Plastic Model Building Mania

Welcome. This site is dedicated to the art and craft of assembling plastic figure models old and new.

Updated 23 Jan 2005!

As a young boy growing up in the 60's I saved up money from mowing lawns to pay for my hobby of model building. I would put together a lot of cars, of course. My passion was reserved for the great monster and superhero models produced by Aurora and other companies. My buddies and I would visit each other's room to show off our latest work, and hoped for the ultimate reaction of "Oh, WOW!"

These models continued to be popular into the 70's, but a new generation of boys preferred computer games. Today there is renewed interest in the hobby. Each month I will feature a model I have built along with comments. I also have a n extensive How To and Beginners Tips section to help other boys (and girls) just learning the art of model building or maybe a baby boomer wanting to get back into the hobby.

This webpage will be kept simple - no huge pages and bats flying across your screen. Hey, I don't like to wait while dozens of thumbnails are being downloaded, either.  What you will find here instead are pictures of the models, information about the model, some info on building it, and whatever else pops into my head. Enjoy, I know I will.

23 Jan 2005:  I'm back!  The Wife came through this past Christmas with a quality digital camera, so I'll be adding models and replacing pictures of the old ones with better quality jpgs as I get around to it.  I'm starting with a wild hotrod called Super Fuzz.

13 Oct 2001:  I've added a new page, The Really Forgotten Aurora Models, an interesting item I picked up a while back.