White Tail Deer (Aurora)

White Tail Deer
Aurora, 1961

Back in Ye Olden Days of the 50s and 60s, something like a nature program on TV was a treat for kids.  Disney, especially, had films we adored showing wild animals in their native habitat. But then, there wasn't a whole lot to pick from in the entertainment department.  

Aurora sold quite a few models of the animal kingdom; they were quite popular with the young model builders of that time.  I'm not sure any company would take the chance today, or that people would buy them.  But there are some great, accurate models of just about any species of animal, even models of bugs!

I painted this model using Delta Creamcoat craft acrylic, you just can't beat this type paint for a true "flat" finish.  Make sure to thin it down enough for multiple drybrush coats, and use a large blending brush.  I found pictures of the real thing on the net to go by, for instance the White Tail Deer has that splash of white under the neck.  There's enough variation in color on the real animal, just about any brown will do.  Mix black in for the base coat, then dry brush lighter browns on until satisfied.  Then go in and do the white bits, and the details like eyes, nose, etc.

The base is simple, a log and a squirrel sitting on it.  You want strange?  While cruising the net for pictures of the little tree rodents, I found a web ring devoted to exposing the squirrel's secret plan to take over the world!  Makes you stop and think, about people if not squirrels.

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