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The Astral Plane, (The Celestial Sphere)

This plane contains millions of stars. It is filled with the melodious sounds of many bells and gongs of golden, bronze, and silver metal. The place is airless and heatless, but Gord, Gellor and Leda survive easily enough. Three Solars (one golden, one amber, and one pearlescent azure - representing the three good alignments), 12 Planetars, and eighty-four devas, all arrayed for battle come and demand the theorparts. When they refuse, this huge arch-deva, bigger than the solars, comes and says: you have passed the test, now let me show you on your way to the Empyreal Sphere.

The Upper Planes

The Seven Heavens (The Empyreal Sphere - The Exalted Place of Pure Color and Fire; Mt. Celestia for Planescape players)

The arch-deva is a native to this plane. This sphere gradually grows colorless. A wall of pale stuff is in the distance. A road winds through great onyxlike mountains. They glow grey and milky and grow paler until they become almost colorless at the top at a place which looks like a mountain pass. This is the entry point to the Prison of Tharizdun.
Residents of the Upper Outer Planes
see The World of Greyhawk boxed set (1983), owns the Baton of Blazes and has done twelve Great Magicks, one of which was to create the crystal sword half of Courflame.
a beneficent Deity. Ehlonna?
a beneficent Deity
a beneficent Deity
a beneficent Deity
a sea deity
Brocam the Sea Lord
a green bearded ocean deity. Procan?
see MM2, close contact with these and other beings that strongly represent their home planes, can cause the alignment of that plane to form a temporary aura around that other person. For these purposes, combat does not constitute close contact.

Lower planes:

General residents
a bugbear and goblin deity often sworn by, for example "Floggin Foogish".


is horrific and is the primary home of the cacodaemons.
residents of Pandemonium, Gehenna, and other lower planes. Many from Pandemonium act as Vuron's personal guard and are commanded by Talonclast. They are actually double agents for Nerull. They are slowly killed for treason. (ref. Greek for 'evil daemon, evil spirit' as opposed to agathodaemon, 'good spirit')


It is capable of resisting some magical items and wresting them from their owners. There are 6660 regions in the Abyss.
Pazuzeus: Level 1
There is a maelstrom above this level which is controlled by no one. The plane itself is a desolate dun with leprous ochre growths and livid gashes of terra cotta. In the distance (from Gord and Gellor's entry point) stand several tall, flat-topped hills. Nearby is a portal to Layer 303. Also in the bluffs are portals to levels 2 through 21. A few hundred lesser demons live there. These portals are disguised as Bottomless pits, toothed maws, caldrons of lava, a grinding millstone, etc.. A metallic sphincter is a gate to level 8.
Level 8
This layer is a frozen wasteland. There is an entrance on the Soulless Sounding here. It is reached by digging a hole in the frozen ground the size of a bier. Four feet below the surface is a coffin with a crystal lid and a rotting spinning corpse. This is the entrance.
Level 303
Is the site of Infestix's invasion in Dance of Demons.
a minor layer adjacent to the battlefield Vuron defends in Dance of the Demons. It is where the reinforcements come through.
The battlefield: (303?)
smogs rise over this plane to give the equivalent of night. It attaches to the Soulless Sounding.
The 333 layer of Abyss - Graz'zt's home plane; according to Dance of Demons it is layer 366. It used to be held by the Abat-dolor under Graz'zt, while he was Elazalag's consort. However, Iggwilv came to Mezzafgraduun and separated Graz'zt and four clans of Abat-dolor loyal to him from the rest of the Abat-dolor. Vuron is also held accountable by the Abat-dolor, and they don't care for Eclavdra.
The Jungles
house dinosaurs as well as shovel-toothed, wolverine- headed centipedes. They cover the thousands of miles from the Layer of the Hunt to the Central Plateau.
The Central Plateau
houses many demons and has little vegetation. Two-hundred miles inward lies The Royal Demesne.
The Royal Demesne
has a large amphitheater, it seems natural, it is made of a nacreous material. The ground here is opalescent, pearly. A park surrounds the amphitheater. It has ferns, flowers, and shrubs. The trees are dove-gray, translucent trunked with shiny black leaves. There is thick soot colored grasses. All vegetation is in shades of gray and black. The insects and birds are rainbow-hued. Lemon yellow and electric blue monkeys, bright colored deer and other animals. Demons feel free to molest the animals and vegetation. He has to restock the parks often. The sky is fire-opalescent. Graz'zt has captured twelve demonic beasts from the layer of the hunt for this menagerie. He had a brute, but it dies in Graz'zt's games.
The Grand Palace of Graz'zt
has many porticos and is gold bedecked. It is constructed of black marble and obsidian. It is reflective. It has a huge arch that leads to a central isle to the throne at the rear of the chamber. The throne is opaline, carved from a single stone by Graz'zt. There is a secluded chamber which is proofed against spying. It has a divan for Graz'zt and guests. The antechamber in the royal wing is guarded by guristhoi demons. The sanctum in his suite has huge doors made of hematite. The chamber floor is made of mirror polished jet. There is a table with seats and maps and papers. Graz'zt has a couch, this is where he plans his battles with his consuls. It is known as the Soul of Mezzafgraduun. From the garden one enters the audience hall which has a mirror bright obsidian dais and throne for Graz'zt. Vuron stands behind it. There are tall chairs for his demon lord allies.
Vuron's chambers
The entrance is guarded by two scurda. It has wizard locked doors. A secret word of passage will open the door to the inner cyst, which holds vital information and a holographic map of the Abyss over a concave floor. Graz'zt's 333 owned and allied territories glow opaline. Greater Mezafgraduun flows paler. Kostchtchie, Yeenoghu and Baphomet also glow. The 94 backwater layers controlled by Graz'zt are also revealed. The hologram can reveal troop positions all over the outer planes. It reveals secret movements with the use of the theorpart.
Greater Mezzafgraduun
the territory controlled by Graz'zt. There are 43 layers in it at the beginning of Come Endless Darkness. From 304 - 332 and 334 - 346.
The Cyanic Fens
These abysmal wetlands lie to the "south" of Mezzafgraduun on the outskirts of Graz'zt's realm. It is filled with vapors. Orcus, Iuz, and Iggwilv and the other demons advance through here. The other demons come in from the "north".
Ojukalazogadit - plane 366.
The plane is one sentient creature. It is rotten dun colored with veins of coagulated blood and cratered open sores here and there filled with with festering pus. Every once and a while huge pseudopods reach up or spurt stuff out which is then greedily eaten by itself. Forests of protuberances of bloody red and dripping green can shoot up. It makes one nauseous and insane. It emits all manner of wretched noises. It twitches. Pieces of it jump up and form semi-independent creatures, which wander around gibbering, until they are destroyed by Ojukalazogadit's other spontaneous appendages. (Think the AD&D version of the Cthulhu cycle's Shub-Niggurath from the first printing of Deities & Demigods only filling the entire plane.) It has sentient acidic volcanos. It allows armies to do battle upon it, and destroys those who harm it. It touches 12 other abyssal layers firmly, and often reaches several others. Plane 11 and Plane 502 are adjacent. It has a rotten orange atmosphere. It will also lash out near the ground if his from above by spells, for example Lightning Bolt. It can be bribed by a large blood sacrifice.
Iyondagur - layer 399.
It is attached to layers 398, 400, and 366 (Mezzafgraduun?). It is held by the Abat-dolor demons. It is not a great strata, but is considered to be a large wild layer. The entrance from the Soulless Sounding is in the middle of the great plaza of Elazalag's fortress's outer courtyard. The palace itself is in the center of the plane (if such a thing can be said). There are many frowning facades of hewn stone blocks hedging in this irregularly shaped area. Squads of Abat-dolor line the parapets on the walls of the square. Princess Elazalag is announced by iron rods pounding on wood and by deep horns that shake the stones. The fortress has a massive portcullis and drawbridge leading to the courtyard. It has just begun to be invaded in the middle of Dance of Demons.
Layer of the Hunt
This unnamed layer is full of demonic brutes and is adjacent to Mezzafgraduun. It is a cold windswept waste plane, filled with icy rock and scrub. The Brutes here will travel leagues to taste blood.
This layer is Zuggtmoy's home plane. It is a nightmare realm like a great underground cavern where fantastic and weird fungi sprout from noisome soil. It looks as if nothing clean had ever existed here. There is a grotto below the arrival point that serves as a sanctum for Zuggtmoy.
Baphomet's home plane.
Kostchtchie's home plane.
The Black Vortex
This is filled with motes of nauseous green, yellow, gray, violet, and other colors, this is one route to the Abyss.
The Soulless Sounding
This is essentially an express route through the Abyss. There is an entrance on the eighth plane. It is reached by digging a hole in the frozen ground the size of a bier. Four feet below the surface is a coffin with a crystal lid and a rotting spinning corpse. This is the entrance. Inside are all things and nothing. It is very gloomy and sad. It is full of lost loves and melancholy dreams. Distance is variably distorted. It connects with 600 layers of the Abyss including most of the middle ones. It does not reach Pazuzeus but does touch the battle plane. It is a mind twisting passage and only the very strong can tolerate it for very long. The portal leading to Iyondagur consists of iridescent striations like black opal and silver, hammered into six horseshoe-shaped arches. The gate closest to the Iyondagur gate leads to a cold windswept waste plane filled with icy rock and scrub. This unnamed layer is full of demonic brutes and is adjacent to Mezzafgraduun.
Demons (Tanar'ri for Planescape players) and residents of the Abyss
When demons fight demons, especially en masse, there is little use for magic and they just have mass physical combat.
The Six Monarchs of Demondom
Orcus, Demogorgon, Graz'zt, Marduk, Lolth, and Zuggtmoy.
This two headed, demon prince is a monarch of Demondum, who accepts no one as an equal. His gaze attacks appear as green beams from the eyes of one head, and as maroon beams from the eyes of the other head. He opposes and fights against Graz'zt. He sends vrocks and wasp demons (chasme?) to fight Graz'zt's nabassu, and other gross and bloated flying things. His personal guard consists of snake-fish, toad-crabs, and lizard-slugs. His army is one million strong, including Mandrillagon, Var-Az-Hloo and Abraxas. He sacrifices a large group of demons to Ojukalazogadit.

In Dance of Demons he allies with Iuz and alternates attacks Graz'zt on the opposite side with the aid of troops from Infestix. He leads Mandrilagon, a devil legion, a dreggal division, and various daemons and cacodaemons. Twenty Ahazu-demons serve as his officers and guard. He also has sixty battle-gongs. He is loaned a Theorpart by Infestix (the Initiator). He goes home when Gord slays Infestix. When most demons ally, he leads the water demons and takes Graz'zt's right. He owns the Venom Fountain. (ref. medieval demon mistakenly thought to belong to an ancient mythology. His name was a corruption of Demiourgos from Plato's Timaeus, which found its way into the works of Boccacchio, Spenser & Milton. see here). See also Monster Manual I

Demogorgon's lieutenant
This demon is a six legged lizard thing with human arms, a bat head and huge dull red eyes. It has keen sight.
Graz'zt is a mostly human appearing demon prince and a Monarch of Demondum. A renegade Abat-Dolor demon, his hair is blue-black and he has ebony skin. He has a charming, but fang-filled smile. His blade, Doomscreamer, weighs ten times a much as a long sword and it is twice as long. He also owns the artifact known as the Eye of Deception. He has several succubus, type V demon, and lamia consorts.

Judging from S4, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, Monster Manual II, and the 1983 World of Greyhawk boxed set, Graz'zt was captured by Iggwilv through her demonological practices around 460-470 CY, wresting him from the middle of a crucial battle. Either during his imprisonment or immediately following his accidental release he sired Iuz upon her. To what degree this union was consentual is unknown, but the battle that followed his release resulted in his being confined to his home plane for several decades, perhaps a century.

As of the beginning of Artifact of Evil he has made use of his new freedom and controls three layers of the Abyss. He has granted Iggwilv amnesty from any vendeta he might carry, so that she might aid Iuz; Yeenoghu allies with him. His agents, along with Iuz, seek the two remaining theorparts. By the end of Artifact of Evil his coalition controls 66 layers of the Abyss. They open a gate to Oerth. Hill, Mountain, and Frost Giants roam from the Howling Hills South and drive out the Hierarch's hobgoblins and orcs to the Felreev and the Steppes. He conquered Prince Ariax.

At the beginning of Sea of Death, he has extended his personal realm to eight planes. By the time of his meeting with Iuz's faction and Iggwilv, he controls twelve layers. He receives the Unbinder when it is recovered.

Towards the beginning of Come Endless Darkness, 66 greater and lesser demon lords bow to him and through them he controls 333 planes. His personal territory is called Greater Mezafgraduun. Baphomet has joined him and they have retaken the cataboligne demon home plane. He goes "north" with Pavlag, Nergal, Ogrijek, and Kostctchie to meet the attackers on Zuggtmoy's side. He uses thousands of nabassu scouts. He and Nergal know of Leda's alignment, but keep her because of Vuron. He can use the Eye of Deception or the Theorpart to grow to 300 feet tall, and to alter reality (making no flight possible from the battle on Ojukalzogadit). He uses the two artifacts to turn the tide of battle for him. He learns that whom he thought was Eclavdra is Leda after she helps Gord fight Infestix. He has 30,000 elite troops who surround Gord, Gellor and Leda from the front and two flanks. He strides to the front. He leads the united force of demons verses Gord. They total 50 noble demons, 300 petty lords, and millions of minor demons. They gather in Iyondagur where Entropy meets them. When Tharizdun takes over, he makes his stand with Elazalag and the rest of the Abat-dolor on Ojukatazogadit.

This demon lord is a Monarch of Demondum and the King of the Fire Demons. He owns the Fire Fan. He opposes Graz'zt. He continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness and comes into the battlefield to the left of Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. He walks out of "the Meeting". He takes Graz'zt's right when all the demons ally. When Tharizdun takes over, he retreats to Ojukatazogadit with Graz'zt. See also Deities & Demigods/Legends & Lore (1st ed., Babylonian Mythos), and Marduk's entry in the Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ.
Orcus is a great demon prince and a Monarch of Deomndum. He continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness and comes in to the right of Iuz on the battlefield. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition, but then decides to strike out on his own. When most ally he takes the air demons and marches on Graz'zt's right. When Tharizdun takes over, he retreats to Ojukatazogadit with Graz'zt. (ref. Roman god of the underworld/death, another name for Pluto; the Roman name for Tartaros) See also Monster Manual and H4, Throne of Bloodstone.
Queen Zuggtmoy
One of the six Monarchs of Demondum, she is the Queen of Thallphytia and the Mistress of Mycorj. She can appear as a darkly beautiful woman. She travels over the prime plane in a toadstool shaped cloud. T1-4, The Temple of Elemental Evil reveals her as a prime orchestrater behind events there. During her work and confinement there, she became involved with Iuz - both as coconspirator and paramour. She was separated from him during her confinement. Iuz plans to take over Oerth and rule with her on her plane in the Abyss. She was freed through the work of Iggwilv, who manipulated Mordenkainen. (Although in EGG's campaign, it was Robilar alone who freed her.) She joins Iuz's faction in the quest for the final theorpart. She is gated in to Oerth at the Hool battle by Leda. She sends in a tide of poisonous fungi. She attacks Graz'zt on the battlefield from the side opposite Iuz. With Szhublox, her forces total just under 250,000. She is allied with Iuz and Demogorgon in Dance of Demons. See also T1-4, Temple of Elemental Evil.
He is a male demon who is subservient to Zuggtmoy. He has a shadowed form with flames. He can be summoned by means of a bronze idol given to Obmi by Zuggtmoy. He can summon Type VI's who in turn summon type II's. He is twelve feet tall and has horns.
Lesser demon princes:
He is a demon prince who is conquered by Graz'zt. (Ref. Arias? one of the 12 marquises of the infernal empire. - Davidson, A Dictionary of Angels)
Princess Elazalag
She is the overlord of the Abat-dolor demons, whom she rules from her palace in Iyondagur. She is seven feet tall and beautiful. She rides a spike encrusted adamantine chariot that is driven by three hippokeres, that are harnessed with iron chain. She is elegantly armored in dark chainmail with an adamantine helm and uses a morning star. When most of the demons unite against Gord, she marches to the left of Graz'zt bearing the Eye of Deception that Gord gave her. When Tharizdun takes over, she retreats to Ojukatazogadit with Graz'zt and the rest of the Abat-dolor.
He is a demon prince opposing Graz'zt. He continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness and comes in to the left of Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. (possible ref. Lugus is the Gaulic equivalent of the Irish god Lugh)
Nergal, the Justicier - "Prince of Unlife"
Although Nergal is a demon lord, he is also a sycophant and serves as consul to Graz'zt. He is dark and dour, a small stony demon man. He is crooked, fearful, and hunched with a sharp curved chest and misshapen shoulders. He has slab-like cheeks, a fanged mouth and a hideous smile. He is given to outbursts and plottings. He accompanies Graz'zt to meet the attackers from the "north". He has quarreled with councils Graz'zt. He and Graz'zt know that Leda's alignment is wrong, but they keep her because of Vuron. He is Vuron's captain in Dance of Demons. When Tharizdun takes over, he retreats to Ojukatazogadit with Graz'zt. See also 1st ed. Deities & Demigods/Legends & Lore, Babylonian Mythos. (Ref. Nergal's entry in the Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ)
The Demon Prince of Slime is Zuggtmoy's brother. He is not a very smart for a demon lord. He assails Graz'zt. Comes in from the side opposite Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition.
Ushablator the Chaos Horror
He is a great demon prince. He continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness
The demon prince of gnolls allies with Graz'zt. He becomes Graz'zt's right hand viceroy, ranking higher than Vuron although controling fewer troops. He accompanies Vuron to the Cyanic Fens to meet Iuz and other attackers. He promises Vuron ghouls and hyenadons for the battle near Jahklout in Dance of Demons. He sends those plus gholes, gnolls, and ghulaz. He commands troops to Vuron's right. See also Monster Manual, H4, the Throne of Bloodstone, and DMGR4 Monster Mythology.
He is a great demon prince who continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness
Demon lords
He is a demon lord who is either allied to or is a minion of Demogorgon. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. He wants Yeenoghu's realm. (ref. Gnostics, Budge - Amulets and Superstitions - Abraxas was a cock-headed, human-bodied, serpent-legged demon, somehow involved in the creation process and leader of 365 archons. His is the name from which 'Abracadabra' most likely derives.)
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.
Lord Apepi
a cobra headed demon who wields a khopesh. He has poison spittle. (Ref. Egyptian Mythology - Apep, a snake-headed god associated with Set)
a demon lord who, when Tharizdun takes over, retreats to Ojukatazogadit with Graz'zt. (See also Paradise Lost, the name means "fierce lion", Michael Moorcock's Elric and Corum series within the Eternal Champion mega-series?)
He is a demon lord who is undecided in the wars with Graz'zt. He allies against him in Come Endless Darkness. He comes in to the right of Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. (ref. Enoch 1, 8:1 He is one of the fallen angels (Watchers), and he teaches men how to make swords and armor and women how to make jewelry, use makeup, and the art of alchemy)
see Monster Manual II. He allies with Graz'zt. Later he attends "the Meeting" against Graz'zt. He wants to profit win or lose. He betrays Iuz and company and treatises with Graz'zt. (ref. Templars? long-haired bearded head, goat head with pentagon, sabbatic goat - Sykes Who's Who in Non-Classical Mythology)
He is a demon lord who is initially undecided in the wars with Graz'zt. He allies against him in Come Endless Darkness. He comes in to the right of Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. Shortly thereafter he decides to follow Orcus. When Tharizdun takes over the Abyss, he is made an example of by being forced to disobey Tharizdun and is then consumed by the All Evil. Another demon is then named Bulumuz by Tharizdun.
a potent demon lord. He chitters.
Eblis, Eblitis, or Elbis
a demon lord opposing Graz'zt. He continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness He comes in to the left of Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. (ref. an Arabic name for the Devil (Iblis, derived from the Greek - diabolos), see the Qu'ran, William Beckford's Vathek, possibly the Thousand Nights and a Night, Gustav Davidson's A Dictionary of Angels.)
This demon is loathsome in appearance and is hairless save for his eyebrows. He allies to Graz'zt at the end of Artifact of Evil. He is named Graz'zt's Marshal. He ranks higher than Vuron but controls fewer troops. He travels to meet the attackers from the north. In Dance of Demons he leads demon-ogres and demongiants on Vuron's left side. See also Gary Gygax's Legendary Earth Deities-Otamask page, S4, The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, and Monster Manual II. Ref. Slavic (Russian?) Mythology - Koshey Bessmertny = Koshey the Deathless.
This demon lord is a monstrous, blue-faced parody of a mandril. He has filthy yellow-gray fangs andspeaks in roars, coughing, and barking. He controls two planes with his winged monkey demons. He is a long ally and blood kin of Demogorgon, whom he fears. He opposes Graz'zt and continues to fight Graz'zt in Come Endless Darkness, coming in from the side opposite Iuz.
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon who fights in the lead.
the chieftainess of an Abat-dolor region and the chamberlain and vice-princess to Elazalag.
Lord Nigroch
Elazalag's chief warrior and herald. He is accompanied by the Abat-dolor chevaliers.
lord of the winged Nabassu demons, in charge of the voord and consul to Graz'zt. He accompanies Graz'zt to meet the attackers from the "north". He is placed in the front after the Nabassu defeat.
see under Abyss.
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.
demon lord, attacks Graz'zt from behind Iuz. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition.
This demon lord is a minion/ally of Demogorgon. He opposes Graz'zt and continues to fight him in Come Endless Darkness. He comes in on the side opposite Iuz, to the "north". He wants Eclavdra as a prize of the battle. In Dance of Demons he joins the Iuz-Demogorgon anti-Graz'zt coalition. Shortly thereafter he decides to follow Orcus.
a demon cohort of Var-Az-Hloo.
a demon cohort of Var-Az-Hloo.
a demon cohort of Var-Az-Hloo.
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon who fights in the lead.
a minor demon lord allied to Demogorgon.
He is a high rakshasa in charge of Vuron's right center in the battle with Demogorgon in Dance of Demons. (possible ref. Zebuleon - one of the 9 angels who wil rule or judge at the end of the world - Davidson, A Dictionary of Angels)
Greater demons of power:
a demon who plots with Zuggtmoy for the Theorpart.
He is the raloog who leads the rutterkins that were in the guise of raloogs through the aid of Leda and the Eye of Deception. He is given more power by the theorpart and rises to Demon Lord status, becoming Vuron's adjutant.
He is a chagrin demon. As such, he has massive arms, horny hands, long fingers with which he likes to break necks and attack with his fists. He has red rimmed eyes and an obscenely high pitched voice, but he can imitate any human voice that he hears. He has acidic spittle and can produce flame. He is very intelligent. He is "one of the most disgusting and potent of the 33 able to move out of the nether pits." He can hide in shadows, and likes to sneak up from behind. He is sadistic and will kill its victims slowly, without regard for secrecy. He is controlled by Gravestone. He left the aft cabin of the Silver Seeker bloodied.
Krung's brother is also a chagrin demon. He is a messenger from Graz'zt
Leviathan (Hebrew for "that which gathers itself together in folds")
She is an uncommitted demon at "the Meeting". (ref. Job 41:1, Psalm 74:14, Isaiah 27:1, Yam's entry in the Canaanite Mythology FAQ, various Pseudepigrapha: Enoch, Greek Apocalypse of Baruch, Thomas Hobbes.)
He is a flame demon, a conflagrati, the youngest and weakest of the Proto-demons, the elder ones. He has four gold/orange eyes that flare up when he is excited. Consul to Graz'zt he accompanies him to meet the attackers from the "north". He leads the 50 conflagrati. He is Vuron's captain in Dance of Demons. He hates Infestix for the indirect slaying of his "brothers". He swore in front of Vuron not to rest until Infestix is dead.
A lank, long armed ahazu-demon Talonclast is Vuron's chief of staff and commander of Vuron's guard, the cacodaemon horde. He is, however, a double agent working for Nerull. He and the cacodaemons are all slowly killed for treason. He reveals that Iuz and his theorpart are being used against Graz'zt.
Graz'zt's Lord Steward. He is tall, stick-like, a dazzlingly white albino. He is an androgen and his voice sounds like one hundred bells chiming. He is evil and very intelligent, considered the most intellegent demon. He is strong in reading minds, being able to read the surface of Gord's despite Gord's amulet of protection from ESP. He is very loyal to Graz'zt, showing humility only to him. He is very sincere for a demon and this humility seems real. Graz'zt uses him to point out flaws in his plans. He comes up with the quick-clone idea for Eclavdra. He had altered Leda during her creation so that she had no alignment. Her time with Gord made her Neutral Good. He arrives at the Hool battle, banishing all of the outer planer participants of that battle. He pits Gord verses Obmi and Leda verses Eclavdra. He heals the escaped slaves after Gord and Leda are victorious. He lets Gord chose who the Theorpart goes to. His contingency is that Leda must accompany the Theorpart in the guise of Eclavdra. Gord gives in, seeing no alternative.

He is the Master of The Roving Hordes, controling two-thirds of Graz'zt's forces. He tollerates no sycophants. A master strategist, he leads forces through Tartarus against Hades's gates. He goes to the Cyanic Fens with Leda as Eclavdra, Yeenoghu, and twelve other minor demon lords to meet Iuz and other attackers.

In Dance of Demons, he waits for battle on a flat plane, controlling a force of all the "Type" demons save Type 5, also including dretch and rutterkin. He has previously sacked Mandrilagon's palace and kidnapped Demogorgon's harem. He enters personal combat with Demogorgon while carrying his crystal spear. He can use the Theorpart to heal and to promote demons. He sends Leda as a messenger to Graz'zt, hoping to destroy her influence. He is slain by Leda.

See The World of Greyhawk boxed set (1983). He is Vuron's captain in Dance of Demons. He is in charge of the left side. He is sent to Oerth to sack Iuz.
see Monster Manual II. He is an elder proto-demon and has burning eyes and four wings. He is an agent for Infestix and also a most trusted servant of Gravestone. (ref. Babylonian statues, The Exorcist II) See Pazuzu Demon statue at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.
He is an elder proto-demon. He has many eyes, horny knees, massive hands, and razor sharp talons. He spits a withering globe, that ages the victim 10 to 40 years as a ghost would. He can dispel magic, cast curative spells, and darkness. He can summon three lesser demons, Korb, Haklo, and Meemgul. He is a most trusted servant of Gravestone.
a lesser demon summoned by Shabriri.
a lesser demon summoned by Shabriri.
a lesser demon summoned by Shabriri.
(greatest demon) a very powerful earth demon
Races/types of demons
Type I, use needle tined military forks.
Type II - toad-demons use jagged blades.
Type III
Type IV's, boar demons. They have tiny wings, pig eyes, and use pole axes.
Type VI demons, flame demons. They are bat-faced, see Monster Manual 1, Fellowship of the Ring (Balrog).
the elder ones, the first true demons to crawl out of the abysmal muck. They include Pazuzeus, Shabriri, and Palvlag.
The Abat-dolor are an independent race of demons of which Graz'zt is a member. They are ebon-hued, six-fingered, seven to eight feet tall humanoids. They are more human and more civilized than most demons; yet they are reputed to be the most vicious of all demons. They are broken into the nine clans of pain, each of which has their own lord, with Elazalag serving as their overlord. They are independent of all other demon lords. The soldiers wear polished red bronze plate armor. They are armed with swords, spears, and light crossbows. Some have swivel-mounted antimatter guns which are used as a last resort and only by the order of Elazalag. Mezzafgraduun used to be held by the Abat-dolor under Graz'zt, while he was Elazalag's consort. However, Iggwilv came to Mezzafgraduun and separated Graz'zt and four clans of Abat-dolor loyal to him from the rest of the Abat-dolor. Vuron is also held accountable by the Abat-dolor, and they don't care for Eclavdra.
These are squarish, lank, long-armed greater demons that are affiliated with Demogorgon.
larger versions of Babau (see Monster Manual II).
They are shuffle-footed, powerful, massive, stupid, lesser demons with disproportionately long right arms and shark-toothed, lipless mouths.
cataboligne demon
This class of major demon is the blue skinned creature on Saga of Old City's cover. A +3 or better weapon is needed to hit it and it is capable of casting darkness 10' radius, fear, animate dead, some powerful illusion spell, and polymorph other. It has a gaze attack that is the equivalant of paralyzation. It regenerates and has a high magic resistance, though it is susceptible to fire. It can also charm
a Krung type demon.
goat horned demons
Greater demons, flame demons. There are 50 of them under the control of Pavlag, who is himself a Conflagrati. Possibly the same as raloogs.
These crocodile-jawed demons use iron weapons and are affiliated with Demogorgon.
These massive demons have bare, steel-hard scales, colossal muscles, and fearsome attacks. Some guard Graz'zt's antechamber in the royal wing of the palace. See Goristroi demons, Dragon #91, p. 8.
a demon type
pig demons
flying, black, man/hawk demons with four wings. They are stronger than most demons, yet are cowardly and traitorous by nature. Thousands of them are used by Graz'zt as scouts. They are under Ogrijek's control. See Monster Manual II
saucer-eyed demons.
hulking scorpion demons with flat, lifeless eyes.
Skuda - (Scurda?)
scorpion-legged demon guards of Graz'zt.
snake demons.
a demon type with beetle brows.
carrion eating demons. They are under Ogrijek's control.
Yatish demons
Otherwise undescribed, these demons are represented at "The Meeting".
Unnamed demons:
with a leering frog mouth, a wolverine head, a porcine body and flipper legs.
Demonic Brutes
There are 600 kinds of demon monsters more terrible than the Beasts. These are silent stalkers hunted by the demon lords with entourages of pike-wielding minions, who sometimes become the hunted. The demon lords carry special weapons to hunt the brutes. Many of them are more powerful than dragons.
Demonic Beasts
There are 6000 kinds animal brained demons.
Abysmal herds
Type one
elephantine in size, these have hippo bodies, snake necks, and beaked heads.
Type two
these are bearlike mastadonian demons.
These are demon horses with eight thick legs and a rhinoceros horn. They are wild, but the smaller ones are tamed and ridden by the Abat-dolor.
another type of Abysmal steed used by the Abat-dolor.
The Meeting
Is in an amphitheater made of six concentric circles. In the lowest circle sits Iuz, with Iggwilv to his right, and Zuggtmoy to his left. On the other side sits Orcus, Marduk, Baphomet, Cagrino, and Abraxas. In the next row are Var-Az-hloo, Azazael, Bulumuz, Socoth-Benothas, Szhublox, Lugush, and 12 others. The next two rows up contain lesser demon lords and the last two rows contain greater demons including the chief of the Yatish demons. Iggwilv addresses the crowd about Gord, Graz'zt, Infestix, and Demogorgon. Twenty-seven demons want to search for Gord, Leda, and Gellor. The rest, save a handful, want to assault Graz'zt. The twenty-seven go along.

TARTARUS (or Carceri for Planescape players)

Demodands (Gehreleth for Planescape players) and other residents of Tartarus
He is the leader of the demondand warriors. He serves Infestix and believes that he has influence over some of the more powerful demons.
Raanwil Ledli
She is an obese pit hag who leads the Tartaurian cacodaemons for Demogorgon against Graz'zt.
These disgusting natives of Tartarus appear variously like orangutans, mandrils, gibbons, and apes, but with bristle covered bodies, opossum-like heads, sharp nails and fangs. They are seven to nine feet tall and can fly or bound or run on all fours like a dog. They throw frozen-acid javelins, and they have an innate cloudkill ability. They are more powerful than a rutterkin and a dretch put together.

HADES, "The Black Void", (The Gray Waste for Planescape players)

Infestix's Palace
Infestix convenes his court on the third gloom of Hades and can summon, with some regularity, lords of Hades, Gehenna and Tartarus to appear there. His court includes a dais where he will stand, and places for those attending and visiting lords to stand in a semi-circle about it, placed by planar alignment. It is squalid and decaying. From the dais can be accessed an inner sanctum through some sort of teleport mechanism. It is a circular, exitless, room suspended in nothingness. When the dais teleports only a bubbling pool of filth remains. He has many attendants, including "The Diseased Ones", oinodaemon types. He has a minor audience chamber with a chair which is across from many locales. He spies on Gravestone's stair maze and other locales. This chamber is adjacent to his throne room and has chairs for at least himself and the eight oinodaemons.
Daemons (Yugoloths for Planescape players) and residents of Hades
The Diseased Ones - the eight Oinodaemons
Anthraxus, Bubonous, Cholerix, Typhus, Dipterius, Brucilousu, Pneumonis, and Rheumatus. They are lesser versions of Infestix, chief among them, Anthraxus, is second only to Infestix in all of Hades. They are sent to aid Demogorgon in his battle with Vuron. Two are slain. (see Monster Manual II p. 30)
the greatest Oinodaemon after the Demogorgon-Vuron battle.
Infestix is both the true name and title of Nerull, his avatar on Oerth. He is known as the King of Death, the King of Extinction. He favors a form with a hollow sounding, sepulchral, worm-ridden, voice which emanates from a lipless, yellow-slime dripping, mouth with a grey, worm-like tongue. His face is leering and he has bony hands.

He can, through his finger, cast a putrescent green ray, which, upon striking its victim causes their flesh to bubble and their body to melt. He is not shy about using this technique on those who have failed him. He likes to geas those who have insulted him with lethal disease effects. He can cause instant rot in the living, this kills by the touch. He can regenerate lost limbs. He is conceited, plotting, and smug. He is master of daemons and ruler of Hades. He has many attendants, including "the diseased ones", oinodaemon types. He uses dreggal scouts and has the messy habit of killing his messengers.

He sends part of his essence with Sckculintig to spy on her dealings. He is the primary advocate for the return of Tharizdun. He comes to the battle on Ojukalazogadit with concealed aid by theorpart. He observed the contest between Gord's party and Gravestone. When Entropy makes his move in the beginning of Dance of the Demons, even he is in trouble. He gives aid to Iuz and Demogorgon to topple Graz'zt. He loans Demogorgon the theorpart (the Initiator), but he has built in a harmonic retrieval device. Once Vuron is lured into personal combat with Demogorgon, he sends in the eight oinodaemons and a daemon horde. Gord and Gellor confuse him with the Banner of Basiliv. His material form is slain by Gord, banishing him to Hades, and loosing him the Initiator. He lost his hand to Gord, but he can regenerate it.

Infestix's avatar on Oerth can be summoned by the Hierarches to aid in battles. He is their master and rides a winged behemoth from Hades named Putriptoq. They radiate fear. He wants to retrieve the second Theorpart in order to bring about the return of Tharizdun. (See Dragon #71 pp. 54-55, or WoGGuide p. 72, WoGGlossography p. 44)
The Plagante
Infestix's personal guard.
one of the Plagante, a hulking daemon that can be slain with one blow from Courflame.
a winged bat-like behemoth daemon that is the steed of Nerull. It radiates fear and slew Lizard.
She is queen of the night hags c. 550. She is subservient to Infestix and helped orchestrate the collusion of the cat houses against Karal Quadrapus through talk of a prophecy. She is exterminated by Infestix.
She is a night hag, the coven mistress, an emissary of Hades and minion of Nerull. He places part of his essence in her to spy.
night hag next in line for coven mistress.
Poxpanus (Incabulos?)
"The Lord of All Pox". He takes a human form and has a rotting and holow voice. His arms are putrid and he can spread highly virulent diseases by touch. He, through ritual, can magically send disease to distant victims. He can ward himself against ESP, scrying, and divinatory actions. He is a vassal to Infestix and he appears to be of a kin to the Oinodaemon. He is proud of his abilities and haughty towards those he considers beneath him, a group which includes all mortals. Here his avatar aids Greyhawk's priest of Nerull, Colvetis Pol as part of a greater plan to release Tharizdun. After Reachan died, he returned to Hades to recover in a state of madness.
This is Poxpanus's spawn and familiar. He aids his master in magical searchings and is motivated by a lust for killing, and being as close as possible to his master, to the point of wanting to rejoin Poxpanus. He is killed by wards around Gord.
a daemon lord and vassal of Infestix, he has dead-black eyes.
a daemon lord, once one of the "Diseased Ones"
a demon and Orcus's ambassador to the court of Infestix. He is sarcastic and snide, which earns him a diseased ulcer on his shoulder from Infestix. This disease compels him to pay his superiors respect lest he succumb to disease within a few hours.
He a pit fiend and Asmodeus's ambassador to the court of Infestix. He views Infestix with respect due to one of his power, but attempts to advocate on behalf of his master's supremacy over all of the devils in any operation that might result from the Tharizdun councils.
one of Gravestone's cockroach daemon guards. He is more interested in freedom than in service.
a herald, bronze helmeted and zombie-faced.


Residents of Gehenna:
a race of lower planer creatures, some reside in Hades. They are warty, pocked, spidery spiky-headed creatures, with metallic voices. They are used as scouts by Infestix.
The king of the dreggals. He is loyal to Infestix.


is ruled by netherlords and is populated by undead and maelris. They side with Infestix against Graz'zt. It has charnel vistas.
Residents of Acheron
see the various monster manuals and monsterous compendia.
see Monster Manual II
Hatdoligor Kaathbaen
see his entry on the Negative Material Plane

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