Showing off the models.

There is no one correct way to paint a model.  Everyone has a different idea of what makes a model look realistic and just plain interesting. The following models are my own work, from the last 10 years or so I've been back into the hobby.  Some (especially the ones I built way back when) would be done differently if I put them on the workbench today.  I resist "fixing" them, since they remind me of what I've learned and have yet to learn.  Practice doesn't necessarily make you perfect, but it does help you improve your skills.  My collection has filled several glass cases and threaten to take over the house, with no end in sight.  I'll just have to get a bigger house!

Take the Tour!  If you want to see all the models, you no longer need click back to the index and then click to the next page.  Start with the classic Frankenstein, and at the bottom of each page you'll have the option to continue the tour or return to the index or main page.

Until I figure out where to put it on the site, click HERE for the customized Frankenstein model with scratchbuilt base.

For you classic Aurora fans, here's a little something I call The Really Forgotten Aurora Models