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THE WESTERN MARKLANDS (Veluna, Furyondy, The Shield Lands, Highfolk)

The Crossroads
There is a good road leading East-West from Furyondy to Veluna City, which meets the South Road from Littleberg to Verbobonc.


Broad Ford
This ford is ten miles north of Littleberg. There is shallow water to a high bridge on the East side, enabling river traffic. (see p. 168 Artifact of Evil)
The population of this town is rather rural, unsophisticated and folksy. (Q4-81)
The road west of Crockport veers north after a one day ride from the village. Four hours out of Crockport the road splits. One end veers north to Lake Whistle, the central goes north to Tusham and the left goes west.
This town is one day and one league (63 miles total) north of Littleberg. It shuts its gates at night, and is a thriving agricultural market place. The walls are half completed. There are about 2000 residents. There are many inns and hostels. (P4-87)
This town lies one day, or ten miles, south of the Broad Ford on the Att River. It has a Sanctuary of Rao. The trail breaks there leading north to Molag and northeast to Willip. It is a wild area.
This is the sole crossing of the Veng River and lies far above the crossroads. (E4-78)
This is a seedy little village that lies one week by horse west of Littleberg. It has a reputation for sheltering outlaws. They have many fences, a gambling house, and a brothel. (Q4-81)
This town is about ten hours by horse from Crockport. There is a devil swine on the loose near here. (R4-80)
A narrow path leads west into the heart of the Vesve forest. After an hour walk, it splits into west-southwest and veering north. Along the north path there are occasional side paths to hunter's residences. It leads to a hermit's cave in a low cliff bordering a small stream.
The Willip Road
This road lies ten days out of Hommlet, and runs from Dyvers to Willip.
NPC's in Furyondy:
He is Tusham's chief hunter from whom Thatch and Shadow "appropriated" spears, leggings cloaks, flatchets and backpacks
She is an 11 year-old (as of mid Artifact of Evil c. 582/3). She was travelling with her father and brother on a pilgrimage from Urnst to Mitrik. They had sailed to Dyvers, but her father was killed by Obmi's men on their path of destruction. Their caravan was sacked at dawn, she and Franz hid in the bushes. They are left by Gord and his crew at the Sanctuary of Rao at Littleburg.
He is Isobel's nine year-old brother
Old Reed
The man to whom Thatch is apprenticed
Shad "Shadow"
A youth from Tusham, he follows Thatch (thus earning his name). He has rations and a knife from his uncle, to whom he is apprenticed. He can also ride well, knows the area and is made a bear tooth necklace. After they return with the devil swine carcass they are welcomed as heroes.
Thatcher "Thatch"
He is a youth from Tusham. He is eager and, wanting to hunt bear, will tag along with those he suspects to be big game hunters. He knows the area well and can ride well. Gord makes him a bear tooth necklace. He is taller than Shad. After they return with the devil swine carcass, they are welcomed as heroes.


This village lies on the Veluna side of the Velverdyva River, a two days ride east away from Veluna City, one and a half days south of Littleberg. It has a small inn. (U4-94)
NPC's of Veluna:
He is the venerable balding high priest of Celestian at the temple in Veluna City. He has five underpriests and several divination spells.
She is the young and comely barmaid at the inn at Shancross. She is the daughter of the inn's owner.


NPC's of Verbobonc:
His Worshipful Magus and lord of Hommlet. (see T1 or T1-4)
Sir Rufus of Skipperton
Burne's lieutenant, witnessed (along with the entire town) Obmi passing through. (see T1-4).

Shield Lands

During Come Endless Darkness, Iuz takes over all of this country save the capital island.

Valley of the Mage

The Vale is not as unfriendly or secretive as tales say. The men and elves here are taciturn towards outsiders.
Located at W5-115, it is the Valley's largest town and the seat of power for Basiliv in the Valley of the Mage. Population = 3000. The town is dreary and has a castle nearby where resides an earl.
Basiliv's dwelling
The Demi-urge lives in an unimposing stone building near the center of Bardillingham. On the inside, however, it is huge, due to spells akin to Mordenkainen's Marvellous Mansion. The entrance is through an arch, which leads to an audience chamber. Elsewhere in the manor are his private chambers. They hold a crowded but comfortable study with lots of books, maps, charts, and magical constructs. He has three Lay-Z-boy recliners. Unseen servants serve refreshments - beverages and snacks.
NPC's of the Vale:
Basiliv, the Demi-urge, the Mage of the Vale.
When he is first met he will be impassive, and businesslike, becoming more casual once formalities are taken care of. He is knowledgeable of things beyond the ken of most Oerthians, such as genetics. In the past, he was selfish and sought seclusion, but has changed his ways long ago. He is a friend and associate of Rexfelis, the Catlord. He is a Lord of Balance. He clouds Infestix's view of Gord and the others in Gravestone's stair maze. He believed that Law, Chaos, and good would counterbalance Tharizdun. Mordenkainen accompanies him and keeps him in contact with the rest of the Lords of Balance. He observes Gord, Gellor, Curley, and Chert in their progress in Gravestone's lair. He tells the others of his activities. He watches the battles on Oerth, and sees the bickerings of Weal. Someone mind blanked him, or made him unable to communicate bodily, after he tried to warn Gord of the trap on Gravestone's fiftieth stair. He has not spoken since the first interruption nor signaled in any manner. He was, however, responsible for summoning a solar to aid Gord and Gellor in Gravestone's tower. He is not gone, but his spirit is constrained. He can communicate through a piece of charcoal and a scroll. (Note, the name "Demiurge" is often associated with the Zoroastrian god Mithras. According to Gnostics texts, the Demiurge is responsible for the creation of the universe)
First Level:
Unseen Servant

Old Keoland, Celene & Geoff (Keoland, Bissel, Gran March, Sea Princes, Sterich, Ulek, Yeomanry, Celene, Geoff)


This country is aligned to good.
This capital is the High Court of Queen Yolande
Midsummer is celebrated with a grand ball, featuring many lights. They do a ritual circle dance, segregated according to social class. The elves put on finery and prance in ancient games and dances.
The Court and Castle
The court looks like the outdoors. It has high domed ceilings covered in black velvet with stars and full moons. They are decorated with fantastically carved and delicately wrought lanterns - many with crystal gems, set in to reflect tapers. There are also mirrors glass and copper, gold and silver, throughout dozens of chambers.

The Grand Court is lit in a golden light and has an alabaster floor. Other courts and salons adjacent are dim, bright, amethyst, silver or aquatic lighted. Each room is different. Furnishings complement and enhance the effects. Plants and Flowers are everywhere, blending in all fragrances. The centerpiece is jasmine in a deep blue salon, green fronds and leafy branches in a dim rainbow dotted room with turning lamps. Breezes waft through that room; flames move to elfish music.

The gray elves wear indigo, gold, white, purple, silver and yellow. High elves wear dove gray, blue, violet and green; sylvan elves wear chocolate brown and scarlet. The archers wear green and brown; the royal guards wear silvered chainmail and bear partisans and swords. Horses have silver harnesses, gold pipes.

There are wooded gardens and parks surrounding the palace. The palace has guest chambers in the Royal Wing of the palace, in a round tower. It is austere and martial in decorations.

They have agents in Hommlet and have Royal Hippogriffs.

NPC's of Celene:
Queen Yolande of Celene
She has lilac eyes and is breathtakingly beautiful: Ch 18, Com 20+.
Royal Court Mage of Celene
This gray elf is the constable of Celene. He is hard and direct, and also comely. He is a distant kinsman of Melf.
Prince Brightflame, better known as - "Melf of the Green Arrow"
He is a a grey elfin fighter/mage of at least thirteenth level as a mage in Artifact of Evil. He is 165 years old. He is very modest. He has given up all royal titles and claims and dislikes being called by his true name.

Equipment: He carries a holy symbol of Fharlanghn. He has a spear which can magically change into a lance. With the lance version, he was capable of mortally wounding Gleed with a charge. He has a slender adamantine wand with a pale crystal tip that can cast Wall of Force.

He has sworn fealty to Lord Mordenkainen to whom he must ocasionally report. He gives Gord a scroll with a few useful spells. He has a cousin, Silverthorn, with whom he left the Five Dragon Bowl. He is tracking Obmi and kills Gleed.

(True Seeing?)
First Level: Magic Missile,
Second Level: Invisibility,
Third Level: Fly, Fireball, Dispel Magic
Fourth Level: Evard's Black Tentacles, Wall of Fire,
Fifth Level: Cloudkill, Teleport,
Sixth Level: Chain Lightning, Stone to Flesh
Diggwell "Biff"son
He is a halfling from the Welkwood and a fighter/thief. He is not as smart or wise as Gord. He carries a dozen +2 sling bullets and has Boots of Levitation. He is Melf's henchman and friend. He is very chivalrous outwardly, a Sam Gamgee type, but still a thief.
This hard eyed crossbowman is tall, lean-muscled and leathery skinned. He is specialized in the arbalest (heavy crossbow). He wears scale mail and has magic bolts. He travels with Melf, Biff, and Chert. He was slain by Nerull's steed Putriptoq.

Keoland, Kingdom of

(ref. Tom Keogh). This land is the last known location of the Jancinth of Inestimable Beauty. (DMG 1st ed. p. 158)


Port Jolli
This place is a dull and dirty town.
the Hool marshmen.
NPC's of the Sea Princes:
He is a Wenhulii sorcerer, his assistance die in the Obmi-Eclavdra clash in the Hool marshes. He and the priest break off from the attack.


NPC's of Ulek:
Prince Olinstoad Corond
He is the ruler of the Principality of Ulek. He supplied forces to sack the Pomarj. He has mines north of Stoneheim in the Wormjaws which are rich in gold and gems.
female gray robed mage in Gord's group raiding Strandkeep.
Second Level: knock
Kharistylla's cave
This cave is underwater in the Azure Sea. It has stone walls, red coral branches on the walls, profuse sea plants. It is magically concealed. It is a large grotto with many chambers and secret grottos with water sprites, salt wyrds, all forms of poisonous sea creatures - snakes, fish, and worse - hovers on the perimeter as guards. (See Kharistylla)
somewhere along the Silver Seeker's route before the Wild Coast.

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