Ok, here's where I'll let my views out on some political issues.
Well, since this is a politics page, I ought to have links to voter information sources for the U.S.:
Stay informed! A well informed, well educated citizenry is the most effective way of making certain the will of the State reflects the will of its citizens. In a representative democracy, an educated, well informed voter is best able to affect the government. I choose my news sources based on what I consider to be the most balanced, complete reporting available, but one should maintain a skepticism about one's sources and try to balance their biases by increasing the number of sources one uses. I try to keep informed by:
I've listed a number of links to sites whose organizations believe in equallity, fair treatment, and basic human rights.
I've been thinking that it would be a good idea to run a public service ad campaign promoting tolerance and respect for people of different racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, class, and national distinctions. One of the features of such an ad campaign would be quotes from different religious and philosophical sources from around the world which agreed with such a message. I'd have them written at the bottom of the screen while different groups of people said things like: "I'm/we're your neighbor(s)." I'm looking for such passages and since I was raised Catholic, that's where I'm starting. As I run into other good quotes, I'm going to collect them here.
Christopher B. Siren