MPC 1984 Superpowers reissue of Aurora model.

Dada dada dada dada Batman!
Dada dada dada dada Batman!

Catchy tune, easy lyrics to remember, and a hokey show that kept us baby boomers glued to the set "same bat time, same bat channel".

If Superman is the bright American ideal icon, then Batman is the dark avenger. Actually, I've always liked this guy better. No superpowers, just good old hard work and dedication. Nope, I didn't like the movies at all. Just once I'd like to see a Hollywood script that didn't rewrite the entire comic book!


The Superpowers line from MPC supplied the last reissues of some of our favorite Aurora superheros. They were tied in with a line of action figures and a set of comics from DC.  This model only suffers from the wrong setting, Batman should be swinging off a building in my opinion. The original Aurora issue had the name "Batman" carved on the tree trunk and included an owl. All other issues were missing these details and are identical to this one pictured.

I've chosen this model to cover in detail in my building tips page, there are a few areas that need special attention. The model now sits next to my Superman, looking just way too cool!

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