Bride of Frankenstein!


The Bride of Frankenstein
Reissue by Polar Lights of old Aurora model.

The 1935 Universal picture Bride of Frankenstein was in my opinion the best of the whole series. It was a campy movie that had everything: mad scientists, Karloff as the monster, and Elsa Lanchester as the Bride. Out of all the Universal monsters she became famous for a few minutes on screen, and never had a sequel. Shame.

The Bride is the best model that Aurora ever made, now available as a reissue by Polar Lights. This one has everything and the kitchen sink. You'll have to drag out your whole bag of tricks for this one but in the end you may call yourself a model builder, my son.

The clear plastic bottles were painted inside and then glued together with clear gloss acrylic to keep from clouding the plastic. The "sparks" were left in their glow-in-the-dark state, frosted with some sandpaper so they'll show up.   I carved some wood grain on the block her head is resting on.  The clear plastic tube that runs between two of the bottles was broken in the box, I just stripped some wire out of its cover and used the hollow tube from that.

The Bride took some careful painting. Some white in the flesh tone to lighten her complexion, and I borrowed the wife's blush and eyeshadow to add that touch of color to her face and neck (boys, before rooting through your mother's makeup let her know what it's for to avoid misunderstandings). She does have her scar that runs from behind the ears and around her neck, it just doesn't show up in the picture. The bandages were very flat white and dark blue used to bring out details (shadows are blue, not black). The picture really does not do her justice.

Complaints: The chains between the table and rods will not fit unless they're bent. Best way to do this is with a hair blower. Heat the plastic up until it's pliable and can be shaped. You might replace these with plastic chain from a craft store. I also took a stray bandage and reshaped it to attach to her outfit. Many hours of pleasure out of this one, and it has a place of honor next to the other Universal Monster models in my collection.

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