Planet of the Apes (Dr. Zaius)

Planet of the Apes Dr. Zaius
Addar Products Corp. 1973

Charlton Heston played opposite a bunch of civilized apes in this blockbuster movie for the time.  The sequels didn't do bad, either, although as is usually the case they suffered from the audience wanting something entirely new each time.  It does seem a bit dated when seen today, but that may be simply because we've seen the movie so many times now.  

I've heard that Addar was formed by former employees of Aurora in 1973, but in any case the company didn't last too long or produce many models.  There were 7different models of characters from the movie produced, one being a nice Ape Soldier riding a stallion.  The only other models produced by Addar was a series of scenes in a bottle.

Now for the model.  It's a snapfit, not complicated to build and the fit is pretty good.  In fact, the entire body including legs and boots is 2 pieces, you just add the arms and head to it.  Nice job on the ape's face, but the rest of him is a little lacking in detail.  The base of this particular model puzzled me, I don't know exactly what that clutter of pipes is supposed to be.  I matched the colors of the box illustration as close as possible, including the reddish-brown fur of the good Dr. Zaius.

These Planet of the Ape models are not real expensive to pick up, and while not common may be found at places like ebay on a regular basis.  

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