, for fear of becoming a sacrifice. There is a maze of passageways and rooms beneath the place. It is known as the Lightless Temple.
The Turning Wheel
lies off of a cul-de-sac off of Batwing Lane. Eight steps down from it lead to a tunnel where The Turning Wheel is. It's sign depicts various scenes, and can turn. It is a bistro.
Wizard's Hat Inn
it lies off Blue Boar Street.
The Patricians Club
a High Quarter gaming house
Villa Noblesse
apartments in the High Quarter
The Nymph and Satyr
a tavern near High and Garden Quarter border
Silver Castle Inn
is a short distance from Hundred Step Street on the Avenue of the Bells, which is near the administration districts, the Artisans district, and the religious district. It has a diverse, but well to do, clientele. The inn's penthouse is called the Grand Tower. It also has a common room and a salon.
Blue Elf
a tavern on Tosspot Lane, almost immediately northeast of the six point intersection in Low Quarter, and before the lane curves.
The Castle
a tavern or inn on Tosspot Lane after it curves uphill and before it meets Uskbarrel Road
The Stag and Wolves
a tavern or inn on Uskbarrel between Tosspot Lane and Rag Alley
The Crock
a tavern or inn on Rag Alley between Uskbarrel and Felbo Close.
Rose on Ice
a tavern or inn on Felbo Close, west of the Hungry Bear and Hothand Street.
The Hungry Bear
a tavern or inn on the corner of Felbo Close and Hothand Street.
Inn of the Double Dragon
an establishment on Hothand Street, just south of Felbo Close. There are 7 other inns/taverns on Hothand between Felbo and Avenue of the Fountains.
Gord & Chert's
their dwelling is in the River Quarter near the Strip. It is a three story shop that appears abandoned and the shutters are boarded shut. The first floor is a lounge with a kitchen in the back. The second floor belongs to Gord. The third floor belongs to Chert and has a hollow behind a wooden support beam that hides an iron cash box.
The Wheel of Gold
a gambling den in The Strip
Blue Lantern tavern
it is long and narrow and has musicians and gambling and a dancing girl. The crowds are boisterous and the musicians include an idle drummer, a haughty violist, a fat sackbut player - intelligent realist, a virginal player - he laughs easily in snickers. It is in the Foreign Quarter on Hardcobbles Way.
Hegmon's Underground
establishment in the cellar of a building on Heart's Desire. A flight of stone stairs leads to the cellar door. It has narrow windows of dark amber glass, dirt encrusted. Light glows from inside. It is a little brighter inside. A longish narrow foyer runs the length of the buildings front. There are three curtained doorways. Hegmon comes from the center. He will provide a room for a copper an hour. Drugs are available.
    Flowers of Thratus Kaloid
    supposed to heighten the senses, for 1 silver per person. They are served in earthenware flasks with odd designs.
There is a spy hole by the secret door. There is a table in their room, and chairs. The secret door is 3 feet above the floor. The edge is hid by a supporting post set into the wall and by strips of wood braces. The spy hole is through a crack in a ceiling beam. The portal swings in and to the left. The spy hole is to the right. Following the passage it goes up four steps to a door. The other side of the door is a cabinet in a dirty disused pantry. This is a large room in the building next to Hegmon's. The building has many rooms to the front. It has shuttered windows and a barred door. The second building is in the Old City.
Lotus House
a bar with exotic dancers in the Foreign Quarter off of Street of Songs that is frequented by Bakluni and other Westerners.
Man in the Moon
a tavern most likely in the Foreign Quarter. Black Meggin works here. Black Pomarj is available here.
The Ship and Crowns
a narrow building, five storeys in height. Door is iron bound. Sign has golden ship, 3 silver crowns on a field of blue. It is in the Foreign Quarter. It is frequented by wealthy merchants, ship's captains, traders, slumming merchants, and occasionally cat lords! Regular customers are sold a crown-shaped key to allow entry to the building. The ground floor floor is clean and polished. It is covered by thick exotic rugs. The walls are paneled with polished wood. From 3' up the walls are painted and plastered. There are a half a dozen chairs, two small tables, brass lanterns and candelabra. In a few minutes a comely hostess enters from a covered arch in the rear. She offers the possibilities of carousing, taking drugs or gaming. The two houses of ill repute are known as the Masters' Cabin (fourth floor), and the Leisure of Lords (fifth floor). The arch leads to a short hall with a stairwell. All the rooms on the second story are gaming rooms. The first story has a thick plush draped entrance wherein carousing can be had. Second story (third floor) Has several gaming rooms. One in the back has cushioned chairs, soft divans and oddly shaped and patterned gaming tables. There are a mixed lot of wealthy patrons. There is at least one maid/hostess per room. The room where Dragonchess is played is a small secluded study, with but one table and a pair of high-backed, overstuffed chairs. (See Dragon #100)
Iggy's Inn
an establishment on Scrivner's Crescent in Halls.
The Dryad
an inn or tavern on Scrivner's Crescent between Hothand and Haven Lane.
The Iron Triangle
a inn or tavern in Halls on Haven Lane south of Scrivner's Crescent and before the zigzag.
The Web and Spiders
a drinking establishment in Halls
The Xorn and Gems
a drinking establishment in Halls
The Six Mastiffs
an inn or drinking establishment in Halls or Clerkburg on a street off Harper.
The Loyal Company
an inn or drinking establishment in Clerkburg off of Harper Street.
The Blind Basilisk
an inn or drinking establishment in Clerkburg off of Harper Street.
The Hornets' Nest
an inn or drinking establishment in Clerkburg off of Harper Street.
The Three Centipedes
an inn or drinking establishment in Clerkburg off of Inkwell Lane.
The Acorns
an old inn in Clerkburg, owned by Calvert
Clalzo's Trade House
is in the University District.
Flaming Torch
a bar in the University District.
Inn of the Seven Quills
an inn that is a few minutes away from the Lusty Friar, it is equidistant from Southgate and Longgate.
Jolly Master
a bar in the University District.
Lusty Friar
a bar in the University District.
Nymph and Satyr
a bar in the University District.
Toad on a Toadstool
a tavern in the University District, Paddy is it's barkeep.
Wanno's estate
In the 550's, the mage Wanno had an estate right off of Thieves' Way in the Citadel. This passage was seldom used and its oaken doorway lay heavy with rust. Inside the building, he has a rather cluttered receiving room cum workspace, filled with all sorts of magical paraphernalia, occult writings and tapestries. This room also has proof against scrying. Wanno's private chamber is nearby and Halfred has a chamber as well.
Scriggin's Junk Store
a shop of antiquities in Odd Alley.
Clothes R' Us - (my name)
a used clothing shop in Odd Alley.
Freedle's Librarium
a rare book store in Odd Alley.
The Potter's Booth
a shop of fine ceramics in Odd Alley.
The Sunken Grotto
a tavern in Odd Alley.
Odd Alley Moneychanger's Stall
self explanatory
Green Wulfurt's Apothecary
druggist in Odd Alley.
The Crazy Limner's place
a place in Odd Alley.
Zreed's Antiquary
an antique shop in Odd Alley.
Odd Alley warehouse
Odd Alley stables
are right next to the gate at Odd Alley
The city Workhouse
place of penal servitude for offenders of all ages, inmates are segregated by their ability to work; it is located near the Thieves Quarter.
The Silver Shield
a tavern on the street which divides the Thieves' and Beggars' Quarters.
The Four Pots
a tavern/ gaming house in the Labor district, frequented by Markham and Tapper.
the gates from the Old City to the New City cost 1 iron drab. All gates have passes available to VIP's. All gates are closed at nightfall.
South Gate
is huge and the furthest gate south.
Long Gate
lies South of Hill Gate
Hill Gate
where several barges load and unload cargo at the Bastion Isle, it is connected to the Isle by Bow Bridge.
Mid Gate
lies north of Hill Gate and Bastion Isle. It is an east gate from Old City which leads to the bridge Long span to the Bastion. It is the upper bridge and a part of High Road. It goes south to the courtyard/garrison where peddlers., merchants, etc. hang out.
Cargo Gatelies between the River Quarter and the wharfs. Possibly renamed Rivergate in the New Infinities books.
connects the River Quarter to the City; partying and entertainment is here during the day.
Waghalter Gate
from the Trade District near the Grand Square to the Thieves Quarter
Safelock Portal
in City of Hawks leads West out of the Foreign Quarter into Longtrade, There is a secret passage under the portal for those who wish to avoid watchers and gate fees.
Black Gate
connects the Foreign Quarter to the Old City's Craftsman's Ward. Possibly renamed Beggar's Gate in the New Infinities books.
Laws and Enforcement
The punishment for grand theft in Greyhawk City
First offence - penal servitude,
Second offence - loss of hand;
goods not recovered - flogging, then execution by axe.
Greyhawk's Praefecture of Magisterial Enforcement
they wear black and gold uniforms and carry crossbows. Rank indicators - gold chain = magistrate, silver chain = inspector, no chain = warden. They are the military police. They train city officials' children and recruits.
Police - The Watch
wear black uniforms with white trim. They divide the city into nine sectors, each with a captain of the watch, and officers and men. The University district has its own protectors commanded by the Master of Arms and subject to the Watch in time of war.
The Army
are housed in the Bastion and in the Citadel, soldiers wear a reversed battle flag, dark. Most sentries operate in pairs.
Sewers - extensive
The Artisans' League
Grey Run
a river that runs along the east side and east wall of Greyhawk, contains Bastion IsleBastion Isle
houses the Bastion/fortress of Greyhawk, cargo is unloaded here at Hill gate, it has locks to move the boats up and down the water levels. The courtyard/garrison is where peddlers, merchants, etc. hang out. City of Hawks has it running from Hill gate to Midgate in the Grey Run. It was the first line of defense for the city and has become its own little village as well.
Hook Harbor
is on the Selintan 1/2 mile north of the southernmost walls of Greyhawk. It is across from River Street in the River Quarter, to which it is serviced by ferry.
NPCs of Greyhawk
Greyhawk's high priest of Nerull, successor to Colvetis Pol c. 550 CY. He helped weave the spells with Poxpanus, which would track down and slay the infant Gord. He calls off the search for Gord, five years after the incident. He is privy to divinations from both Hades and the Hells.
This assassin began his career as a flunky for Nerof Gasgol. He has brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, tanned weathered skin. He takes the guise of a mercenary, hunter/tracker from the Wild Coast in order to infiltrate Gord's party. He kills Loreman, Ash, Grover, and Jokotai. He had been hired by the Scarlet Brotherhood. He held a scroll of Silence, Time Stop, and Wall of Stone as well as a potion of invisibility. His strike only half killed Jokotai, who was later finished off. His allies were five miles south of the temple, across the Jewel River. After joining with the Scarlet Brotherhood, he was pursued and slain by Deirdre Longarm.
He is the leader of the Greyhawk cabal for Balance. He is a large man with blue eyes and sports a beard. He is sent to guard and teach Gord when Gord is about 5 through 7. He became a friend of Gord before Leena died. He defended him from the local toughs and got him fruit once in a while. He had to leave after assassins attacked. He returns to the city by c. 570.
leader of a small gang of toughs in Greyhawk
Colvetis Pol
Greyhawk's high priest of Nerull, wears a maroon robe and is sallow-skinned. He can see in the dark, be it magical or natural, as if it were daylight. He disguises his pride in ironic statements. He is quite ambitious and considers himself equal or superior to most other servants of Nerull. He hired Alburt and Slono to kill Wanno and Gord. He works to recover Tharizdun. He disappeared either to Hades or to a hermitage shortly after Poxpanus failed in his attempt to find and kill the infant Gord.
Magister of the Society of the Magi, an arch-mage.
Archdeacon Elohideus
chief cleric of Hell
He is a neutral evil cleric/magic-user, a necromancer and a demiurge from Greyhawk. He is known to the Greyhawk Assassin's Guild as Undron Nalvistor, by the older residents of Low Quarter as Norund the Dotty Gemner, to the younger residents of Low Quarter as Beanpole, to the oligarches as Rundon Tallman, mystic and seer, to those of Hardby as Brother Donnur, the cleric, and as Graves, a river pilot on the Selintan. He is tall, with a hard, ancient face, long arms, and leathery skin. His gaze incites fear and obedience. He needs only a few hours rest. His hand and fingers can secrete acid. He can change his hand to tentacles or into a Freddy Kruger-style knife claw. With a touch, he can burn someone's lips shut. He can somehow avoid being damaged. He can bend away from attacks, like a snake.

He is more intelligent than a Demon Lord and is prone to staring while plotting in deep thought. He wants to be a lord of the lower planes and Infestix's successor. He posseses excellent navigational skills and is an unrelenting taskmaster.

He wears a baggy-sleeved robe and has a wavy-bladed dagger. His staff is a constrictor snakestaff that also is poisonous and has many other powers. He has a scarab that generates a sphere of Protection from Good made of three bands, dull blood red of the Hells, ebon of the Abyss, and putrid purple of Hades. He owns the infamous Codex of the Infinite Planes and The Everlasting Damnations of Dilwomez in his library in his secret room.

He is responsible for the death of Karal Quadrapus and Ataleena, Gord's parents. He takes the alias of Graves and poses as a pilot up the Selintan for Barrel. He attacked the Silver Seeker in Hook Harbor. He obtained Gord's sword. His tactics in his tower, begin with offering obviously powerful enemies an alliance while summoning Pazuzeus and Shabriri. He isn't stupid enough to fight people to the death, unless he has to. He will retreat if pressed and will destroy his chambers to destroy pursuers. see also Gravestone's Tower.

First Level: Darkness,
Second Level: Dust Devil,
Third Level: Continual Darkness,
Fourth Level: Divination,
Fifth Level:
Sixth Level: Heal, Hellsfire (a variation on Flame Strike, this sends an inferno of flames and raining lava over the area of effect. The door way is out of that area.)
Seventh Level: Control Weather, Finger of Death, Hellblades (a variation on Blade Barrier that creates nine spinning hot glaives that create a sphere nine feet in diameter)
Mage Spells:
First Level: Ventriloquism,
Second Level: ESP, Mirror Image
Third Level: Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Blink, Slow
Fourth Level: Evard's Black Tentacles, Wall of Fire, Dimension Door, Polymorph Self
Fifth Level: Contact Other Plane
Sixth Level: Project Image, Guards and Wards
Seventh Level: Limited Wish
Eighth Level: Doom Pit (a variation on the Gate spell, which opens up a gate to Hades under someone's feet. It has a long casting time)
Ninth Level: Power Word Kill, Prismatic Sphere, Gate,Time Stop, Wish, Succor, Prismatic Monster (a variation on the Prismatic Sphere spell, this creates a monster inhabited by the caster that is composed of seven colors: orange, gray, red, clear black, maroon, purple, and violet. He can make attacks with it twice per round. Attackers involved in melee suffer damage as per Prismatic Sphere depending upon the outer layer. Blackheartseeker took two strikes to destroy the orange layer. Other evil wizards have similar spells, but Gravestone can cast spells through this one, and have it fight on its own like a pit fiend. The orange level sparks, the grey - lights, the red - burns, the black - negative energy. The creature is ten feet tall at the maroon layer.), Shackle (conjures up metal shackles that fly to bind the victim), Create Extradimensional Pit, Spiked Wall of Evil, various divination spells, some curative spells.
Bastro Felgosh
This large-eyed mage is a member of Gravestone's entourage. He has a displacer cloak and an enchanted collar that when sewn to a cloak, makes it AC 3. His dagger is named "Agonizer" because its cut induces pains. He took four blows from Gellor to die.
First Level: Magic Missile
Fifth Level: Conjure Elemental
Ninth Level?: Energy Drain ?(conjure forth emanations of Death)
This ninth or tenth level+ wizard is a member of the Greyhawk Mages' Guild. He will not conceal pride in his accomplishments or indignation of their being ignored. He has a ring of feather falling. He has access to spies and used them and his spells to trace the infant Gord. In City of Hawks, he is a co-conspirator with Colvetis Pol to bring back Tharizdun. He is commanded by Arendil in City of Hawks to search the library of the Savants of Greyhawk for information about the locations of the Theorparts. Later, he becomes a henchman of Gravestone. Gravestone thinks he is a fool. He is made to enspell Gravestones servants. He flees to Gravestone's realm/top floor. He can summon Krung, and when he does, would trick all into just attacking that demon.
Unknown: divination spells
First Level: Magic Missile (5 shots),
Fourth Level: Dimension Door, Thunder Fire (a clinging purplish flame with a gaseous explosion. It does far more than a regular fireball. It could be fifth level.)
Wilorne, "Snapspine", "Backbreaker"
This assassin is a member of Gravestone's entourage. He is a ventriloquist. He has steel and leather armor, a hooked flail, a short sword, a throwing knife, a bladder of yellow mold, and poison (of course).
remained apprenticed to Wanno long after the necessary time, in order to betray him and attempt to destroy the infant, Gord. He was killed by Wanno c. 550 CY.
Spells: Glyph of Warding
Humbolth Vultrano
Henchman of Arachna, ruler of the See of Medigia, he claims to be a merchant, Fastaal Trevan.
Humbolth's guard.
one of Gasgol's flunkies, worked with Blonk.
Maegus Yeo
a Servant Cleric of Nerull, pilferer of the Five Dragon Bowl. He is also an antique and rarity dealer. He comes from the Far West; his father came from the Suhfang Kingdom. He is sallow skinned, he is a prince and a scholar. He claims that there are five oriental (occidental?) elemental dragons, Golden = Fire, Green = Water, Blue = Air, Silvery imperial = metal, Violet = wood. He has a staff that shoots a lilac ray that cocoons its victims. He has a puce opalescent object that leaves a shiny trail. These are used in summoning the dragon from the stone in his basement. Damage to the stone will damage the dragon. Damage to the dragon will damage Yeo. He will retreat after 20 hit points damage. He has lots of money. See also Maegus Yeo's shop.
Fourth Level: Cure Serious Wounds
Gord's nurse, hired by Wanno. She went through most of the money rather quickly, and before she knew of Wanno's death. She used to live with her father in Halls, until the city tried to annex her father's property upon his demise. He gave her a nearby building and set her up as a maid to the oligarches. Gord was put into her care as if he were her Aunt Una's daughter Ermatrude's son. At the same time Wanno set her up as the Lord and Lady Mayor's waiting maid and she moved to the end of Vertwall Close and hired a maid. He said he was the guardian of the child and had set up a 5 gp/ mo. stipend to pay for it, and gave her her "inheritance" a chest of clothing and jewels. She wishes to court Lord Roland. This leads to her being tracked down by Gord's enemies and she is transformed into Leena. For months after her disappearance, there is a 1000gp bounty placed on her and Gord, then they are presumed dead.
old crone and foster mother of Gord. Lives in the Old City in a hovel. Her mind is not what it used to be. Gord's benefactor allows little gifts, some food, some coins, some clothes, to appear every once and awhile. She keeps a kitchen knife under her blanket/cloak and cackles like a witch to scare off people. The local gang of toughs scares her, though. She scrounges around in the garbage for a living. While she initially believed Gord to be the cause of her benefits, she began to believe he was the cause of all of her ills and mistreated him. They moved into a warehouse in disrepair.
a mercenary
a medusa who lives in a tower at Greyhawk
Phildorf Gelbbeek
leader of merchants and the wealthiest man in Greyhawk.
hunchbacked servant of the medusa Noperda
an arch-mage of vicious disposition, who has "acquired" an artifact of the Catlord, a jacinth statuette of a tiger inlaid with bands of polished, black coral, with emerald eyes. See also Rigello's tower.
an assassin, Rigello's chief henchman, patrols his gardens. He is hunched, cloaked and looks like his namesake.
Lady Risteria
a powerful wizard who is a member of the Greyhawk Balance cabal. She is the most powerful of that group, although she defers to Bru for leadership. She has many divinatory spells and perhaps other means of gaining information as well. She is slow to volunteer information, prefering to hear what others have to say and then to be asked for her insight. She favors a long grey gown.
a female cousin of Melf's to whom he left the Five Dragon Bowl to guard in Greyhawk. She is a low-level M-U.
a haughty cleric of Nerull. He is lower level than Felgosh. He has Nerull's symbol of death, a minor scythe. He is at least sixth level.
Third Level: Cause Paralysis (verbal only), Cause Disease
a female golden haired magic-user, has a ring of invisibility and a wand that can send body parts into the vacuum quasi-elemental plane.
Spells: Light
Sunray, alias Raynald
a male freelance thief of Greyhawk. Blond haired, green eyed. Had a brief partnership with Gord, later became an Asmodeus worshiping assassin.
a female freelance thief of Greyhawk
a barmaid at The Turning Wheel
Master of Magics to the Oligarchs of Greyhawk (c. 550) a tall mage with deep-set, colorless eyes. He favored a voluminous robe and the color midnight blue. He was charged by Karl Quadrupus to protect the infant Gord from being discovered by the rival Cat families. He possesses spells and charms capable of blocking most attempts at scrying, both over a local area and at a distance. He has a twisted, ebon-hued, yew-wood staff. He was assassinated by Alburt Goodarm.
Spells: Teleport, Glyph of Warding, Disintegrate (flesh and all)
Webterbritz the Mottled Mage
he hired Gord and paid him with a box of holding.
Greyhawk's chief cleric of Fharlanghan. He is a member of Greyhawk's Balance cabal.

Inspector Horne
member of Greyhawk's Praefecture of Magisterial Enforcement
Constable Lord Thistleby
Magistrate Vatman
member of Greyhawk's Praefecture of Magisterial Enforcement, he is a crack investigator, Greyhawk's equivalent of Randall Garret's Lord Darcy.

Degol Boldray
the richest commoner of Greyhawk, deceased, leaves a wealthy widow who patronizes the Patricians Club
Lord Dolph
the Baron of Cairnway, patronizes the Patricians Club
Lord Fradel
member of Greyhawk's upper class, his son is known to cheat at dice.
Lord Roland
member of or informant to the cult of Nerull
Greyhawk's High Priest of Zilchus, patron of the Patrician's Club
a Rhennee girl
Old Annya
is a Rhennee soothsayer;
a Rhennee "lord"
Rhennee woman on Miklos's barge
a Rhennee man on Miklos's barge
Rhennee man on Miklos's barge
a Rhennee man, killed over the Chrysoberyl ring.
Dillor 'Dild'
a river rat who discovered the Chrysoberyl ring on Gord's father's skeleton. Streebul killed him for it after trying to buy it from him.
a whore from a bawdyhouse at the end of the Strip. Her pimp is Red Mel. She stole the Chrysoberyl ring from Eladon. Red kills her for it.
Red Mel
a pimp who works out of a bawdyhouse at the end of the Strip. He stole the Chrysoberyl ring from Flos, one of his whores. He became a henchman of Idnorsea and was killed during the beggar-thief war.
Black Meggin
a black haired serving wench who worked in the Man in the Moon tavern c. 570 and had a short fling with Gord.
a huge, from both muscle and fat, late middle aged owner of Hegmon's Underground, an entertainment center on Heart's Desire.
the Tusmite barkeep of the Lotus House
a red faced, humorous man, owns The Acorns Inn in Greyhawk
Doctor Prosper
sage friend of Calvert, lives in Greyhawk. He is a crotchety old fellow and tutors San and Gord before helping them get into Grey College. He has contacts at the other colleges as well.
Doctor Bizzell
a don at Landgrave college. A contact of Prosper.
an 18 year-old admirer (not sexually) of Chert, he is a scholar, and a student. He is taller than 6' and weighs 210 pounds.
Calzo the Trader
has a shop in the University District.
a blond, blue-eyed girl who was picked up by Lloyd and then by Chert.
a charismatic schoolmate of Budwin, a ladies' man.
Maust the Scholar
a gaunt professor of General Studies who lives in the seedy Inn of the Seven Quills.
the fat barkeep of the Toad on a Toadstool tavern.
a don of Count's College. He is tall, paunchy, flirty. He knows architecture, cartography, history, and city planning. See also Twistbuck's game.
Grand Guildmaster of Thieves of Greyhawk and its surrounding territories; by holding this post, he is a director of Greyhawk. He wages war with the beggars guild when the beggars began practicing thievery. He was severely reprimanded by Nerof Gasgol, for allowing "Blackcat" to continue operating outside of the Guild and looting Guild protected targets.
Basil "the Lock"
a rat-like fence, he was slain after the Ageelia affair by a garrote. He works out of a shop. A gangway and a filthy alley lead to the rear. It has an iron back door. He has a strongbox which is trapped and has triple locks. It is in his upstairs bedroom. It has barred windows and a door to the stair well. He was a homosexual and bought his lover, Kesterin, an apartment.
Basil's male lover, Basil bought him an apartment.
Farley Fastfingers
an aging thief.
Lodev (Ladav?) Idnorsea
high level Greyhawk thief, in line for Arentol's job. He took Red Mel on as a henchman. He often dresses richly, wearing a blue velvet doublet and primping himself.
henchman of Idnorsea, killed during the beggar-thief war.
big henchman of Idnorsea.
henchman of Idnorsea.
a tall beggar thief, younger than Gord, marries Arentol's daughter, becomes a high Guild member. He moves to an apartment in the Enclave and by Night Arrant is a master thief. His apartment has 6 guards, some locks and traps and a pair of mastiffs. He is 23 or 24 by end of Night Arrant. He is taller, larger, and stronger than Gord.
an assassin who spy's for Nerof Gasgol in the Thieves' Guild. He is tall and looks like his namesake, he even hisses. He is reputed to be the best assassin in Greyhawk. He was slain by an imp and his body was used as a scapegoat, claimed by Arentol and Gasgol to be the body of "Blackcat".
Clyde the Sharper
Guard at the workhouse in Greyhawk, has connections with beggarmaster Theobald. He is also a minor agent of Balance. By c. 570, he became an officer with the Lord Mayor's Own Guards.
a nondescript man with leathery skin. A minor agent of Balance who has contacts with Clyde and Markham. He is primarily self interested. He is a semi-retired thief, and still a guild member c. 565. His front job is as a locksmith in the Old City. He is a friend of Gord during Gord's Grey College years and helped to get him into the Beggar's Union prior to that. He later became one of the presiding masters of the Craftsman's guild by c. 570
a fat merchant dealing in foreign goods. He is an agent of Balance in Greyhawk, and has contacts with Tapper. He is primarily self interested. He keeps tabs on all of his agents and their contacts and has pull enough to enact reprisals on those who cross the organization.
Thaddius Jenk
Guildmaster of Assassins. Assassins not on duty while killed are not avenged.
an old assassin
Alburt "Goodarm", "Alby"
one of the greatest assassins of the city circa 550. He is slightly better than Slono and far more cocksure. He and all the assassins of his day wear deep grey clothing and felt-soled boots. He carries a purple hued, wavy bladed dirk. He assassinated Wanno. He is killed by disease by Poxpanus.
assassin who acquired the Chrysoberyl ring by killing an agent of Dyvers. He was killed by Red Mel while being robbed.
Thaddius Jenk's captain General
Slono "Spotless", "Spotty"
one of the greatest assassins of the city circa 550. He often works with Alburt. He is also not as cocky as Alburt. He pocketed the Chrysoberyl ring of Gord after their job at Wanno's. Killed by disease, and his own poison dart, by Poxpanus.
the chief mage to the Assassin's Guild. He has an imp in the guise of a quasit in the guise of a black rat for a familiar. This imp leads nine wererats. He was slain by Viper.
the Beggarmaster (chief of the Beggars' Guild), fat, sadistic, paranoid. He has a hideous giggly laugh.
the Beggars' Guild's cook, formerly known as Bald Jim.
Bellytimber Jane
Batcrap's predecessor, killed by Theobald under suspicion of having tried to poison him.
Thadeus "Chinkers"
beggar/thief skilled in forgery and bait and switch techniques. He is an agent of Balance and a member of the Greyhawk's Balance cabal. He reforms the Beggar's Union after Theobald's demise as the Beggar's Guild. He is one of the few master beggar-thieves to survive the beggar thief war.
Foxy Lon
one-eyed renegade thief hired by Theobald to instruct some of his beggars in thievery
beggar guard.
Furgo's peer
pock-marked beggar.
Furgo's peer
attractive 16 yr old whore/thief of Greyhawk; actress and master of disguise. c. 565 She was killed during the beggar-thief war.
Will Whiner
Furgo's peer
urchin of the Slum Quarter, leader of the gang known as the Headsmen, uses a meat cleaver as a weapon
member of the Headsmen.
member of the Headsmen
Green Wulfurt
an apothecary in Odd Alley.
a half-elf who runs a junk shop in Odd Alley.
owns an antiquary in Odd Alley.
Those who frequent Weird Way:
owns a carpet store on Weird Way
a whore
Abner Grontny
an owner of a supply store.
Count Joseph
owns a shop of rarities, he wears a powdered wig and is a poor con artist.
the manager of the Hostel of Ineffable Comfort.
owns a chart shop
an ehjure, i.e. an ogre-mage.
your friendly neighborhood vampire, night manager for the Hostel of Ineffable Comfort. He hangs around with Count Joseph and Fritzie.
a gemner, bald
porter to the Hostel of Ineffable Comfort, he is a gap-toothed, unshaven, Renfield-type, who fetches guests for Plincourt's dinner.
Zenobia of Aerth
often visits the Dome of Delights

Greyhawk Castle

was rich, but as been sacked long ago (by Tenser, Robilar, Teric/Terik, Murlynd, etc.) now few go to the castle, but untouched wealth lies deep within. There are many other planes intersecting in this castle including alternate primes. It is built on a high (250 ft) hill, three miles north of Greyhawk city. Tangled vegetation surrounds the place. There is a swamp to the north. Some brigands moved in to the upper levels. Lots of creatures lie below.

In the center of the first floor is a spiral staircase down. Next to the first step is a secret door, beyond which is a spiral stair. It is a web strewn shaft with many narrow open ledges. 200 feet down the shaft, or 300 feet below the top floor, runes and symbols are on the walls, a shallow pool is in the center of the chamber. Rusted iron doors are at the end.

The sigil on the floor is matched to one on the wall. When these are pressed the pool area sinks into a circular chamber with 9 exits. The fifth arch is 15' high. It leads to a smooth sloping passage that goes 1' down for every 10' forward. Phosphorescent fungi illuminate the passage.

After a quarter mile journey, a cavern is reached. In here the elements are combined and alternate, forming mixes and pure forms of the four elemental planes. They can be commanded to form a prime plane. This realm is ruled by The Element Master. He will allow those who pass his trials to pass. The trials are of fire, water, air, earth, or nature. The trial by nature is the easiest and consists of each party member fighting a giant class animal or monster. Warriors fight a giant bull; Rogues fight a giant snake; Wizards fight a roc. Each must destroy their assigned monster before they can aid the others, or all will be killed. If they survive, they are offered the choice between passage to the next chamber, or a prize.

The next cavern is that of the Lord of balance. Behind, the Element Master's cavern is one of alternating colors and conditions. There is a sloping passage leading to a cavern with the sign of balance - a huge metal scale. The cavern is half light, half dark, half of the pool is aflame, one half is ice. Plants are thriving on rocks and rotting in rich soil. There are colorless trees with multicolored blossoms. All of the contents are contrasts, everywhere and nowhen. Yangyin and Yinyang are here. They journey with those who enter for one hour to the cavern center. They choose contestants who must be of contrasting natures in order to preserve balance. They test either Undead vs life, or go forth to return. This last test can be beaten by going to the end of the chamber and sending the pair of balance back.

The next tunnel, cavern is The Realm of Thought. Any thoughts here can materialize. Beyond lies the Ebon Wall and Bocheirs, the fish-bodied demon.

When Tharizdun invades, this castle is the last place of magical resistance. When Tharizdun and Entropy invade, Yin and Yang are pygmy sized and flee from Gord, Gellor and Leda. The power in the castle from alternate planes is now diminished. The Sea of Thought has lizard-like monsters in it and is now a small mucky lake in an extensive cavern.

See also Dragon Annual #2 pp. 96-99 and Tales from the Green Dragon in The Council of Greyhawk's Oerth Journal 7 for a description of the early castle campaigns involving Robilar, Tenser, and Teric. Three modules have been published detailing portions of EGG's version of Greyhawk Castle: EX1 Dungeonland, EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror, and WG6 Isle of the Ape.

Joe Fischer reports discovering a dungeon "entrance through an old dry cistern and another entrance that is under a pool of quicksand, and even an entrance in a simple hole in the ground." (Joe Fischer "Hints for D&D Judges: Part 3: The Dungeons", The Dragon #3 p. 12 1976)
"'Greyhawk Castle', for example, has over a dozen levels in succession downwards, more than that number branching from these, and not less than two new levels under construction at any given time. These levels contain such things as a museum from another age, an underground lake, a series of caverns filled with giant fungi, a bowling alley for 20' high Giants, an arena of evil, crypts, and so on. - Gygax & Arneson, Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 3: The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures p. 4
Gygax & Kuntz's Greyhawk Supplement to D&D has a drawing of "The Great Stone Face Enigma of Greyhawk" as well as a listing of a number of potential tricks and traps, possibly found within the castle. The first edition DMG notes that other areas of the castle included a "land of pure Greek mythology", and the means to travel "through the multiverse to different planets including Jack Vance's 'Planet of Adventure',..." p.112
Drawmij er.. Jim Ward reports encountering a future/machine age level herein possibly including conveyor belts forcing player movement, a cellophane adventurer/package wrapping & storing machine, nasty die presses & pattern cutters, expensive slot machines that randomly also steal magic items, remote power switches to cleaners and robots, super alloyed metal armor and what not that give non-magical bonuses to AC, working firearms, and "a huge pile of gold dust in a large plastic bubble that isn't small enough to get out the door and can't be cut by anything less than a plus five sword". (Jim Ward, "Boredom and the Average D&D Dungeon", The Dragon Vol. III No. 3 (#17) p. 26, 1978)
At one point in the past a party recovered a cursed scroll from a group of gnolls in the castle which whisked them away to the Starship Warden of Metamorphosis Alpha. (Gary Gygax, "Faceless Men and Clockwork Monsters", The Dragon Vol. III No. 3 (#17) p. 6, 1978).
NPC's of Greyhawk Castle:
The Element Master
a being, human in appearance, who can fully manipulate the elements, see Greyhawk Castle.
the male Lord of Balance, he is completely white, everything he says or does must balance or be balanced by those around him or Yinyang.
the female Mistress of Balance, she is completely black, everything she says or does must balance or be balanced by those around her or Yangyin.
a fish bodied demon who resides beyond the Realm of Thought.


This city is smaller but older than Greyhawk, still, it could be considered the second largest city in the Flanaess. It is full of squareish, squatty buildings with very thick walls. It has one municipality with good and bad sections, but it none as bad as the Greyhawk slums or as great as the High and Garden quarters. Villas and mansions overlook the Velverdyva and the Nyr Dyv from atop the hill upon which this city is built.
Temple to Graz'zt
has a gateway to the Abyss in its catacombs. (See also Graz'zt and Mezzafgraduun)
Temple of Nerull
one of it's patrons is a steward of a rich and degenerate local noble house. This old, squat, smooth and nearly seamless, basalt temple is in the religious district of the city. There are no other buildings immediately around it. The streets in the area are generally deserted, for the worship goes on at night and underground. A low wall surrounds the temple and it is topped with spikes, hooked outward and inward. The temple walls are smooth enough that there is a significant penalty for climbing them. Each sentry is paired with a black ape. The pairs meet and talk at scheduled intervals.

It is a tiered structure. On the first tier above the ground floor, there is a doorway from the outer balcony leading inside. It is often left ajar either from trust in the sentries or in hopes of gathering victims. A nearby stairwell leads down to the ground floor and main level, which is primarily living space for the lesser clerics and the guards. A well worn path leads to a secret door and a stairwell going down. When a ceremony is going on, a loud discordant clamor can be heard here. Drums, harps, chanting and other noises contribute to the cacophony.

Somewhere on this level, lies a small, circular chamber at the end of a corridor. It is bare save for four, high set, equally spaced, candle holders. When the one immediately to the right of the tunnel entrance is pushed up while its pricket is pushed upon, the entire chamber spins, giving access to the high priest's inner sanctum. An ogreish, son of Kyuss like creature guards the chamber. It is a rotting, barrel-chested, bow-legged, foul-smelling creature that has worms crawling around in the orifices of its skull. These worms are spat out as an attack form. It also fights with a pair of sickles. This room is merely the entry chamber to the High Priest's suite. It is all lavishly furnished and also contains a hidden treasure stash, guarded with glyphs of warding and poison needles. Multiple gems are kept here including a large dark opal with green flecks. See also Nerull.

NPC's of Dyvers
High Priest of Nerull
this priest keeps his head shaved. He has dealings with other planar agents. He can cast a spell which kills or sends people to another plane via a red beam. He made a deal with the Lich of Liches on the plane of Shadow to exchange Gord's platinum and 9 black star sapphire necklace for a large dark opal with green flecks.


is an area contested for on the Nyr Dyv, not on the beautiful meadows of the area, residents include brigands, bandits, outlaws, villagers, sylvan elves, gnomes, etc. It is the area on the northern "verge" of the Gnarley forest between Greyhawk and Dyvers. People, especially potential customers, are addressed as Grafling here.
the lair of the Poochauns in the ipts near Gawkes Mere.
Gawkes Mere
a little village that lies on the shore of the Mere Gawke.
Inn of the Brothers of the One and Score
an Inn halfway between Gawkes Mere and Olger's Bend, along the path between the two. The road obscures the houses size. The entry room is an anteroom; there are racks for coats, hats, and shields; there is a long bench, two tables, several chairs, green and amber glass windows, and a blackened yew door. The door leads to a short hall which is used for wine storage. It leads down three steps through a large old door, to a rectangular common room. There is a fireplace with a mantle and bricabrac on the far wall, there are lots of tables, and a bar to the far right. Patrons throw all of their fees into a cask on the bar. The barkeep is Lean Cole.
Mere Gawke
a small puddle of a lake in Gnarlvergia. It is relatively large and deep, there are twenty islets, many cottages and villas for wealthy summer homes of Greyhawk and Dyvers's residents, to the North lie lower class homes.
a village on the Selintan River between Greyhawk and Dyvers. It has a ferry across the river.
Olger's Bend
lies on the Silvern Stream. It is six miles by a narrow road and rutted lane from Gawkes Mere. There are many houses off of this road.
Silvern Stream
and outlet of Mere Gawke to the north.
NPC's of Gnarlvergia:
Lean Cole
the barkeep of the Inn of the Brothers of the One and Score.
Runewort, son of Kay - "Hop"
a frequent patron and sole proprietor of the Inn of the Brothers One and Score. He is lightly bearded, and crop-headed. He hails from Ashtown and is a charlatan by reputation, although technically he is a low-level, first edition bard. He is well travelled and claims to have been born in Gnarlvergia. He has been to Ket and beyond to the mountains in the west, where he sought gurus. He frequently invokes the sayings of one Rhumsung, Lampha P. He is charismatic, and in a coarse way is a ladies' man. He is self-titled "Hop the Savant". He is "impulsive and a man of extremes".
Proficiencies: spear, bow, lute, dulcimer.
Spells: (sobriety)
Queen Lifayvia
the pleasant but firm Queen of the Poochauns at Avalondria.
Prince Buckbee
a Poochaun officer at Avalondria, he is very Lawful, and quick to execute miscreants.
Sir Dragonfly
a Poochaun officer at Avalondria, he is very Lawful, and quick to execute miscreants.
the male Poochaun priest at Avalondria, he is beneficent.

Nyr Dyv

The lake of unknown depths. Sea creatures surface after storms.
The Isles of Woe
Not mentioned in the Gord books, but in Eldritch Wizardry and the first edition DMG, these islands on the Nyr Dyv were swallowed by that lake after the use of the Codex of the Infinite Planes by its creator, a wizard priest who ruled those islands (Yagrax?).


the area on the south coast of the Nyr Dyv between Greyhawk and Urnst. It is claimed by neither government.
The Shrine of St. Cuthbert By the Lake
is in the Cairn Hills, not more than a day's walk west of Tenser's Keep. Followers of St. Cuthbert start their pilgrimage from River Street in Greyhawk and travel here.
Those who teleport here will arrive in a sunny round chamber standing within an outline of a series of circles and cabalistic diagrams, set into the stone floor in strips of metal and other substances. Windows pierce the walls at each of the cardinal compass points. This is the top of Tenser's tallest tower. (see picture p. 212 Artifact of Evil)

The keep itself lies on Midbay, on a cliff lined shore, on a spire of an ancient mountain, standing in a valley. A creek runs down the southern slope of the ridge at the lower part of the U-shaped vale. It then passes along the western side of the fortress and into the lake, cutting a deep channel. The whole structure is protected from magic. A wall surrounds the place. It has a barbarican, drawbridge, gate house, portcullis. Turrets and bartizans are at the angles, machicolated battlements. There is a grassy strip between the wall and the rest. There is a bailey from the gate to the entry. A paved road with squat stone buildings forms a parallel set of walls to confine those who enter in the gate to a narrow way.

From the spire a great hall, several lesser constraints, tied by walks, bridges of stone blocks, crenelated pierced merlons. 75 foot high roofs and shutters of metal. In the tower center there are great slabs of polished gneiss that turn transparent and become an elevator. The next level down is lab/workroom/library. The next level down it comes to rest on a thick rug. There are many rich carpets. There are blue rugs, arras, bricabrac etc. Everything is in shades of blue.

It is built on a nexus of magic, therefore, he can chart major energies.

There is a labyrinthine route down to a large cavern filled with water, where Tenser keeps a young water dragon. He uses a bronze diadem with aquamarine insets to allow respiration (not breathing) in water. He will occasionally loan these out to trusted friends who would ride the dragon, but he will want them back. A silent man will ride the dragon back from a cave shore at the other end. Gilled folk - not nixies or aquatic elves - who are Tenser's allies use sign language to guide passengers to teleporting pool. They will arrive in a cave with more gilled folk, when they go outside, they will have arrived across a boggy meadow on the road to Crockport. (B4-82) See also WG6 Isle of the Ape or for the more recent official version, see Return of the Eight.

(Mage: 19th(+?) level See Dragon #37pp. 11, 30) the famous arch-mage, member of the Circle of Eight, has a fetish for different shades of blue. He is allied with the Catlord. He is of medium height and uses quick gestures. He wears a robin's egg blue and ultramarine sash, with ultramarine boots. He has brown hair, brown eyes, regular features, a distinctive nose, large penetrating eyes, large, long-fingered hands - dextrous. He is rather friendly. He is a Lord of Balance. See also The Rogues' Gallery (1980), Dragon #37, WG6 Isle of the Ape, and Rob Kuntz's recollections in Oerth Journal 7.
He leads a force of 200 cavalry, 100 horse archers, 250 infantry, and 100 footmen archers, but if pressed could raise more troops from his region. His associates, other than those mentioned below, possibly include some demi-humans as well as the ranger Otis of Hommlet. (See T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil) (Gary Gygax, "The Sorceror's Scroll", The Dragon Vol. IV, No. 11 (#37) p. 30, 1980.) Spells:
Second Level: ESP
many summonings
a Lawful Good Cleric, Tenser's henchman, slender, titled the Gleam of Pholtus, wears a dark cloak, insists on tithing to the church and poor.
high priest associate of Tenser. He has an antidote to the Flowers of Thratsus' vapors. He and Alton bypass Gravestone's stair traps. He is an exorcist, an abjurer of demonkind. His Symbol and Holy Word immobilize Shabriri's demonlings. He has a Staff of the Heavens, a magicked bottle of glass and metal filaments for holding shrunken demons and an amulet/ Holy Symbol that can cast Continual Light. He is willing to sacrifice himself for his cause.
Spells: Many Curative Spells.
First Level: Protection from Evil
Second Level: Chant
Fourth Level: Divination, Exorcise
Sixth Level: Blade Barrier
Seventh Level: Symbol, Holy Word


- also known as the "Dreaded Howes"
Maure Castle (X3-86) (see WG5, Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure)
The Manticore's Tail
an Inn
The Stone Monument:
A dry stream bed leads to the valley where this lies. It twist and turns, then becomes a canyon with many boulders, shorten splits at the gulch; tends to flash flood; then twists again: comes to Ogre peak, to the west lies the Valley. When camping outside within a mile of the monument, trespassers will feel tired, uneasy, and have nightmares.

The monument itself lies in Y3-87 or Y3-88, consists of 7 rings of stones, each ring made of progressively larger stones, from 4" in the farthest ring, to 10+' in the innermost ring. Previously, robbers, fleeing the Despotrix of Hardby, had happened upon the place. They found no way in and had horrible night visions. One went insane, and committed suicide. The next day, another went mad and killed yet another one.

Towards the blocked off entrance to the place, the survivors found a treasure, but were hit by a darkness 10' radius spell by the cataboligne demon who dwells within. It chased them out, has fear effect. The block pivots - sigils of binding are on the inside, along with half a skeleton in chainmail. Another skeleton has a sword and a hand under the stone.

Beyond the entrance is an antechamber - 20' wide, 15' deep and 6'tall, in the rear is a zombie of a cleric. It is more powerful than normal. When the zombie is killed, the demon laughs.

A door in the back of the room leads to a narrow landing with stairs down to a natural cave with stalactites and rounded stalagmites. Against the wall are five rotting torches. There are three exit passages: one ahead, one left, one right.

In the forward passage, there are arched ceilings, and the smell of decay. 100' down it intersects left and right curves. To the left the passage joins the left passage from before, then curves left/Right -from the right path intersects with a straight, then a curved L/R intersection. To left they hear a giggle, curve left/Right, right lies blue-violet glow.

Chamber with the cataboligne demon. They hear feminine laughter- the demon is disguised as a naked woman lying on an isle in a lagoon. One tunnel off the curves is the demon's lair, another is a pool of water; illusion masks a blocked off passage to a cave that is 6'8" in height. 12 adders and a giant 60' long serpent guard the treasure. It is a chest with a poison needle trap. It contains a gold coffer with runes and sigils written in an ancient tongue masking alignment. Inside is a jeweled orrery: an artifact with a large yellow corundum sun, an emerald for Oerth, an Opal for Luna, a star sapphire for Celene, a jacinth for Rao, Greyspace's largest planet, and diamonds for stars.


Badwall (I4-102)
It is a poor place that relies on local crafts: mercantile exchange, honey export and the employment of mercenary companies
The Brass Ball
a large inn in the western end of town
Is a city dominated by women. They are bold, beautiful, and treat men as inferiors. The rest of the Flannaess treats men and women as equals except as regards the average ability to muster brute force. In Hardby, women are guards and are "totally pumped up" (again, pardon the 80's pop culture ref). At the end of Artifact of Evil the term Despotrix is no longer fashionable, so the leader's title is now Matriarch.
their chief neutral lord is female (a druidess?).
The Tomb/temple.
lies 8 days west through the Suss forest from Badwall on the Jewell River the one day North, then west to the middle of a peninsula. It is an inverted, three-tiered ziggurat (step-pyramid), overgrown, built centuries before the Suel devastation, bearing markings not written in Suel or Flan. It exudes a feeling of dread. The north face is collapsed. Parts of walls have lanterns. There is a maze which leads to a square chamber in the center of the second tier. This room is also accessed by a secret stair from the third tier. This room housed a Theorpart and was guarded by three guardian daemons. One from Iuz's circle had been there (Obmi). Near the temple is a cave which houses the lair of a huge ancient green dragon. The dragon has a rider who can cast minor globe of invulnerability. (Robilar, his dragon, & Otto?)
Robilar's Castle
While not mentioned in the Gord stories (excepting an unnamed cameo in Artifact of Evil pp. 106-110), Rob Kuntz in The Council of Greyhawk's Oerth Journal 7 places this famous residence at Hex E4-89. He describes that location as well as Robilar and Otto in that issue as well.
NPC's of the Wild Coast
"Sharpeye" Demming
a trader in expensive and sometimes illicit goods. He trades up and down the coast, as well as in Greyhawk and possibly Dyvers. He rarely carries the goods with him, so as to avoid being sacked by robbers.


See also A1-A4, Slave Lords series.
Strandkeep Castle (A4-104)
lies in the Pomarj and is allied to the Scarlet Brotherhood. The defenders consist of:
Magic Missile, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Evard's Tentacles, Flame Strike, Conjure Fire Elemental, Chain Lightning, Continual Light, Darkness
Hordes of Orcs
500+ gnolls
20+ Trolls
70+ Ogres - mailed, carrying morning stars and 6' long swords
Has inner bailey, wall, outer yard sloped up to curving strong point on outer wall - 20' tall crenellated battlements - splayed at bottom; 10' high curve of packed earth; along the curve at man height, every 6' pierced with arrow embrasures, 6' wide walk way on top of wall. It has a deserted warren of passages, cells and chambers beneath, has a main stairwell, tower at core, - bronzewood door.
Black Pomarj
a rare drink since the humanoids have taken over. This black wine is somewhat foul tasting, but also somewhat addictive.
NPC's of the Pomarj:
The Elder Brother of Strandkeep
is a high priest of Tharizdun
Horual Crook-finger
wears deep purple, is a mage allied with the Scarlet Brotherhood at the siege of Strandkeep Castle.
Fourth Level: Polymorph Self
ambitious member of the Scarlet Brotherhood.

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