"Flipper" And pal, Sandy
Revell, 1965

The Flipper TV series had as its star a trained dolphin, of course.  I don't remember watching it very much as a kid, so my parents must have kept the TV tuned to some other program on a different network while this show was on.  Back then, one television in a house was the normal rule, and the parents had control of what everyone watched.  Kids could miss out on a lot of good shows while their parents watched something boring like Perry Mason.  If you complained, they'd tell you to go outside and play.  

Revell didn't produce many figure model kits, and the ones they did produce are rare to find today.  The molds must still exist, since the dolphin in this model was used for the "Darwin" model kit they produced a few years ago.  This model kit was picked up at a flea market, boxed and unbuilt, for an amazing $5.00!  Expect to pay closer to $100.00 from someone who knows what they have.

The fit was fine and I used my usual dry brush technique and layering for the paint job, using hobby craft acrylic.  The kit doesn't bother to include glass for Sandy's scuba mask, so  I cut a little piece of clear plastic out and used Testor's clear parts cement to glue it in.  

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