Super Fuzz by Mouse

Super Fuzz, by Mouse
Monogram reissue of original model.

Mouse is the trademark of a certain Stan Miller, Jr.  This guy came from the same school of artistic design as Big Daddy Roth and several others who were famous among the custom hotrod set back in the '60s.

I was visiting a local hobby store and about to walk out after seeing yet another bunch of the same old car, plane, and ship models, when this kit caught my eye.  It was fun to put together and actually a better engineered kit than the Big Daddy Roth creations.  There's even some clear plastic parts, consisting of the dome on the Fuzz helmet (I painted it blue inside), and something that puzzled me until I realized it was plastic drool for the mouth!  I decided to give my character mirrored sunglasses instead of crazy bloodshot eyes and painted the hotrod white with gold trim.  I did all the painting using my usual acrylic and paintbrush setup, not going for anything fancy or even using a rattle can.

There's a lot of nice touches on the design of the model, from the hand sticking up out of the smoke to pegs on the rear tires that fit onto the base and keep the front tires of the ground.  My only complaint is that the tires have hollow interiors.  I just painted the inside flat black and let it go at that.  There's also no chrome so you'll need to use silver or chrome paint, or if you're inclined to go all out, bare metal foil.  I used silver paint.

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