Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider, plastic model kit
Toy Biz, 1997

This is the "top of the line" series model of the line of Marvel Superheros that Toy Biz produced recently. It's the only "level 3" kit, although the large parts and simple construction make this easy compared to the average car model.


As for this kit, it has a lot going for it. For one thing, it has a huge base and lots of detail. I actually broke down and bought a cheap airbrush, in order to get the motorcycle finish nice and smooth. It's painted a deep blue, with several layers of gloss clear. The bones are flat black with white dry-brushed. The flames are simply yellow and red over white base coat. I moved a few of the bones around on the base for a better composition.

Problems: The manufacturer uses a soft type of plastic and the fit is not great on the pieces, so you'll have to do some carving and putty. The tombstones have a hollow back, so I had to fill them in with putty for a realistic look. The main problem was fitting the arms to the handlebar. The way the model is designed, it makes one side of the handlebar a lot longer than the other. I extended the right side with a small piece of "tree" and again did some carving and putty on the arm.

Still, a great model once you've whipped it into shape.

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