Monsters of the Movies Frankenstein


Monsters of the Movies Frankenstein
Revell, 1999 (reissue of old Aurora)

By 1975 Aurora was in big trouble.  They had been acquired by Nabisco several years earlier, and on top of that had become the target of various parent groups over the "violence" in some of their models.   Nabisco promptly fired most of the top talent in Aurora, and after that the people left in charge worried more about budgets and not offending anyone than making a great model kit.  To be fair, we kids had grown up by then, and tended to spend all our money on girls and the cars that would get us the girls.  

The Monsters of the Movies line was their last gasp before folding for good.  The kits were nicely tooled, snap-fit, and had glow parts.  They included Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Creature, (no Mummy for some reason), a separate Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and a couple of monsters from the Godzilla movies. Revell has seen fit to bring back the Frankenstein and Dracula, and there's rumors of one more set of tooling that remains to be released.  I hope it's the Creature.

These are all in tiny 1/12 scale, another cost-cutting feature of the struggling Aurora company.  It's too bad, because in larger scale this would be an impressive model.  The fit is darn near perfect; I only used a tiny dab of putty here and there.  A little filing and sanding got rid of the mold lines.  There's enough detail and texture in the model to do a good job with the drybrush.  I actually like the base - those toadstools are a nice touch and the gravestone says "Shelley" on it (if you don't know who she is, go to the library and check out the book).  I could do without that movie board, whatever it's called.  

Alas, it just seems to lack that old Aurora magic.  

This is the end of the classic Aurora monster models. We'll continue the tour with the other great Aurora models of superheros and fantasy.

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