Captain America (Toy Biz)


Captain America (with Red Skull)
Toy Biz, 1998

Here's the story in brief:  rejected for the draft in WWII for being too sickly, Steve was introduced to a secret project and injected with "super soldier serum". The other guy in this model is the Red Skull, an old villain he's been fighting since the war days.

When I heard Toy Biz was including the Cap in their second series I was delighted.  Aurora had done one of him, but they're hard to find.  When I nabbed this one and opened it, the first thing I noticed was a really cool base.  Evil scientist stuff, knowing the Red Skull that's probably Hitler's skull in the tube.  I also liked the way the villain was getting his bells rung by our hero, great action shot.   I also noticed a few things I was going to have to change or "fix" on the model to improve the overall look.  This is usually the case with the Toy Biz models, they're a little sloppy on the molding.   

The first thing I noticed was the figure of Cap completely blocked your view of the neat backdrop, so I shifted him to the right and had him step off the base.  This also allowed me to turn him so you could see his face.  The second thing was the model had the shield on his right arm, but Cap always wears his shield on the left arm or across his back.  I simply moved it, and it looks better this way.

 The final problem was the Red Skull having one arm way too long and one arm way too short for his body.  You'd think the sculptor would notice something like that.   Someone emailed me to let me know the problem was the drawings in the instructions had the arms backwards, so the armband goes on the right arm to begin with.  I cut the armband off his left arm, spliced it onto his right, and now it's even.  What I've just described is a lot of work, and I'm putting a page in the tips section where I discuss the work you can do to improve a model like this.

Overall, the final result is well worth the effort on this one.  It's one dynamite model!

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