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THE LANDS OF IUZ (Iuz, The Horned Society)


See WoG p. 27. See Dragon 56 p. 19 for Iuz's dealings with the Wolf Nomads, and Furyondy c. 577-579.
Capital city of Iuz, seated in a depression. Evil permeates the air; the city is stark, ugly, and wicked.
This edifice lies in the bottom of the city.
Throne Room
Bronze portals open to this room, lying in the bottom of the palace. Iuz sits on a throne of bones set in silver from which radiates fear and hatred. It sits on a black dias. Noxious lumps burn in bronze, demon-shaped braziers. There are horrific, disgusting decorations. He keeps here several dretch lackeys as well as several concubines of varying degrees of humanity and demonity. He has a gold plated, gem-studded, skull-shaped flagon.

Iuz' court has twelve men and women who stand in deference to him (The Greater and Lesser Circles/Bonemarch). All are spellcasters without morals. He has three circles of six. Two circles are acquainted with one another, one greater and one lesser. The members of the other do not know of any other member's existence. This third circle consists of a human, a dwarf (Obmi), an elf, a gnome, a halfling, and a half elf. The first two circles compose Iuz's court and the other circle is scattered about the Flanaess. All members of the greater circle are clerics; most are dual classed. (This is developed in greater detail in the Carl Sargent's Iuz the Evil supplement.)

The Drow retinue - consists of three female clerics, three male mages, two greater clerics and the leader of the embassy, they are Eclavdra's entourage. She is an ambassador to the court

NPC's of Iuz:
Iuz is the cambion son of Iggwilv and Graz'zt. In addition to his human form of an old man, he can appear as a seven foot tall, maroon demon with green eyes. His insignia is a bronze pin with a black snake in a circle biting its own tail (The Worm Ourobouros); inside of that is a red triangle, inside that is a white reversed pentagram all is on a field or white. (See the World of Greyhawk Boxed Set (1983)).

He at one time was imprisoned by Zagig at Greyhawk Castle. While he was thus interred, the Hierarchs of The Horned Society - followers of Hades and Tartarus, took over Molag, a city formerly in Iuz's control. According to Rob Kuntz in Oerth Journal 7 Robilar released him and eight other demigods/lesser gods from their prison in the Bottle City level of the castle.

Iuz controls tens of thousands, including one quarter of all the drow elves - those who follow the Elemental Evil (a pantheon solely a ploy of Iuz and Zuggtmoy (see module T1-4)) His agents seek the two remaining Theorparts, as does Graz'zt. He plans keep the Theorpart for himself and he considers himself his father's equal.

He besieges Molag and usurpes the Horned Society. Blackmoor, the Hold of Stonefist, and the Bandit Kingdoms ally with him. He begins construction of a new palace in Molag. By the beginning of Sea of Death he is the self-titled Emperor of Evil and Lord of Pain. He receives tributes from all of the Bandit Kingdoms, the Hold of Stonefist, and the Wolf and Tiger Nomads.

By the beginning of Come Endless Darkness, he has launched a mass attack. It is obscured by Iggwilv and Zuggtmoy. He holds the Initiator, the second key. He takes the Vesve, then the lands west and South to the Velverdyva. He is stopped at Chendl. He holds Furyondy north of the Crystal River. He takes the Shield Lands except for the capital island. The Duchy of Tehn is taken by the Bandit Kingdoms and the Rovers of the Barrens under his direction. The Hold of Stonefist, supported by Iuz, marches on the Theocracy of the Pale. Urnst holds, Highfolk holds. The Great Kingdom and the Scarlet Brotherhood attack northward. The Great Kingdom fights Nyrond, Almor, and the Iron League. Iuz continues to fight south, East, and West. The Bakluni fight the nomads to the North and South and stalemates. The Scarlet brotherhood is on the march. The Pomarj attacks Celene, Ulek and Urnst. No one is winning. The Cabal, the Bladelord, the Catlord, the Obsidian Citadel, the Vesve, and Highfolk are more or less free of conflict.

Dance of Demons The Great Kingdom is in a state of civil war, 100,000 troops, Aerdi's regulars, 1000 humanoid scouts and irregulars. The North and South provinces ally against Ivid. Medigia also vies for control. Nyrond and Almor dispute among themselves. Bandits, and the sea raiders ravage the Iron League. All of the barbarian nations are also at war. Iuz and the Scarlet Brotherhood do not profit either. Entropy is the sole victor, plagues and natural disasters are more frequent. Borders shrink as do populations, resources, and government powers. He and Demogorgon ally and alternate attacks on Graz'zt from opposite sides with aid from Infestix. He is slain on Mycorji by Gord's Blackheartseer. (See Dragon 67 p. 25-26; WoG guide p. 71; WoG Glossography pp 43-44, T1-4 especially pp. 28-29, 121).

"Wilva" to her friends, Iuz's mother. She is also known in other areas as Louhi (see the Kalevala by E. Lönnrot), or Ychbilch. She has multiple visages. Her true form is that of a centuries old crone - like the wicked witch from the geriatric home. Her other form is a young and beautiful maiden with blonde tresses. She is Chaotic Evil. She turned against Iuz and Graz'zt, his father, who was separated from her. When Graz'zt granted her amnesty to aid Iuz, she first frees Zuggtmoy (Compare to the beginning of T1-4). She is condescending towards her little Iuz. At the end of Artifact of Evil she holds the second Theorpart.

In the beginning of Sea of Death she creates a null space for Graz'zt, Iuz, and their factions to meet. It is only capable of holding a few occupants. Iuz, Zuggtmoy, and Szhublox represent one faction, Graz'zt, Yeenoghu, and Kostchtchie represents the other. She declares herself to be non-partisan, but actually favors Zuggtmoy. She discovered the location of the Unbinder, the third theorpart. It lies in the Forgotten City and Iuz and Graz'zt must send mortals (Obmi and Eclavdra respectively) to contest for it. The contest for the theorpart would have the contestants begin at Lopolla two weeks after the meeting. They are to retrieve the artifact and take it to Ulakand or Hokar. She promises both Zuggtmoy and Iuz two Theorparts.

She is allied to Iuz and Demogorgon in Dance of Demons. She owns the Baton d'Agrue, but told Iuz that it was lost. She impales herself on spikes created by the Initiator, she breaks the Baton and is consumed by its emission of energy. (See S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth - especially booklet 1, pp. 2-3, 29-30, booklet 2, p. 8, WG6 Isle of the Ape pp. 6, 43-45, Return of the Eight)

The Greater Six (Boneheart)
She is a tall, crone of a woman and a magic user in Iuz's Greater Six. She is Mole's second in command, and accompanies him. She has a staff which can cast Tenser's Floating Disc.
Iuz's Grand Priestess in the Greater Six. She is of indeterminate age and wears vestments of rust red, trimmed in black. She carries an ebon staff bound in silver with a sliver set skull. She is Iuz's favorite and is given orders to stay in Dorakaa. She is paired with Vayne of the Lesser Six.
Kermin "Mind-Bender"
He is a turbaned Bakluni Illusionist of Iuz's Greater Six. He is ordered to take Null and rally the Bandit Kingdoms against the Hierarchs.
He is a short, long-nosed, mage in the Greater Six who serves as Iuz's lieutenant. He is ordered to work with Olive of the Lesser Six with a force of buheer, nonuz, a Black Death Regiment, and a company of drow and invade the Horned Society.
One of Iuz's most favored members of his Greater Six, he is a tall, emaciated arch-mage, paired with Patch of the Lesser Six. He is capable of summonning Type VI demons. He is always playing power games. He and Patch are ordered to incite bands in the southern Vesve to murder and pillage. They are to take companies of Woodsrunners and Eiger guards to pick up the Theorpart from Obmi. He and Patch have a mercenary horde as well as bandits, ogres, trolls, xvarts, and other humanoids to help intercept the Theorpart. His name, as well as Iuz's insignia, are passes throughout the encampment. He is slain in the battle with the Obsidian Citadel forces over the second Theorpart.
He is a member of Iuz's Greater Six who is paired with Beesting, they are to incite the Celbits and the Jebli against men and elves. He dies in the battle with the Obsidian Citadel.
The Lesser Six (Boneheart)
He is a member of Iuz's Lesser Six who is paired with Radduj. He dies in the battle with the Obsidian Citadel.
He is an illusionist in Iuz's Lesser Six. He is paired with Althea and goes with her and Mole.
She is a dark-skinned priestess of Iuz under Ormuz's command.
A wizard of Iuz's Lesser Six who is paired with Kermin. He is a nondescript man.
She is a pretty cleric of Iuz's Lesser Six who is paired with Mole to invade the Horned Society.
He is a high priest in Iuz's Lesser Six, who is paired with Ormuz. He dies in the battle with the Obsidian Citadel.
He is a mage in Iuz's Lesser Six who is paired with Halga.
The Secret Six "Boneshadow"
Obmi "the Wily"
He is a renagade mountain dwarf who joined up with Iuz after escaping from the raid on the hall of the fire giant, King Snurre "Ironbelly" (G3). He had been enslaved by Snurre for five years, before he proved his worth as an advisor, and then served him for twenty-five years before anti-giant/drow strike force disrupted his life. He pretended to be a captured dwarven prince, gained the trust of the party, and escaped. At that time his stats were: HP 79, S 18/94, D 16, Co 17, I 18, W 18, Cha 16(18 for dwarves), Fighter/Thief 9/11. (G3, Gygax, 1978, TSR). He has iron gray hair. He is taciturn and is always playing power games.
Proficiencies: Weapon: war hammer
Equipment: c. Artifact of Evil: Hammer + 3, Dwarven Thrower, plate mail
c. Sea of Death: a magical martel (war hammer - a short handled, hammer backed military pick) +5, given to him by Iggwilv, special ability: slay devils. It is silver inlayed and forged of latten (a copper tin alloy) so it is non-magnetic. It is not affected by iron eaters or rusters. Iggwilv and Zuggtmoy also give him a hat of disguise. Boots of speed.
c. Come Endless Darkness: He has a bronze idol, given to him by Zuggtmoy for summoning the demon Ulid. He also has a ring of regeneration and a crystal of darkness.

After joining with Iuz, he became a member of Iuz's Secret Circle and was assigned with the task of retrieving the Suss Theorpart. His group went west from the temple towards Enstadt, then to the Welkwood. They consist of three dozen mixed races , pack horses and a few 2 wheeled carts. He leads a company of demi-humans and brigands. He passes through Hommlet's Inn of the Welcome Wench (see T1 or T1-4). His trail of pillaging is too open, so Iuz tells him to lead his pursuers to Molag by sending the brigands there when they reach the Att River. He would then meet Iuz's army at the Vesve Forest. He can communicate directly to Iuz and is shielded from detection by scrying. When in the Vesve, he has foraging parties, with six men in forester's green per party. The main party consists of groups of a a few hundred mixed humanoids: losels, orcs, half-orcs, and gnolls. A lesser mage, subordinate to Keak, has lightning bolt. They also have a dozen bugbears. One of his bugbears has a magic spear, one half-orc has a magic sword, one brigand has a magic scimitar. Obmi and Keak split off into a smaller group including two half-orcs in chainmail, with light crossbows, lances, swords, and dull brown cloaks. The group also includes two brigands who bring up the rear. All of them are on horseback.

He is turned into a toad by Zuggtmoy. He is chosen as her champion in the struggle for the final Theorpart. His strength has been boosted to 19 by Zuggtmoy, and his level raised to 13th or higher during Sea of Death. She and Iggwilv give him the equipment mentioned above. He has a new group with Bolt, a cleric of Zuggtmoy (one of his lieutenants), a half-orc assassin (Obmi's other lieutenant), and several Ullite warriors. He slays the two lieutenants and proceeds on with Bolt and twelve Muzier riders. He looses two bladders on his dust ship. He comes into the city from the side opposite Eclavdra, and moves towards the temple at almost the same speed. He is one mile away from Gord when he, Leda, and Eclavdra's group are one half a mile away from the temple. His martel breaks on the sphere encasing of the theorpart. In the confrontation with Eclavdra at the temple, he singes his beard.

He has a weather control device to help power his ship. His ship is wrecked by a storm 100 miles north east of Gord and 300 miles north of Eclavdra. He has taken Leda. She bargains with him that she will kill Eclavdra and he will get the final key. He attacks Eclavdra with eighty Wenhuli marshmen in the Hool marshes. Thirty of them die. He uses his bronze idol. Vuron pits him against Gord and Leda against Eclavdra at the Hool battle. He offers Gord a chance to gang up on Eclavdra. Gord refuses and kills him.

Obmi's sorcerer henchman in Sea of Death. He is clever and ambitious. He is slain by Eclavdra's group in the Grand Temple in the Forgotten City. He is at least eighth level.
First Level: Magic Missile
Third Level: 2x Lightning Bolt, Fireball
This tall, skinny high elf, is a henchman of Obmi. He is a fighter/mage, being at least twelfth level as a mage. He is most distinguished by his mad cackling and cold eyes. He is always playing power games. He is slain by Gord.
First Level: Magic Missile, Burning Hands
Third Level: Lightning Bolt
Sixth Level: Flesh to Stone
This old gnome, is an Illusionist/Thief being at least fith level as an illusioinist. He has cold eyes and serves as Obmi's henchman. He was mortally wounded by Melf, charging with his magic lance.
First Level: Change Self
Second Level: Improved Phantasmal Force
Third Level: Phantom Steed
a grovelling High Priest of Iuz who serves as chamberlain.
General Sindol
Iuz's chief general
Drow elf, by Sea of Death she is at least an 18th level Cleric/4th level Fighter, W:17, Dex:18, Con:10, Char:18 (see G1-3 Against the Giants, p. 25 and D3, Vault of the Drow p. 18.) She has been gifted by Graz'zt, her new patron deity, with immunity to the poison of arachnids, they will die when they bite her.

She has a perfect body with shoulder length tresses of silver hair. She has violet eyes with curling silver lashes. In Sea of Death her skin pigmentation is lightened to the copper color of the Steppe nomads.

Equipment: She wears a filmy violet gown with a large amethyst choker. c. Sea of Death She is given cusps from Vuron to shield her eyes from the sun and allow her travel in the daylight. Her drow weapons are treated with a magic potion, also from Vuron, to allow them to stay above ground without degradation for two to sixteen weeks. She also has a decanter of endless water and a mask of dust and water breathing. She rides a fish shaped craft in the Sea of Dust. She has a staff which can energy drain, carved with leering demons on it. She has a Heward's Handy Haversack and a coffer for summoning daemons.

Mentioned in the GDQ series, she lived for almost 200 years in the Vault of the Drow hoping to rule. Her plans failed so she sought power through Graz'zt. Graz'zt gave her a horde of demons and she waged a civil war to conquer all of the drow. Once she had a taste of power she became dissatisfied with being an elf queen and now deals with demon lords. She is still the Eilserv clan leader and is the ambassador to Iuz's court and is Graz'zt's High Priestess.

She often presumes to be Iuz's equal and has to be put in her place. She is chosen to be Graz'zt's champion in the race for the final Theorpart. She aspires to become a demon princess. She has been cloned, but is completely unaware of her clone, Leda. Her escort consists of camel riders from the Paynims. She has brought at least six retainers with her in the Sandfish. She has four drow fighter magic-users with her as guards and she entered the temple from the South. At the confrontation with Obmi at the Temple, she looses three of her drow guards, but slays Bolt and takes the theorpart. She is driven into rocks at the Hellfurnaces 100 miles South East of Gord and 130 or so miles south of Obmi. She has twelve drow and humans who fight with Obmi at the Hool marshes. Some of them die. She is slain by Leda in a duel arranged by Vuron at the Hool marshes battle. Leda takes her place in Graz'zt's court.

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbow, sword, scimitar.
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Hunting
Many of these spells are reversed.
First Level: 4 x Cure Light Wounds
Third Level: Create Food and Water, Continual Light
Fourth Level: Neutralize Poison, Spike Stones, Cure Serious Wounds, Divination
Fifth Level: Animate Dead Monsters (12 apelings), Cure Critical Wounds, Commune
Seventh Level: Gate, Confusion, various demonological spells.
Eclavdra's favorite male drow henchman. He is a fighter/magic-user. He is at least a ninth level magic-user.
Fourth Level: Evard's Black Tentacles
Fifth Level: Cloudkill
She is the clone of Eclavdra but shares no telepathic link with her. Her skin pigmentation has been lightened by Vuron, to the copper color of the Steppe nomads. She appears half elfish with deep tan skin and platinum blond hair. By the time she and Gord reach the Suhalt projection her skin has started to darken and she appears as a full drow by the time of her first encounter with the Suel Pygmies. She is 5' 0" tall.

She can make six spheres of Light or Continual Light.

She was cloned fast so her alignment was not settled, nor was her personality. Vuron purosefully had altered her during her creation so that she had no alignment. Her time with Gord settles it to Neutral Good.

Equiptment: Her drow weapons are treated with a magic potion from Vuron, to allow them to stay above ground without degradation for two to sixteen weeks.

She travels with a group of half-drow through Ket. They consist of two cavalier/magic-users, her lieutenants, one assassin/fighter/thief, and four fighters. After they arrive in Ket, she picks up six Ullite horsemen. She lost her memory after Obmi had her caravan sacked although she remembers the name Al-Crevad (Eclavdra). She occasionally slips into cutting remarks appropriate for Eclavdra. As they reach the Suhalt projection, she fights against the evil she begins to recall. She becomes a non-denominational cleric. She takes a ring of invisibility from the Suel pygmies. She desires to kill Eclavdra for her evil, not to achieve individuality. Once she has made it to the 300' diameter cavern. She bargains with Obmi to take her with him so that she can kill Eclavdra and he can get the Theorpart.

She calls for Zuggtmoy during the Obmi-Eclavdra clash at the Hool marshes, and succeeds, thereby alerting the greater powers of the outer planes to the artifact. Hordlings, archeons, winged devils, Type I and II demons, devas, modrons, sladdi, and representatives from all of the outer planes gate in. Vuron arrives and pits her in a death battle against Eclavdra. She wins. By this point her alignment has become fixed at Neutral Good, due to her time spent with Gord. She has to accompany Vuron in the guise of Eclavdra. She accompanies Vuron to attack Iuz in the Cyanic Fens. She is in charge of Pavlag and his fifty conflagrati. Graz'zt and Nergal know about her alignment, but they keep her because of Vuron.

In Dance of Demons she has been sent to Vuron by Graz'zt with reinforcements: a regiment of Bar-lguras, some Babau-ogres, some Nikomars, some Ssilhex, two regiments of Hezrou, and four units of Chasme. She bears the Eye of Deception and uses it to disguise a group of rutterkin as raloogs. She is sent a messenger to Graz'zt - Vuron hopes to destroy her influence. She now wears demon armor. She meets Gord in the Soulless Sounding and rejoins him. Gord gives her the Initiator. She slays Vuron and skewers Graz'zt. She marries Gord on Yarth at the end of the struggle.

Weapon Proficiencies: Longbow, sword, scimitar.
Non-weapon Proficiencies: Hunting
First Level: 4 x Cure Light Wounds, 2 x Cause Light Wounds
Third Level: Create Food and Water, Continual Light, Cause Blindness
Fourth Level: Neutralize Poison, Spike Stones, Cure Serious Wounds, Divination
Fifth Level: Animate Dead Monsters (12 apelings), Cure Critical Wounds, Commune, Insect Plague
Sixth Level: Stone Tell
Seventh Level: Gate

Horned Society

See Dragon 56 pp. 20-21
Armies (specifically the ones near Boulderford)
The armies of the Hierarchs use ravens and bats for scouting. They send an advance guard of brigands - twelve riders in lighter armor - riding a half mile ahead. Following them are the carts, mules, three heavy war horses and slave girls. Their forces include batallions of hobgoblins as well as yeth hounds, hags, giants, a host of hobgoblins and thousands of lesser humanoids. The army is under the personal command of at least three Chief Hierarchs who ride upon nightmares (nightgaunts) (the three fighter Lords from WoG p. 26?); another wears a horn helm and dark clothing and is attended by underclerics (high priest 18th level from WoG p.26?). All are either from Hades or are minions of Hades. They use dragonhide drums to crumble obstructions and demoralize enemies. They also blow iron horns and ebon vapors billow out from the camp. They wage war with the Bandit Kingdoms in beginning of Artifact of Evil. At the Boulderford camp, they are moving southwest and the moon Celene is a crescent.
This town is on the Veng River, seventy leagues north of Willip. (see map on p. 7 of Artifact of Evil.) The trail to this town runs across prairie, through hills, then drops into the Veng River Valley. It runs along a natural ramp along steep bluffs. Three miles from the bluffs it turns sharply right. (F4-76)
This town is twenty miles from the battle with Nerull near Pangate. (E4-77)
The Hall of Dread
This is the palace of the Hierarchs. There are three large chairs reserved for the three chief Hierarchs. They represent Tartarus, Hades and Gehenna. There are five chairs to either side for the ten remaining Hierarchs. There are also lesser chairs for other military staff. Anthraxus visits on behalf of Nerull to help nail Iuz. Zuggtmoy sends a present by making Anthraxus's dead flesh food for a fairy ring.

After the second theorpart was recovered by Zuggtmoy, the city was besieged. Humanoids, daemons, hordlings and demodands fortified the city. Some hordlings revolted. The Dukes of Hell sent Abashi, spined devils and pit fiends to aid Nerull's followers. These and all summoned outer planer things died in the battle. Hell was satisfied and Nerull was ticked. After the Siege of Molag, Iuz usurped the Horned Society.


NPC's of the Vesve
Red Bowman
He is the leader of fifty brigands. He joined Obmi
He is one of Red Bowman's brigands
He is a gnollish captain in Obmi's Vesve troop.
He is a half-orc cleric/assassin who commands Obmi's gnolls in the Vesve. When Obmi leaves his entourage, Klabdul is changed to be his impostor.
He is a leader in Obmi's troop in the Vesve.
Captain Sawtooth
Sawtooth is the leader of a group of woodsman-brigands in the Vesve Forest. He has signed up with Obmi.
He is a woodsman-brigand under Captain Sawtooth
He is another woodsman-brigand under Captain Sawtooth
1. yet another woodsman-brigand in Captain Sawtooth's group
2. not Barry
3. Spoon!
Chieftain of the Nonuz of the Bloody Fangs tribe of gnolls, local to the Vesve forest.

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