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About Me:

I’ve been snorkeling ever since I learned to swim. As a child I could easily spend whole days with my head underwater looking for shells in the surf or watching fish on a reef.  Not much has changed. As a natural swimmer and outdoor enthusiast, it was only a matter of time before I took up diving. Photography seemed like the natural progression of the sport.

In 2001 I bought a small pocket digital camera. A cheap housing was available so I went for it thinking all I wanted to do with it was take pictures while ice climbing or skiing and maybe even snorkeling as well. From the first time I took it snorkeling it was much more fun than I bargained for.  I brought it on my first dive I was hooked.

Through diving I have developed a true appreciation for the art of photography and have brought my family to many beautiful beaches.

This “cheap” housing has grown into a very expensive hobby--like I needed another one! 




Last updated: 10/21/05

Current Travel and Projects:

I am currently in the process of getting this site updated.  This page is just the framework of what will be here eventually  

I’m headed to Turks and Caicos in November 2005. I plan to put into practice many new concepts and ideas as well as test some new equipment: new Ikelite  D70 iTTL housing upgrade and dual sync cord, 105mm Nikkor with custom Ikelite port for Nikon 4T diopter, and Ikelite mini-C lite focus light. 






I am a member of CUPS the Colorado Underwater Photographic Society  

I also participate regularly on the wetpixel forums—an excellent place to share  photos, exchange ideas, research equipment, and learn about photography, diving and image processing.





I took a short course through Cathy Church’s photo center on Grand Cayman in 2002. I was diving with a brand new system a Canon Digital Elph S300 in a simple Canon housing and a New Ikelite DS-125 strobe with a Digital TTL sensor.  The strobe wasn’t syncing and I didn’t know why. Cathy made herself available that very afternoon and read-up on the system to help me. Her and her assistant spent the afternoon debugging my system and got it working. After a short 1-tank intro dive I was off taking underwater photos 100% improved  from before.

I took a short PADI specialty course as part of my Advanced Diver Certification in Underwater photography through the LDS in Boulder Scuba Joe. It’s a good basic course that all photographers should take. It primarily covers camera care and the basics of exposure, DOF, and shutter speeds. The course was a good refresher but it is very sparse in terms of technique. I did my Advanced Openwater training in Key Largo on a dive trip with Scuba Joe.

Since then, most of my additional training has been self-taught through books and online reading. Both wetpixel and digitaldiver are excellent for this.

The best book in my opinion is Martin Edge’s “The Underwater Photographer” .

Jim Church’s “Essential Guide to Composition” is a timeless classic that is still very relevant in the digital age. 

Underwater Photography Magazine is the best printed journal on the subject—better yet its free online too!





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