Aurora Guillotine, 1964

This is famous Aurora Guillotine model.  I remember building this one as a kid, and it remained my favorite model until I lost interest in the hobby altogether (Actually, when I entered the military service dear old Mother threw it out).  Yes, it is an instrument that killed thousands of people, and parent groups jumped on Aurora for producing this one.  Some parents would have a problem today with their child building one, and that's OK.  I'm not going to argue about it, other than to point out we baby boomers weren't permanently warped by building it back in the '60s, and this is tame compared to other items in the popular culture today (have you watched the Bart Simpson cartoons?).  There's a reissue by Polar Lights, and most of these will be bought by adults with fond memories.

This is a restore job, bought back when Polar Lights was claiming on their hobby board that they would NEVER reissue such a "violent model". It came from Ebay, and had the usual problems of a model built back then. When you see one of these for sale, the part usually missing is, of course, the detachable head.  This one had a replacement head in the form of the world's worst resin recast, but a lot of putty and carving finally whipped it into shape.  It also had a resin nameplate, way too thick.  I just left it off for now, eventually I might grind it down.

For the assembly, I gave the wood some character by scratching wood grain in with the tip of the exacto knife.  Then a flat black base, followed by different layers of brown drybrush.   The basket was yellow with black washes.  I tried to give everything a weathered look.

The original pulley assembly was a fused mass of plastic and glue, so I ended up building a complete replacement using bits and pieces of plastic scrap.  I tried various treatments on the blade, finally settled for aluminum foil over glue.  It's one part of the model I'm not completely satisfied with, I'll probably work on it some more.

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