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What you will find here:

Descriptions and reviews of my current and past equipment.



DSLR System (primary)†††††††

Nikon D70

Ikelite iTTL Housing

2x Ikelite DS125 strobes w/ dual sync cord


Macro Lenses

Nikkor 60mm macro

Nikkor 105mm macro 2x diopter

Wide Angle Lenses

Nikkor 12-24mm

Sigma 15mm FE

Nikkor 10.5mm FE

Nikkor 18-70mm

Ultralight arms

Ikelite mini-C-lite focus light

Lowepro Trekker AW photo bag





Consumer System (Backup)††††††††††††

Canon Powershot S300

Canon Housing

Sea & Sea add on lenses16mm WA and 2X Macro

Ikelite DS125 strobe and manual controller

Ultralight arm system





Dive Gear†††††††††††

Atomic B2 Regulator

Atomic SS1

Oceanic BCD

Mares full foot fins (simplicity KISS)

Scubapro frameless mask

UK C8 light





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