Flash Gordon and the Martian

Flash Gordon and the Martian
Revell, 1965

Some comic strip heros get left behind in favor of  the ones that wear spandex and a cape.  Flash Gordon got his start in a newspaper comic strip, and for a time was a big movie star.  He's definitely dated, but his space suit isn't really that far off from the actual thing used in the missions to the moon (compare it to the Apollo Astronaut model on this web site).

Revell was not known for figure models, but did produce some nice ones that are rare and highly sought after--not always the same thing.  Besides this one, there is Flipper with the boy Sandy riding his back and the Phantom (Ghost Who Walks) with a Witch Doctor.  Several folk emailed me to remind me of the great Bonanza model they also produced (Hoss, Ben, and Little Joe in one model). Since Revell used the Flipper mold for the Darwin model they produced (from the TV show), the molds must still exist for some of these.

These are fine models with nice fit and detailing.  It's molded all in white plastic, except for the bubble helmet of course.  The helmet is in two parts and will not fit over the head once glued together.   I used Testors Clear Part cement #3515.  Not being familiar with the old comic strip, I used the box illustration as my guide to painting.  I plan on getting a small wooden base to put this one on, and it's definitely one of the rarest models in my collection.  By the way, the original price sticker on the box says "2 for $1.00".  Doesn't that make you want to cry?

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