Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde


Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde
Aurora 1972 Glow in the Dark issue.

A guy takes a drug that changes his behavior, even his appearance. At first he thinks he can control it, but before long he discovers the drug taking control. He begins to crave the drug, and in the end it destroys him. What, you think drug addiction was invented in the 1990s? The Nutty Perfessor movies are a simple re-writing of this tale.

I've wanted to get my hands on this model for a long time, since it's not one of the ones Monogram has reissued and the molds are probably scraped. When I get a "glow in the dark" model I usually ignore that, going for a nice paint job instead.

The lab coat is a good example of layering and dry brush on the paint, it started off completely flat black as a base coat. The first overall layer of flat white then shows the dark base, and each additional drybrush layer allows the shadows and detail to stand out. If you'd simply painted it solid white there would be no "depth" to it. The same treatment for the pants and shirt, only in shades of blue.

The fleshtone has yellow mixed in it, since the story says Mr. Hyde had a "sallow" complexion. Had to look it up in a dictionary. I started with brown and drybrushed the flesh tone on so the details of his face would show up. He does look evil, but Aurora could have made him look a little more extreme.

The assorted stuff on the table took a lot of work in my own case to whip them into shape - it was obvious the molds were wearing by the time this kit was produced. Perhaps that was the reason Monogram got rid of them.  I have always had one complaint about this model, in the pose of the left arm. Grab your neck with your left hand, and see where your elbow is. It is next to the body, not sticking straight out This makes the arm on the model look a little "wrong" to me. I could have repositioned the arm with some carving and putty, but as a classic I wanted to keep it the way the model is supposed to be built.

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