HandyShopper Feature Comparison

Better on Palm OS5
Better on Windows Mobile13
Missing from both15

General FeaturesPalm OSWindows Mobile
Multiple databasesyesyes
Stores per database100100
Categories per database100100
Items per database6553365533
Data fields per item5 text, 13 non-text5 text, 13 non-text
Per-store prices and aislesyesyes
Popup calculator for number fieldsyesyes
Search for items across all databasesyesyes
Icons associated with itemsyes-
Auto-delete itemsyesyes
Repeating items--
Private items [1]yesyes
Private databases--
Built in Help textcontext sensitive help for 10 screenssearchable hyperlinked help file with over 20 topic, and context sensitive help for over 20 screens
High resolution device supportyesyes
Landscape mode supportyesyes
Documented database format--
API for other apps to access databases--
Import/Export FeaturesPalm OSWindows Mobile
Import from HS1yesunnecessary [2]
Import from HS2yesyes
TXT Import/Exportup to 6 of 17 fieldsup to 6 of 17 fields
XML Import/Export--
CSV Import/Export--
List View FeaturesPalm OSWindows Mobile
All/Needed/NotNeeded viewsyesyes
Custom views--
Filter by multiple categories-yes
Filter by multiple stores-yes
Sortup to 3 fieldsup to 3 fields
Manual item ordering--
Resizable columnsyesyes
Hide column headers-yes
Fields available as columns14 of 17 fields14 of 17 fields
In-place editing (as text)4 columnsoptional, 4 columns
In-place editing (checkbox, popup menu)5 columns6 columns
Columns editable via other screens5 columns8 columns
Hit highlighting (enhanced Lookup)-yes
Row Colorsyesyes
One handed modeyesyes
Quick Pane (enhanced one handed mode)-yes
Purge Itemsyesyes
Reset Itemsyesyes
Best Buyyesyes
Price difference and percentage (enhanced Best Buy)-yes
Variable row heightAuto, or limit to 1-3 linesAuto, or limit to 1-3 lines
Customize the font choices-any installed font, 6-13 point size, bold, narrow
Tip window when scrollingoptionalunnecessary [3]
New itemyesyes
Delete itemyesyes
Copy itemyesyes
Copy item to different databaseyesyes
Beam item (infrared)--
Send item (Bluetooth)--
Automatically learn aisle ordering--
Picklist of favorite Unitsyes-
Picklist of favorite Aisles--
Details Screen FeaturesPalm OSWindows Mobile
Details screenyesyes
In-place editing (as text)-7 fields
In-place editing (checkbox, popup menu)4 fields5 fields
Fields editable via other screens8 fieldsunnecessary
Next/Prev item in Details screenyesyes
Select Stores screenyesyes
Next/Prev in Select Stores screenyesyes
Note screen integrated into Details screen-yes
Select Stores screen integrated into Details screen-yes
Shows store with best priceyesyes
Database Management FeaturesPalm OSWindows Mobile
Open databases from memoryyesyes
Open databases from cardyesyes
Detect card insert/remove-yes
Show count of Needed itemsyesyes
New databaseyesyes
Delete databaseyesyes
Rename database (display name)yesyes
Rename database (file name)N/A- [4]
Copy databaseyesyes
Move databaseN/A- [4]
Move to/from cardyesyes
Beam database (infrared)yes- [4]
Send database (Bluetooth)yes- [4]
Synchronize database between two devices--