Addams Family Haunted House


The Addams Family Haunted House
 Reissue of an old Aurora model by Polar Lights, 1995.

When I first opened this box I thought "Whoopee, a model of a house. How exciting." Actually as I worked my way through the construction and painting it became a most interesting model to build. There's a gimmicky "moving ghosts seen through the windows" contraption that is a real pain, but mostly this one became an exercise in detail painting and weathering.

I started by cutting out pieces of clear plastic from some card bubbles (you know, the ones you tear off the card to get to the action figure) and using superglue to stick them in as window glass. Then the drawings of the family and interior are glued on. I painted the entire interior flat black except for the glowing ghosts. The rest of the work was a series of washes and drybrush.

Criticisms: Not much to complain about, except Aurora should have had a couple of tiny plastic figures to paint and stand on the porch. I'd also have liked to see them include a base that had the house sitting on a hill, it would have made for a more interesting model. I might just go on and create the scene myself some day.

Tips: The slate roof pieces are tricky to get on right, especially around the tower. Install the two pieces that butt up against the tower first, making sure to keep them square with the building.

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