I wouldn't have my own little corner of cyberspace if I wasn't passionate about sharing the hobby with other model maniacs.  It's a fun and rewarding way to show off your models and promote the hobby, but as you cruise the various websites keep in mind that the folks who do this would really enjoy a quick email letting them know you appreciate their work.

What do I enjoy in a website?  Well, until recently I was running a basic 28.8 baud modem, so I know that for some people, quick download times are appreciated.  It's a tradeoff, since I also enjoy good quality pictures of the models.  I try to keep my own pages limited to one big and several small jpg files, and use index hyperlinks.  An added bonus is when the modeler tells you something about the model, instead of just a basic "Here's pictures of my models." 

As I browse the web I'll post links to any neat sites here. If you have one, or know of one I don't have listed let me know. Websites do come and go, I'll try to remember to check for broken links once in a while.  I'll try to group these in categories of interest in the future, but for now they're in no particular order. If you have a site or know of one that should be on here, let me know.

Aurora Mailing list Collector's Gallery  You can surf through some great work by lots of people by stopping here first.  If you're heavily into the old Aurora models, joining this email group is a must.

Gremlin's Gallery of Models Plastic as well as vinyl and resin models. You used to be able to search without icons, meaning you didn't have to wait forever for a hundred thumbnails to be downloaded after a search. When they moved their address they got rid of this feature. Anyway, also worth checking out their entire site, there's bunches of info including a tips section that's great.

CultTVman's SF Modeling Page! Want to see box art from the old Aurora line, as well as some pics of the old models? Try this one.

Horror Model Kits  This guy (Clayton Sayre) has built the most amazing scene out of the Polar Lights reissue of the Bride of Frankenstein.  Also has a few great vinyl models.  

Aurora Model Monsters Don't forget to check out this guy's main page, also, if you're into the classic monsters.  Single page of models, no update for a long time.

Polar Lights This company is in the process of recreating some of the classics, check out the Bride of Frankenstein. They've just released a cold-cast wolfman that's out of my price range, I hope they concentrate on the plastic models we all love and can afford. So far they've ran two model contests, these are also worth checking out.

Hobby Talk Official Bulletin Board for the Polar Lights company. Here you can ask questions and actually get a direct answer from the folks that are bringing you such great models. If you have any suggestions or want some inside info on what's coming down the line, this is the place to check.

TW's Home Page Do you remember the old "Cartoon" magazines that showed super hopped up cars? Were you one of the kids that doodled wild customized hotrods in class? Do you remember a line of cars called "Deals Wheels" that recreated this way-out look? Check out this site to get your memory jogged.

Jim and Judy's Models  A new site, with one model so far, but it's worth the visit.  These folks scratchbuilt an amazing add-on diorama to the PL Bride of Frankenstein!

Gods and Monster Models   Mike's model gallery, he does great stuff.

Bonedigger's Styrene Archeology  Actually more of an ezine, with reviews and inside info on the modeling world.  It's mostly model cars, but well worth the visit from figure builders.

PCModeler Another ezine, covering all areas of model building.

Zorro  Devoted to one kit, the old Aurora Zorro, but what a great job this person has done presenting it!  Check out the comparison between Zorro and Lone Ranger model.

Model Building Central  Nicely done site devoted to the hardware side of modeling like cars and planes.

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