Aurora Lone Ranger


Lone Ranger on Silver, Aurora 1966

OK, let's get it over with. "Hi Ho Silver, Away"!

Cowboys were more of an "in" thing back in the 60s. Primetime TV was filled with tales of the old west. Now, the networks seem to be floundering for an audience, although cable gives us an opportunity to relive the classic shows. One such is the Lone Ranger, our favorite western hero.

This model is hard to come by, last issued in the Aurora Comic Scenes series in 1974. I picked this one up (got the 1966 date on the base) built and restored it, check out the page on rebuilding models in my modeling tips section.


The real star of this model is the horse, Silver. This horse was also issued as the White Stallion by Aurora in 1965, and the same horse in black plastic was used for the Zorro model. I painted the mane and tail black, then drybrushed white until satisfied. The body was dark grey, then careful drybrushing to allow the muscles to stand out. A lot of detail painting on the saddle and what's-his-name, but this is one model that is worth it.

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