Cro-Magnon Woman


Cro-Magnon Woman
Aurora Prehistoric Scenes, 1971

This kit might have been billed as "A prehistoric scene", but we all know who she really is: the victim, otherwise known as a "scream queen". I don't think any monster movie ever got made without at least one closeup of a girl screaming her lungs out as she is about to get (eaten, attacked, chopped, sliced) by the evil monster. This model has an "authentic" prehistoric creature in the form of a tree climbing two-headed rattlesnake, something I think is hilarious.

There are a whole series of Prehistoric Scenes kits, all in tiny 1/13 scale. This model is only 5" tall. They were also pretty crudely done, not up to Aurora's usual high standards. The kits included extra arms and legs so you could pose the figure in different ways.

By the way, what color do you paint a two-headed tree climbing rattlesnake? Whatever color you want.

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