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What? Don't like java? If you don't got it, get it!

What you see above. Image from The Vangelis WWW page.
Classes: ImgDisturb.class ImOb.class Lens.class

Rain Rain2
A raindrop simulation using a technique similar to the one in Lens.
Classes: ImagePixels.class ImOb.class Reflect.class Shard.class ShardFrame.class

Objects flying around in pseudo-3D.
Classes: Wisp.class WispList.class gfx.class

Source code? Not here, but here's the URL that will give you not only my source code but the source code of every other applet on the net (but be sure your browser isn't lame enough to download .class files as text):
the Java decompiler.

But if the powers that be have decided to shut Mocha down, I have no idea what options you would have left you, especially if you do not download this and do not read this nor run a batch file like this with Internet Explorer.

Amazing Applets
...written by others. Please submit candidates.

I. Dragon Chess
An addictive and well designed adventure game from Expert Consultants proves raw creativity is more fun than raw technology. -11/16

III. Asteroids
A superlative piece of programing by Tonny Espeset, but hey, it's still only Asteroids...right? -11/20

IV. Alien Invasion
Cramped and jerky, but violently addictive. Get ready for total chaos, massive weaponry, and... the Simpsons? By Ben Librojo. -11/22

VI. Araknoid
Eye One's version of Arkanoid. Great art, slick execution, but make sure your computer isn't too fast and have a psychic on hand to guess what power-ups you're getting. -12/1

VII. Connect Four
No frills graphics, but a damn smart computer. By Sven Wiebus. -11/20

IX. Warp
Frustrating game design, but shows off what java can do. From Karl Hörnell. -11/16

II. Lake
Jaw-droppingly real-looking reflections in water, by David Griffith. -11/20

V. ZoomRotator
Hang on to your lunch, or imagine it spinning and weaving all over the room. Thanks to Fabio Ciucci you can zoom through a wormhole or set your page on fire. -11/21

VIII. Old Glory
Another great piece of image processing by Daeron Meyer. -11/21

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