Mummy's Chariot


Mummy's Chariot
Reissue by Polar Lights of old Aurora model.

In 1964 Aurora tried to cash in on the loony hotrod craze that folks such as Ed "Big Daddy" Roth had started, and they hit on putting our Universal Monsters in their own wild rods.   Unfortunately, it was a short-lived fad and by 1965 the idea was abandoned, but not before leaving us with a unique line of models kits.

This reissue by Polar Lights is another fine addition to their line of classic models, we're all fortunate they're dedicated to recreating models we'd otherwise have a hard time getting our hands on.  It's a "glow in the dark" model, and a challenging one to build.  I'm always amazed at all the detail crammed into something like this, from the canteen on the Mummy's back to the first aid pouch.  The PL folks did a great job on the tooling.

I painted the chariot body and frame a dark green, then went gonzo with the gold and silver parts.  It took some fussing to get the mummy crammed into the chariot where he belonged, if you don't get him in right other parts such as the safety belt won't fit.  

Building this one certainly took me back to my teenage days.

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