The Really Forgotten Aurora Models

I picked these up at a flea market because they reminded me of the old Aurora models.  In fact, I thought they might be some kind of little gum ball prize created by using the old Aurora molds.  Each little head is a two part snap together model made in glow-in-the-dark plastic, with the name of the monster on the front of the base (Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera, Mummy and Wolf Man).  Each one has "Universal Studios 1975" on the back, and when I got them home I popped one apart...and inside I discovered the magic words "Aurora Prod."!!

Then came the fun of finding out just what these were.  They are about 1 1/2" tall, about the same scale as the Aurora monster models, but when compared to the classic models I discovered these are new sculpts and not just recasts from existing molds.  There are obvious differences.  In some cases, I liked these heads better than the ones on the models.  I also checked them out against pictures of the Monster Pez dispensers and pencil sharpeners, and there was no match.  These were original sculpts from our Aurora company, and came out during the last years of their existence.

My next guess finally took me to the answer.  In 1975, Aurora was owned by Nabisco, so these might be cereal premiums.  It turned out these did indeed start out inside a cereal box, but it was Super Sugar Crisp, a product of Post Cereals.  The information I have is that Super Sugar Crisp was regular Sugar Crisp (remember the bear?) with the addition of fruit flavored bits and was introduced in 1973.  The following is a picture of the box with adverts for these little premiums:


Since these are two-part snap-together heads, I'd cast my vote for calling these models.  Several dedicated Aurora collectors I know were surprised to find out these existed.  If I ever find another set, I plan on painting them and building a little display cabinet.

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