Uses for plastic bottles: reuse, repurpose, recycle

Updated: May 8, 2009

Kids Crafts

  1. Shaker instrument - filled with dry rice.
  2. Patio light covers - covers for white Xmas tree lights for the patio.
  3. Firefly model from a bottle
  4. Penguin Pals - made from a bottle.


  1. Uses for 2L bottles put end-to-end
  2. Plastic bottle lamp stand
  3. Cups from plastic bottle
  4. Make a nice vase - must see this fancy vase
  5. Use a bottle to mix up your own foaming soap mix. Take 1 part regular liquid hand soap, 1 part water, mix gently. You're done. Label bottle "foaming soap refill".
  6. Use them to hold 1-2 balls of yarn or string. You can also put rolls of toilet paper inside a 2L to keep it dry for camping/canoeing/white water rafting.
  7. Use them to make a bank for a child and hold coins.
  8. Make a kids bowling game
  9. Make a bottle crab
  10. Floating pool chlorinator
  11. 2 bottles into a zippered coin purse - creative!
  12. Zippered ipod holder - yep, with a zipper.
  13. Bottle fish - very well done.
  14. Hang many bottles on a vertical string, mount in a doorway, like the hanging bead doors from the 1960s.


  1. Pop bottle greenhouse - small, plant sized cloches
  2. Hydroponic plant grower - for individual plants
  3. Minnow trap from two 2L bottles - this design also works for a fly, wasp, or japanese beetle trap. Just use different attractants.
  4. Solar hot water bottle
  5. Several ideas for using pop bottles - yarn holder, toilet paper holder (2L), plastic bag dispenser, funnel, scoop for birdseed, fertilizer, etc. I use my bottle funnels for pouring used oil from my oil catch pan back into oil containers so I can recycle the oil.
  6. BIG projects using plastic bottles - a floating island using 250,000 bottles, a house, doggie armor, solar powered model car, a raft, and more.
  7. Wrap fishing line around it, and you can use it as a fishing kit. Store weights and hooks inside.
  8. Cut the top off. Now use it to hatch fairy shrimp or triops. Or hold a few tadpoles.
  9. Cut the bottle in half the long way (top to bottom) to make an underwater viewer.

Plastic Cap ideas

  1. Use them to mix epoxy. I also use them to mix paint, or pour a little paint into them for touch ups.
  2. Make a necklace out of them.

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